Friday, December 05, 2008

Moto Melman!

“I'm a giraffe. I even walk like a giraffe with a long neck and legs. It's a pretty dumb animal, mind you.” Sophia Loren.

My favourite character in Madagascar which I have watched for at least 15 times and still find it to be insanely hilarious has always been Melman, the pathetic hypochondriac giraffe with incredibly exaggerated limbs. The main reason for me liking this character is that David Schwimmer did the voice over and really gave it a soul. FYI, David Schwimmer's character in Friends (Ross) is also my personal favourite. It is beyond me that out of dozens of friends and families whom I have asked, only Amin and I fancied Ross. The others are equally divided between Chandler, Joey, Rachel and Phoebe while NONE liked Monica. Well, I just love the fact that Ross is scholarly, loving, goofy and by my standards, good looking. Hurrmmm.. maybe I have a thing for nerdy underdogs...

As for Schwimmer in Melman's skin, I think it is truly spot-on. I mean, Chris Rock and Ben Stiller are good too but it seems that they're just saying the words like they'd usually do in normal life. Melman on the other hand has his own character that is totally apart from Schwimmer, with his hesitant nature and funny mannerism. I remember the scene in Central Park where Alex and Gloria were arguing about the train while Melman was the in background trying to lick off the sanitizer he found in the toilet. I laugh my heart out each time I see that scene, hell, even remembering it is funny enough.

So being the devoted fan, a warm and fuzzy feeling was delivered to my heart upon seeing Melman truly finding what he really loves in "Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa". He finally got to be a doctor and got the love of his life, Miss Bootylicious Gloria (oppss.... I hope I didn't ruin the story for those who haven't watched it :p). Although the central plot was about Alakay/Alex, I was more interested with the love triangle between Gloria, Alex and Moto Moto ("The name's so nice, you gotta say it twice"). It goes to show that apparent losers are actually winners and pathetics can be heroes.

Although Madagascar 2 did not meet my expectations, I must give credits for the development of Melman's character. While Alex and Marty were still dabbling with their friendship issues, Melman truly grew up. I'll continue loving Melman like I love Ross, contrary to the masses. You Go, Melman!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

kalau berlaku...

The unofficial word out is about 2000 teachers will be sent to Sabah, Land Below The Wind. This figure will include B.Ed TESL students. About 15 000 graduates are produced this year, so Nisya calculated that about 33 students from Cohort 2 would be sent over the shores to share their expertise. Though, I'm not sure how she calculated it lah.

If I'm sent over, I have a feeling that it would be a mental torture in the beginning as I'm sure I'll be extremely homesick. While we're on this topic, I nearly had a fever and was completely off mood last week as I haven't seen The Family (especially The Mother) in ten days. So if my emotional capacity is as such, I wouldn't be surprised to discover my worst sides over there.

On the other hand, I ought to be positive because I know God has planned everything for all his subjects. I must learn to be humble and able to adapt to the new surroundings. I must be able to overcome and forget unwanted memory to create a new life elsewhere. I heard people say that it is real fun over there though I have to scratch my head to look after replacements for my Actor's Studio, Alexis, Marmalade, MPH and Devi's Corner in the middle of Telumpik.

If that happens, I won't be surprised if I become Air Asia's number One passenger! Tony Fernandez would owe me one.

Lain Cerita
I finally got my KLG Sqwad's Labour of Love tee, thanks to LynnZ and Shah Hans who attended a musical event in SoHo KL last weekend. Looks like I can wear it for Hari Raya Qurban instead, although The Mother has not-so-jokingly said that those people in t-shirts are assigned to slaughter the cows and goats in the morning.. yikes!

When I wore it to the Cohort II BBQ, I got casual remarks from friends who have noticed my want for the tee through my blog. Some others were wondering what the heck is "KLG SQD". So, I voluntarily explained and gave out weblinks to their site. I think they're great so it wasn't hard getting people to listen to them. Anyhuuuuu, I love the quality and the size of the t-shirt. At least the XS is a real XS compared to some other clumsy tees I've got with serious problems of "what makes an XS".

from left: Sayda, Nina and Ana during Cohort II BBQ

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Close To Heart

Today, I attended Qhaiyum's wedding and had the opportunity to meet up with old school friends. They all still looked the same and we all still could share a conversation despite the many years we have not been keeping in touch with each other. Some of these people have been extremely close to me even until today but there are some I haven't met in 6 years!

Even so, it is amazing to see that most of us still talk or act the way we did those twilight years ago. We joked about the same teachers (yikes, to think that I'd be joked upon in some years to come!)and talked about our past memories, current endeavors and future undertakings with delight. As if we never drifted apart...There has been calls for a re-union soon and I am seriously looking into it as the bunch has always found it easier to let me organise this kind of stuff.

I feel young and rejuvenated after meeting my old friends. This weekend has been an extremely wonderful one where I get to see people who make me happy :) No more homesick and no more doubts about feelings :)

To Qhaiyum and Fazlina, Selamat Pengantin Baru... May Allah s.w.t bless your union with endless love and prosperity :)

*ada orang berkata bahawa dalam gambar ini, daku tampak macam seorang Datin (isteri nombor 4) yang pergi mana-mana tidak diiringi suami yang sibuk ... hurrmmm.. ada aku kesah? :p*

Kasi Ingat Ini

I was caught off guard by Nina the other day who said "I'm sure you can answer this question" and when she asked who is the current Higher Education Minister, I could not provide an answer. Thank God Nisya saved the day by providing an answer. Shows how shallow I have become in recent days... As a reminder for me and all, here's an updated list of the Malaysian Cabinet.

Perdana Menteri : Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Timbalan Perdana Menteri: Datuk Seri Najib Razak

Menteri : Tan Sri Bernard Dompok
Menteri : Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz
Menteri : Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
Menteri : Datuk Zaid Ibrahim (senator)-(meletak jawatan-kekosongan)
Menteri : Datuk Amirsham A Aziz (senator)
Timbalan : Datuk Johari Baharum
Timbalan : Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim (senator)
Timbalan : S K Devamany
Timbalan : Datuk Hasan Malek

Menteri : Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar
Timbalan : Datuk Chor Chee Heung
Timbalan : Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh (senator)

Menteri : Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak
Menteri II : Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop
Timbalan : Datuk Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah
Timbalan : Datuk Kong Cho Ha

Menteri : Datuk Ong Tee Keat
Timbalan : Datuk Anifah Aman

Menteri : Datuk Ir. Mohd Zin Mohamed
Timbalan : Datuk Yong Khoon Seng

Menteri : Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui
Timbalan : A Kohilan Pillay (senator)

Menteri : Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor
Timbalan : Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum

Menteri : Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
Timbalan : Datuk Liew Vui Keong
Timbalan : Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan

Menteri : Datuk Mustapa Mohamed
Timbalan : Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim

Menteri : Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad
Timbalan : Jelaing anak Mersat

Menteri : Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein
Timbalan : Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong
Timbalan : Datuk Razali Ismail-(meninggal dunia-kekosongan)

Menteri : Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek
Timbalan : Datuk Tan Lian Hoe

Menteri : Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal
Timbalan : Teng Boon Soon

Menteri : Datuk Dr S Subramaniam
Timbalan : Datuk Noraini Ahmad

Menteri : Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili
Timbalan : Fadillah Yusof

Menteri : Datuk Ong Ka Chuan
Timbalan : Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew
Timbalan : Datuk Hamzah Zainudin

Menteri : Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Timbalan : Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop

Menteri : Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib
Timbalan : Tan Sri Joseph Kurup
Timbalan : Joseph Entulu Belaun

Menteri : Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim
Timbalan : Datuk Seri Tengku Azlan Abu Bakar

Menteri : Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob
Timbalan : Wee Jeck Seng

Menteri : Datuk Liow Tiong Lai
Timbalan : Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff Ahmad

Menteri : Datuk Noh Omar
Timbalan : Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah

Menteri : Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen
Timbalan : Noriah Kasnon

Menteri : Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said
Timbalan Menteri : Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib

Menteri : Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique
Timbalan Menteri : Datuk M Saravanan

Menteri : Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin
Timbalan Menteri : Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung
Timbalan Menteri : Datuk Idris Haron

Menteri : Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas
Timbalan Menteri : Datuk Seri Abdul Ghapur Salleh


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sisters Of My Heart

from left: Syajaratuddurrah Mohd Khairuddi, Nur Amanina Abdul Samad, Aimi Mahfuzah Mohd Kamaludeen, Ana Shirin Razi Rabi, Ungku Khairunnisa Ungku Mohd Nordin.
(a recent picture taken on 24 November, so this is how we all look now =p )

Thank You for always being there for me and teaching me that we can be sisters, with all our crazy stories, incessant laughters, flowing tears, occasional sulking, stuff sharing, group hugging, bitter arguments, colourful redemptions, split personalities, arm pinchings, hip pokings, fashion advisings, coffee drinkings, food wolfings, sleepy mornings, fun evenings etc etc etc....

This is a bond for life fulfilled with years of experiences shared together and yet to be recognised with coming years of experiences to be filled. Through laughter and tears, we've seen it all. This is a testament to life that differences draws in similarities and with that, I look forward for more days with all of my sisters. Thank You to all four of you :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Fashion Icons

Someone asked me to describe my fashion sense the other day and I had extreme difficulties answering the question. So, I came back home and reflected on it. I decided to name it "whatever the hell I like". hahahaha. Hence, here's a bit about people who inspire Fashion for me as I generally mix and match what I see from these people but most of the time, it has always been down to my comfort and budget (yaaa, harussss)

1. Marc Jacobs- I would die to walk the runway for him :D His Marc by Marc Jacobs line has guided my fashion direction for a long while. His revolutionary designs that ran along the idea that you can be quirky yet beautiful is so alluring for me :p

2. Agyness Deyn- bold, rock chic has not been the most appealing style for me until I saw her. Man, I love her! She encapsulates the masculinity that every woman has hidden in her and I love the fact that she doesn't try to hide that. Good for her that she's the face for Burberry now, kayo ni..

3. Camelia- a lot of people have been complaining that she doesn't do anything so she doesn't deserve to be in the limelight but I beg to differ because she carries GREAT handbags! That's a job to be reckoned with... And I think she has good taste in what she chooses to wear and the type of image that she postulates. She's not pretentious and isn't afraid to try to do or wear what she wants and looking good while she's at it.

4. Marianne Faithfull- the Original Rock Chick (O.R.C)! All those bohemian styles that you see or sport today, you owe it to this woman. She was a musical and fashion prodigy back in the 70s and dated Your Highness Mick Jagger himself. I rarely listen to her music but I've browsed countless webpages that documented her fashion inklings. I wore boots when I did because of her... tak kisahlah Malaysia ni panas sekalipun.

5. Liya Kebede- the black beauty. Love her, love her, love her... she's so down to earth, pretty, successful, has a loving family, a stable career and proved that those with dark skin can be beautiful too! I can never forget seeing her on the runway for Chanel and as the face of Estee Lauder. She was so breathtaking that I felt sooooo..... ngaum! (haaa.. it's rare that I'll turn gay for someone tau!)

6. Mischa Barton- because her psychique is something like me, I tend to think whatever she wears, I can wear them too (perasan ni, okay ke?? hahahahaha). But she carries off "cute" better than me, of course. Plus, she's always decent and whatever she wears is quite achievable. Grew a passion for Ed Hardy t-shirts after seeing her in a few really great ones :)

I might not be a fashionista and have obviously hit some hideous notes along the way too but I have always dressed up to suit myself. I seldom wear things to suit what others think, even if it might result in over/underdressing myself. As long as I feel good, it should be alright. I'll kick someone right in the butt if they tell me that I can't wear my t-shirt, jeans and sneakers on my dates and pay a sweet revenge by looking really good in it compared to them heaped in a haute couture dress! It's not really what you wear but HOW and WHO's wearing it... lalalalala

-caution: self-praise is an indulgence privileged on a certain few who can afford to be criticised, evaluated and laughed at-

Photo credits:
Marc Jacobs, Camelia, Agyness, Mischa Barton, Liya Kebede & Marriane Faithfull

And the Psycho Besar Award goes to…

My Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend who is Like Her Boyfriend but Not!

I’ve been abstaining myself to write about this issue because I felt that it might disrupt my dearest friend’s relationship plus I didn’t want to be nosy and spread out her dirty laundry. But sometimes, I think that this blog is the BEST medium to share my precious emotions and I WANT you to know how I feel (boleeeh???)…

I think love is supposed to be the air that you breathe on, it eases your soul and gives you the peace of mind. That it’s not supposed to choke you and make you seek other pleasures. When that happens, it makes me wonder why we bother destroying our emotional being and tarnishing our mental health for something so destructive.

If there is no trust, understanding and compatibility, I wonder what makes a relationship last long. Is it the security that it offers? I have confronted my friend about this and lanyak her teruk2 too but both parties seemed to be addicted to the emotional turmoil. They have fought over things that define each other where the guy seems to disagree with almost everything she does. It's the idea of that person that you love, not the person itself.

I mean, you gotta be able to accept your loved ones for who they are! Yes, accept them! Not to turn yourself into a psychotic person who stalks your ex-girlfriend who is almost like your girlfriend but not! (Yes, it's confusing even for me but I have little choice about how to describe their relationship, anyway.) I think tonight's incident has been the ultimate test for our patience. My friend tagged along for dinner with the usual bunch kat Oldtown Kopitiam and thus, she wouldn't be able to meet up with that guy. So, the guy decided to stalk us kat Bangsar South tu, tunggu dalam kereta and send messages that indicate he's there watching her like "tgh makan mee ke?" when she gor her assam laksa or "tadi kluar beli apa?" when she went to the nearby 7E. She decided to look for him and confronted him. He asked her to join us back as he was afraid of what we would think of him.

Then, he continuously send in messages that were clearly disturbing my friend's appetite. Me and Durra were at the end of our wits so we went out to look for him. My concerned friend probably didn't want any drama so she said she would go now and paid for her food. Then, we got a message saying that the guy's car tyre is punctured. We decided to pick up this friend because it's late night and we wouldn't budge as long as she's not in the car. The guy didn't want to see our faces, kononnya malu dengan kami(ada aku kesah?). My friend seeked help from someone else as we don't have the tools to assist her. Even when that person came, this guy remained where he was sitting to avoid seeing us! Ya Allah, aku rasa nak tendang je tadi. Durra actually raised her voice asking where the hell he is... Memikirkan the car was in a masjid, we were cooled down. If only it was somewhere else, we would have smacked him right.

I have seen and heard countless nights where my friend slept late enduring arguments that lead nowhere. I have seen her jeopardising her own assessments and work due to the inability of this guy to cope with any problems that they have. I have seen her crying her way through so many shitty things for him. And I have a strange feeling that he did too. Sometimes, you can't just rely on one or two good criteria to blind your sight over everything else.

Seriously, you can't!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ana Kata "Jahat Tau!!!"

I have a set of friends that might not appear to be that close to me but honestly, I do care for them even though I don't see them all the time. I admit that sometimes I feel a bit out of place in the group that whenever there's a gathering, I resort to being the quiet one. I prefer observing their actions, listening to their conversation and laughing at their jokes but never did I contribute much to the interactions. Hence, the general misconception that I'm shy, reserved, private or worst, snobbish.

Well, the fact is that I've been acquainted to most of them for almost 5 years now. From one affiliation, we have shifted to another that's not any less in comparison. I can say that the same interest that we share have bonded the relationship between us and sealed it tight.

But allow me to be bitchy now that I've given you a bit context about the terms of relationship I have with the two human beings concerned in my-will-be-related-to-you-now-story. Over the duration of one year that I've returned home, I have constantly been scratching my head over the status of this particular couple. At times, they're together and a month later, it would be a mistake asking one of them where is the other. I had to ask someone else who is closer to me what's okay to be asked and what's not. Dahlah aku jumpa pun mereka sekali sekala.. Sekejap berduaan, sekejap lagi di kutub utara dan selatan.

That's the scary thing about the internet. It keeps me updated on things I don't personally prefer to be updated on but I happen to glance through their life due to my caring nature (which you can also call the busybody nature, if you want to see me as the mean person that I'm not). Just this year, the female party fell into two different relationships with other guys. Yet, she pushes him away and pulls him back into her arms whenever she needs him. After one break up with Guy A, she went back to him. Just like that... And now, she is already in a relationship with Guy B! Ayoyo...

I know that I'm no one to the both of them but judging from face value and what has been regulated to my ever listening ears, I have to say to her "EEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY.... You Jahat Tau!!!!" I feel sorry for the poor guy because it goes to show how much he cares for her regardless of anything that has happened between them. I hope that he finds happiness and joy in another person because sometimes, the greatest love that we had only leads us to a greater one.

Actually, I hope that the both of them find their happiness even if it means going downhill now. May God give guidance to the both of them and all of us.

*I noticed that I've been incoherently indirect in my blogs nowadays. Why? I wonder...*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where? What? Why? Can aaarr??

I think I'm one of the most confused human being on planet earth right now... I'm not sure what I should do, how I should act, how I really feel...

Owwhhh... I fear this type of feeling although it's wonderful. I don't think it's to be mulled upon but I want to while I can :)

Well, even if it finally amounts to nothing much, I count myself as privileged and actually pretty happy being what I already am to him.

Boleh ke dok feeling macam ni kat blog? Jangan gelak2, aku karate nanti... ahaha

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

He's The Man!

Barrack Obama has just been elected as the United States of America's 44th President! Remember this date as the date of change and the audacity of hope that "Yes, it is possible for a man to not be judged for his colour or ethnicity but for his character and principles."

It took USA 44 presidents, maybe more so for us but one day, we'll realise that we don't have supremacy over others. We're all equals. This is my hope for the World, this is my hope for Malaysia. That one day, a Barrack Obama will be accepted in my countryland.

The Good Old Yesteryears

During Hari Raya, the family was talking about a bunch of random things until we reached the topic of "now and then". Of course there's always going to be the reminder of how hard life was and how little money they used to have before, trying to make us feel guilty for taking more lemang and rendang than we ought to have consumed. But then I popped up a question that we have never asked before which would be in the same effect as "But surely you all feel lucky that we were born now right?" received with an unanimous answer from all them uncles and aunties, "NO!" (dgn expression disgusted plak tu!)

They all felt that we are sort of unlucky to live in this modern era where we have to be extra cautious of everything. 20 years ago, news about violence and racial problems were rarely heard. They all felt that life was more harmonious and easy going then. They all felt that it was a secure and safe place to be growing up in. The most violent thing was Starsky and Hutch or later, Miami Vice. People weren't crazy on adding more Benz and opening Swiss bank accounts. Leaders were closer and in touch with the rakyat. All of them hung out with friends from different ethnicity as evident in all the pictures that they all still keep.

When they were kids, they were only afraid of one thing when they play outside their house until maghrib which is Hantu Kopek but nowadays, we are afraid of thieves, pedophiles, rapist, flashers, kidnappers and what nots. It's a scary world, this 21st century. My uncles and aunts, despite the hardships, all wished they can raise their kids in the 70s and 80s Malaysia where people love thy neighbours regardless of colour. We give and take without expecting benefits in 8% interest. Where a kid can be sent to buy a loaf of bread 1/2 km away from home and they can count on everybody living along the street to look out for them.

I wanna tuck a flower behind my ears and wear frilly tops matched with bell bottoms and platforms if that's going to make this world a better place to live in.

photo credits: taken from Carry On Costumes UK

Small Kids, Big Minds

Have you ever heard parents here in Malaysia "protecting" their kids from the evil of politics? Telling them it's not their time yet until they leave university at the age of 23? My mum is the complete opposite of that as from a very young age, she has lamented on us the importance of understanding what moves, molds and administrates your life. Of course religion is the fundamental basis but the type of leadership we have in the country in modern days determines what type of life you would lead.

I hate to compare our country with another but in a country of more diversity than us (yes, that's true), USA is not afraid to let their kids to have a say and speak it out loud from their point of view. They are taught to compare and contrast the different sides of the coins (including the sides). From pre-schoolers to college graduates, mock elections are done to encourage thinking and allow them to exercise their future right as a citizen. That's a country of 300 million people with 7 main recognised ethnic groups (caucasians, african american, asian, native american/alaskan, native american/pacific, multiracial & hispanic).

Surely we can do better, don't we Malaysians always aim for that anyway? (The more records we break, the better what?). If so, political consciousness and awareness should be instilled from an early age so that we would all feel it's our responsibility even if it appears to be an obligation to conform to pop culture. We should not brainwash our kids but allow them to decide because if they can choose whoever they like in AF without you telling them to, it shows the power of media and the child's ability to comprehend. Teach our kids about the importance of voting and when it's election time, induct them into the craze too. Not by asking them to wear a t-shirt saying "I'm HIS son/daughter" but to share their opinions and takes on each candidate. I'm sure we can learn more than we expect from them :)

While we're talking about this, I want to share a performance I've came across while browsing CNN last week. It's by a bunch of Seventh Graders (lebih kurang Form 1) from Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. Ron Clark has worked with disadvantaged children in the USA and if I remember correctly, he was the inspiration for the movie "The Triumph" starring Matthew Perry. In this performance, the group of around 30 kids rapped about the pros and cons of both of the main presidential candidates for the USA 2008 polls to the sounds of T.I's "Whatever You Like" (owwwhh.. enche T.I Handsome). Reckon we can achieve this anytime soon? C'mon, we sent a man to the space already, what?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Officially Yours

Once I was a drifter,
Decided never to trust again,
Didn't want a reason,
To give my heart away,
Never wanted anymore pain,
Making the nights lonesome,
And the days become ignorant...

But then a miracle came,
In disguise of the lovely you,
Changing my heart with due,
To give me a new dew,
And for the sun to shine brighter,
For the autumn to fade hither,
My heart skipped a beat faster,
Because now we're together...

I listened to the melody of the river,
I indulged in the sparkle of the stars,
Yet nothing is as perfect as this feeling,
That gives me the shivers to the spine,
The way you complete me,
The way you fulfill me,
The way we believe in each other,
Gives me the faith and power to relive,
Since now and forever,
I am Officially Yours

Now never would the nights spent alone,
My days are just a different zone,
Darling, you're my happiness,
Since the day is still in my mind,
When you looked at the same sky with me,
And squeezed my hands lightly,
And whispered into my ears,
When you made me officially yours...

Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm In Love Again...

With John Legend... Tried looking for the newly released album in stores but can't seem to find it. Patah hati seketika but I'm sure absence makes the heart grows fonder. I have listened to some of the songs in the album and am loving the track "Set Me Free" (layan bila pasang sambil mandi di jacuzzi beraromaterapi diterangi cahaya lilin.. mimpikah ni??). Have fell in love with Greenlight a few months ago and I think this track is evident for the title of the album, "Evolver"... Also liking Can't Be My Lover featuring Buju Banton (ya, man!). Rasta has never been sexier (with the exception of Damian Marley Jr laaar, of course) The sounds in this album is fresh, edgy and is set to be a classic, even by Legend's own standard.

Although Blender granted him only 2/5 stars for the album, the other critics are more generous with Legend's experiment and credits should be given to the man for daring to be different. Seriously, he is the only man whose justification about cheating is acceptable because he sings it beautifully. Ye, aku memang bias sikit. Mungkin selang 2 hari sekali, akan kujejaki kedai musik mencari erti cintaku ini.. over ka ni?? Haruslaaa, orang bercinta mmg macam tu.

photo credits: taken from /

Friday, October 24, 2008

To Complement The Compliments

There were many nice things human beings have said to each other but I think the sweetest thing someone has said to me is that I remind him of the song "Mad Sexy Cool" sung by Babyface. The problem is that the girl described in the song is just the most angelic person you will meet and that got me thinking, "do people always mean what they say even when they say something good?".

My mum thought me to always think the best and the good of another person but sometimes, I do get a bit cynical and over-evaluative when people say nice things to me. Most of the time, I don't even comprehend how they have reached a particular understanding of myself. Above all, some of the nice things they say tends to overshadow the things I really want them to focus on. Exterior over interior, perception over reality, statement over fact.

But come to think of it, maybe at that time he really meant what he said about the song... angkat bakul sendiri, boleh? hahahaha

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What A Day!

Durra has been meaning to get to TTDI since two weeks ago to buy some hijabs at a famous (or I would say, over rated) Muslimah boutique. After much delay including a three time postponed plan just this week, we decided to brave through the always jammed KL traffic at around 3.15pm so that Durra can again achieve the dream of being the good daughter and sister that she always wanted to be :p

When we got there, it was drizzling but we managed to get a parking spot right in front of the boutique which will most likely happen only once in your lifetime. Paid the parking ticket after much difficulty trying to understand what the heck the machine wanted (while we're on this, what happened to good ol' customer service between human beings?). Ran through the rain dgn semangat to buy beautiful hijabs :) Jiwa Suka dan Berbunga Dengan Harapan...

Though, when we got into the boutique, the both of us realised that our trip here would be disappointing. The shop was scarce with stock, filled with hopefuls like us and most of the things were in a disarray. Everything was overpriced and although I don't practice the hijab on a regular basis, I do know that there are places that sell the same designs or materials for at least half of the price. I would also rate the customer service as one of the worst I've received where they just answer your questions half-heartedly and won't even glance back at you. Kiranya, boutique mahal with a self-service attitude... Fashion forward tak kau? (so, now i understand why most corporation decided on machines)

After leaving our destination empty-handed as what Durra was essentially looking for is currently out of stock (kau bayangkan kedai jual tudung takde tudung hitam.. pernah kau dengar?), we were distraught. Imagine going all the way and being utmostly frustrated because the whole stint in the shop only lasted for 10 minutes. Thank God, Auntie Rubiah (Durra's mum) also agreed that it's too expensive. So, we left and thought of going to Rasta for a munch. As we reached Rasta, Durra thought it was a bit empty and we decided to go somewhere else.

We were looking to head to Bangsar but went into the wrong exit on the highway where we were only left with the options to go to Kepong or Mutiara Damansara :p So we had to make a turn around Mutiara Damansara and went through TTDI again with a sense of not knowing what to do or where to head next. As we were en route to Bangsar, we suddenly thought of SS2 Murni and decided to give it a try. Still fickle about it but we had to make something out of the already tiring trip... Tick Tock, Tick Tock... Okay, let's go to SS2!

Following the very detailed direction given by Cik Nina Yayang, around 4.35pm we were on Federal Highway, driving through and deciding to ignore the anticipated bumper to bumper traffic in another couple hours to come. After reaching SS2, we can't seem to find Murni and after reaching some housing area, we decided to call Nina and make a turn. While Nina was explaining the route again, Durra was reversing the car and suddenly, BANG! Durra bumped her car into some huge rock in front of a house. "AAAAHHHH....AAAHHH" kedengaranlah jeritan yang tak berapa halus and seriously, what else did u expect from two girls in a car?

We finally were at the right place but the scratches on the bumper are quite bad, especially for someone who loves her car like Durra. We checked it up and muka seposen je lar dua2 pun because there's nothing much we can do about it now. We paid another parking fee at a similar machine (but kali ni, pakar sikit ye) and walked around the block to go to Murni for something scrumptious to whet our appetite. But no, it doesn't get better. As soon as we were there, the shop assistant told us that the shop will take an hour break and will be opened at 6pm. Ye, aku datang dari jauh untuk dengar kau nak tutup kedai kau je.

Durra was beyond frustrated and just requested that we leave. I understand her frustrations so I just went along with it. We drove the car being silent and that wasn't good because again, we went into another wrong road! So, we have to make another turn around SS2 and lead ourselves out of PJ safely. As expected, it was already jammed massively and all we can do is to poke fun at the drivers around us to entertain ourselves.

When we reached college at 6pm, Durra and I were too hungry that we just went to the asrama cafe, ignoring the fact that we might be slightly overdressed. Wolfed down 3 pieces of curry puff and some banana fritters accompanied with a glass of teh tarek before enjoying my mee goreng while watching a silly movie on HBO. Durra ate heartily too (by her standards) and a while later, Guna joined us for a "meaningful" small talk. Left at 6.35pm as we realised we haven't completed our Asar prayers. Said goodbye to Guna and left Durra with a footnote : It has been fun although a bit weird. After 3 and a half hours, I had enough experience to remember this trip.

At the end, I kinda reflected that all the fun that you were trying to find far from home in the view that it would bring such a big difference and make you more excited can only make you more frustrated. In the end, it's things you have taken for granted that actually made your day. You should not try hard to have fun because half of the time, the most pleasing things happen unplanned. When you least expect it and when you don't anticipate it... That's why incredible things are often called a wonder (copyright controlled, plis!) To Durra, thank you for the bumpy ride (literally) and hope to seek more unexpected things with you!

*on a slightly different note, the quest for the futsal plate championship continues tomorrow... saksikan Kaka, Cesc, Steve, Luwanco and Theo dari g-Unit beraksi.. hahahahaha. see you girls involved at 8.30 am (24th October 2008)*

Nice Things..

Every girl likes to look, touch, appreciate and have nice things. Sometimes, we tend to appreciate the unconventional nice things. I love seeing and appreciating the beauty of people who takes time to make themselves up and appear presentable, even if it means them being extraordinary. The re-invention might be daunting on some people but I think it shows how much the rest of the so-called normal/ordinary people are not taking the effort to look their best...

If someone you're so disgusted with looks better than you, that says a lot about looking into the mirror. Be better and then, you judge them...

*i think some of you are really, really gorgeous.. beyond my expectation :)*

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baju Raya II

Dj Fuzz sporting a KLG Sqwad's Labour of Love tee (picture taken from here)

I want the t-shirt!!! Anyone have a clue where I can get them from? I've read that I can do some kind of online order but I'm too lazy to do the order through the internet. Money transfer? I think it's a way to avoid people from seeing each other.I knowlaah, I'm so hard to please... I believe in the beauty of dealing human to human (big difference, I tell you...)

Back to the story, I think I can wear this on Hari Raya Ke2 as my grandparents used to live in Klang before settling down in Kuang (suddenly we all have a story, eyh?). So, if you know where to get those, drop me a comment :)

*anyone thinks my mum would love me as much as she did before if I wore this on Hari Raya Ke2?*

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Disgrace of Sorts

I am appalled by the recent conundrum in Malaysia. It is as if we have totally lost control of everything that we feel the need to hold the helm at any cost. Imposing a nonsensical act of law without any solid justification of its existence or relevance in current scenario makes the desperation of threatened-ones inadvertently appear crystal clear.

It shows how things are on the beam ends for the current administration. It is beyond me why the journalist was detained if the man who uttered those filthy words is only taken action under the organisation's law. Although that acknowledges that the man has done something wrong, I think he is the one who should be detained under such laws for causing such a public unrest. On a different view, it also goes to show that the reporting was not wrong. So, why the biased treament?

It's been 20 odd years since a journalist is detained under the act and this happens only a few months after the head adviced all the members of the medias to be brave in reporting the truth. For so many years, I have believed in the power of words and now this has only increased my beliefs.

You say she had a hidden agenda? Check under your sleeve to say that you don't...

*pardon my annoying euphemism but it is always hard to swallow the truth over something you are affiliated to*

Who I Want To Meet?

In my online social network pages, they have always asked me "who i want to meet" which would pretty silly to be answered as 'everybody' (mind you, I did answer that too). You don't want to meet everybody, do you? For example, a sex maniac or a psychopath serial killer. And for that matter, we all have different reasons on why we want to meet someone. For example, I want to meet Soulja Boy to knock his head for ruining my eardrums so that's not something nice, is it? (Although some would readily cheer me on with the same spirit)

Not so incidentally, there's a long list to this that I have kept on updating since I was a kid. Believe me, choosing who to include has not been hard compared to who not to include. In your mind, set the notion that meeting means having a cup of coffee and talking about things that matter as I have technically met some of the people in my list here. So, Ok! Go!

Jit Murad- for that man I smile about since I was ten years old until now. I love that mop of curly hair he has and his relentlessly funny self on stage as well as his ability to hook you with his acting.

John Legend- for being that voice I listen to every night

Jhumpa Lahiri- for telling me that emotions can be related through as little words as possible and still be effective

Michel Gondry- for being a visionary visual graphic artist who provided me with more things to look forward to in life with his stories

Mos Def- for still standing in the league of super-rappers (probably one of the best alive) and not losing his soul or mind.

Noam Chomsky- for being an excellent linguist and a monstrous political figure

Barack Obama- for believing in change and stepping forward with the right foot all the way that it seems almost impossible to comprehend.

Norani Ahmad- for struggling for the rest of the Muslim women in Malaysia although being constantly unappreciated and pressured to stop. Sister won't stop for nothing.

Marc Jacobs- for creating fashion miracles that strikes my heart at all the right notes.

Jay Z- for being a "flow futuristic", astute businessman and remarkable man at heart.

Tun Dr M- the man who has remained in my list since I was 5 years old for many, many reasons.

Kaka- for being extremely talented in football and sincere in devotion.. An example to everyone, regardless of faith and interest.

Toni Morisson- for showing what being Beloved in Love means...

Datuk Zeti Akhtar- for Economics 101 at its best, I think only a woman of her stature can achieve what she has.

The Raslan Brothers- this should come in the complete package as only then can I ask the question, "is it in the genes?"

You- siapa ya? :)

I have not listed all that I could but these 15 people are the ones I have always looked forward to meeting. Hopefully I can meet half of them before fate takes one of us away. At last, a clear purpose to life.. hahaha!

I am tagging nisa, nina, tasha, alin and cek sou to write about the TOP 15 People they want to meet. Bolehlah saya analyse diri anda nanti :p

KL Hip Hop Fest 2008

I'm overjoyed by this fest coming up soon here in my soil, my heartland, Kuala Lumpur. The tentative dates for this two-day festival that will be held for the first time are 15 and 16 November 2008 with the venue yet to be confirmed. The festival is more correctly defined as a symposium of the genre which has long since become a lifestyle. Among the things planned for the two days are several workshops, competitions and a bazaar where you can get every imaginable Hip Hop gear/stuff.

About the lineup of guest performers, rumors has it that Lupe Fiasco (yeah! yeah!), Nas (yeah! yeah! yeah!) and KRS One (gotta crank up that old CD again) will be flown over to rev things up for us who once can only hope such festivals could ever be held here in Malaysia. Under the banner of KL Hip Hop Festival, also expect a lot of Asia's best hip hop outfits (which of course would include our talented homegrown performers) to represent.

This would be another thing I would venture and brave my heart through alone, knowing that none of my friends share the same passion or are willing to fork out a substantial amount of money (am expecting a two-day pass to cost in the least around RM 150). But after much disappointment of not being able to attend the 1st Asian Hip Hop Festival in Thailand due to my busy schedule, the KL Hip Hop Festival should be embraced by all the likes of me with the love for the music.

*you know what would be better? Having Mos Def down here!!!! That would be awesome but you can't have everything... Next year perhaps*

Monday, September 08, 2008

Ceritera Baju Raya!

I had a so-called resolution for Syawal 1429h... Not to buy a baju raya this year because I want to save on expenses and control my wants. Plus, I think I have an abundance of baju kurung. But the trips to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman robbed my soul... I should be more determined with my resolutions next time. Next year, no baju raya... Janji, saya janji!

Anyway, baju raya saya cantik & saya terpaksa beli. Baju kurung warna maroon garang, with subtle studs and such an elegant touch. The Mother bertekad membeli baju colour sama for herself, my sister and my nephew. And we also painted the house with that range of colour. I started an unexpected wave, it's overwhelming...

Macam tulah kalau orang best.. and saya perlu belajar jadi lebih modest.

Toilet Talk

I am sick and tired of coming back every weekend to the college and discovering that the toliet I regularly use has turned into a sewage itself. Every Sunday, whenever I peek into the toilet, there's bound to be things that other people besides tuan-punya-badan should not see. The smell is like fermented cencaluk that is further fermented under the sun until it bubbles. I mean, we boast that we're civilised human beings but if you can't take care of the place you defecate in, how do you call yourself one?

There's no point being super-smart or super-gorgeous if you expect someone else to mind your s**t. I don't consider myself a clean freak or something like that but it's just logical that you'd check the toilet before you leave it. I just have the habit to clean the toilet each time I use it because I know I'm sharing and I wouldn't want other people to suffer any kind of inconveniences because of me. Sadly, it is probably only me who thinks so. I know that I am the only one who cleans the toilet because I've tried refraining from doing any cleaning and the place turned into a wreck. And the stuff that I deal with is filthy and annoying. I mean, how the hell did you do it that it gets spread all over the place and then, you'd expect someone else to clean it? Simply mind boggling, nose bothering and throat choking...

We've talked about it like grown ups, things have been bought for the purpose yet people still refuse to participate and assume responsibility. If it doesn't start at your own home, how do we expect to create a socially conscious and civic minded society? No wonder the public toilets are in its worst condition because so-called educated people act as such. I'm sorry that I have to resort to writing a blog here and bitch about it but all those days spent cleaning the toilet has its toll on me.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ia Baru Bermula...

Aku kagum dengan seorang lelaki. Kekaguman itu lahir kerana dia seorang yang sangat lain daripada apa yang disedari. Ya, aku mungkin tidak kenal lelaki yang boleh kugelar "datuk" itu secara peribadi tetapi kekagumanku lahir dari kaca mata lain dan bacaan sendiri. Seorang lelaki yang tidak takut jeriji besi dan tidak endah dengan umpat caci.

Aku kurang bertuah kerana tidak dapat hidup dalam era penulisannya yang gigih, aku kurang bertuah kerana tidak dapat merasa sendiri perjuangan pena dan prinsip... Tapi aku sudah cukup, cukup bertuah kerana mataku masih mampu melihat di sini kerana adanya lelaki berani ini.

Untuk seorang lelaki yang telah melalui seribu satu cerita semasa hidupnya, perginya tidak menandakan berakhirnya kisah tersebut tetapi tanda bermulanya satu babak baru, dituruti sebuah eulogi untuk mengingati dan menghargai.

Untuk A. Samad Ismail yang telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada 4 September 2008.

A Mess of Love

In this mess, where should I look for it?
All those flimsy strings of love threads,
That I need to mend our damaged torn hearts,
To bind it tightly as I bid to place a seal,
But it's impossible to peer in to seek,
When I have this mess of love...

In this mess, where should I look for it?
All those long tassels of loose hopes,
That I deem to plait our tangled worn dreams,
To knot it neatly as I kid to lace a kilt,
But it's inexplicable to sneak in to peek,
When I have this mess of love...

Plights after similar plights endured,
But this mess stays on after years,
Even after I have shed our tears,
With all those talks against fears,
Yet, plight after plight we've endured,
As is commendable in this mess of love...

Ive Got A Crush On You - Stacey Kent

credit is due for the 'inspiration' to you

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looming Presence

During the ten years that I have known my best friends (needless to say it's Asraf and Nabil), somehow my opinions always mattered (waaah, ayat bangga diri tu.. boley?).The things I have a say in range from choosing the correct jeans cut until the owh-so-important choice of girlfriends and I admit that it sometimes can be daunting.

Not to say that they would make a decision based solely on what I say but I must add that it influences what they will ultimately decide. And let me tell you the best part, I can never see someone being good enough for them. I'm like the disapproving sister who judges the potential sister-in law with discreet looks and side-way glances to see how she reacts to something. It's not how she looks that usually matters to me but how she carries herself and how well the compatibility between her and my concerned friend is. Then, how she speaks to others there and whether she questions my looming presence...

It's like a unsaid rule that the three of us would implicitly or explicitly talk to our (potential) partners about how it is important that we can all get along well. That my partner will be 'ngam' with Nabil and Acap as their partners can indulge in similar things with me. This is like our second set of siblings, the brothers and sisters we have at heart. It is also to tell our partners that "hey, babe... there's nothing to worry about. What Acap, Nabil and Ana has is a friendship that will never be tainted even if you doubt it"

So when I disapprove of someone and it turns out that the person is as I expected them to be, I would feel guilty if I hadn't said anything in the first place. It's not that I wish to say "I Said So!" but more that I have placed the boys in the caution mode beforehand for them to realise that this might not work. It breaks me to see people not doing them right because these two people are not the playing around type. They are sincere and willing to try although they can be the most confused and fickle minded being at times.

My looming presence is a cloak to shelter my friends from the impending hurt that they might experience. Even when you leave, we will always have each other. Even when you hurt them, we will always comfort each other. Because that is what our presence are for...

Chained Letter

This is a letter from a friend...

To all my beloved friends,
Be it from Sabah, Sarawak, KL and semua di Semenanjung Malaysia. I would really need your help, I'm representing Infinatez and our INF team.
Alhamdulillah Infinatez now is moving in a correct direction, we are getting invitation to appear in various events, shows, interviews etc. To those yang sudah dengar our songs "Paparazzi", "Ada Masa" & "Sayang Kinabalu", we hope you enjoyed it. Kalau belum you can listen to it here -
Ok, the help yang I need from you guys is to request our songs to be played in radio stations. To be exact we would like you guys to request "Ada Masa" as it is our latest single, tapi you guys boleh juga request our other songs.
One way is to request it at Xfm (previously known as Xfresh)

One thing at a time, we can focus on Xfm first. But if you prefer other stations like Suria fm, you can do so. You probably get a listen to it at DJ Hairil's Suria Intro every Sunday. To listeners in Sabah, you can ask DJ Othoe to play it @ Suria Pagi Kinabalu 105.9fm.
Guys, we really need your help on this one. Again, do have time to listen to it at our myspace and if you like it, kindly do request for it. We hope that our songs could be heard all over the country, and the rest of the world.
ps: Infinatez will be back with more sounds. We promise.

Thank you.
Yours truly,
Alvin MY aka Defoo (who can be read at The D)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Mbeki Loves Mugabe

It's good that the peace talks initiated by Thabo Mbeki as the head of the African Union has started since June thus allowing more time for deliberation over issues that matter but a speedy conclusion and resolute reconciliation must take place soon to provide Zimbabwean with more time to kick start the shattered economy state. Circa 1970s, Zimbabwe was one of the most promising economy house of the Afrikaan continent ironically under the governance of Mugabe who was then viewed as a revolutionary man with strong visions for his country. Fast forward 30 years later, the inflation rate has surpassed 2 000 000% and Zimbabwean are suffering all these as the consequences of one man's desire to remain powerful and rich. Besides suffering from the economic recession (or collapse), hundreds are killed or injured since the March bloody election that saw the rise of poors and bourgeois against the corrupt, dictatorship government.

That's why I think Mbeki loves Mugabe so much that he is willing to stall negotiations on who should take the lead role of governing Zimbabwe even after a definite, undisputed win by MDC Party lead by Tsvangirai (which is still referred to as the opposition party). I am appalled by the arrangements made and the way negotiations are dealt with. I'm a tiny person with one brain but I think the plan worked out puts Mugabe too much into favour. Yes, Mugabe did win the Presidential elections uncontested but that's only because Tsvangirai boycotted the election. Mbeki should not and must not take that lousy reason into consideration for retaining Mugabe's so-called-deserved place in the government where Mugabe will be President while Tsvangirai will become the Prime Minister (yes, if it rings a bell, Mbeki used the same formulae in South Africa for him and Jacob Zuma). How can it be a man loathed by the majority of his people still remains in the position of the most respected one? Absurd but true.

Note: As this post is written, Mbeki in Harare currently to wrap up the negotiation and all political rivals in Zimbabwe has agreed to the power-sharing agreements amidst rumors of Mugabe's reduced power as President.

6 Weeks Notice

I haven't been blogging about much recently, simply because I did not have the time to do so. For the past 7 weeks, I have been teaching in a school located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and have since been devoting most of my attention to it. Besides that, I also had to make time to spend with friends and family. Hence, my unexplained absence from the cyber world.

Though, it is not the only reason why I have not blogged. It did not escape me that recently, every time I hit the "new post" tab, all I can think about is to comment/bitch/grumble about things that unsettled me as a new teacher. And often half way through, I would think about how unethical that would be. That reflection, in retrospect, helped me avoid a lot of uneasiness. Why I say so? Because not too long ago, a small issue escalated in one of my friend's school when he blogged about something as such. I did not want the same unnecessary fuss and not to surprise you, students do take the effort to google you up in the internet if they find you interesting enough.

So my days in the school passed by quite quickly that I'm only left with another 6 weeks to complete my practicum stint. I cannot think of a more roller-coaster like ride in my life than these past 6 weeks. I will never forget the very, very warm welcome students gave to me when I was introduced in the assembly on the first day. It was weird but still charming. My numbered days with my form 1 Nilai and 2 Nilai are very much frowned upon as I sincerely cannot imagine a better combination of students to make my day. I love my 1 Nilai to pieces since I have been with them since day one and we have grown very close with each other. When I came back from the mid practicum briefing, they seemed happy to have me back that I cannot help but to beam with joy too. 2 Nilai has just been with me for the past 2 weeks but they're sweet angels in those devilish manners that they portray. My previous 2 Setia is also much missed that I look forward to any relief classes with them.

That said, I must highlight that some teachers disappoint me. They go in late to classes or do not teach or sit while they teach or do not take effort to prepare materials and what more to provide conducive learning environment. All they do is give notes for students to copy and ask them to complete photocopied exercises. I ponder whether I would turn out like that too one day and it breaks me to see that some new, young teachers are already acting the same. I wonder why they became teachers. For me, it's important to show that you mean business but you care. Pardon me, I'm not saying that I'm good but I really don't mind sleeping in late just to prepare materials because I feel that it is my responsibility to maximise my students' learning experience. It's not only for evaluation because what's good in a series of merits given by your lecturers in 4 lessons while the other lessons with your students come across as (well) shitty...

These teachers dread entering the last classes but for me it's for these students whom you can really bring a difference. The weak ones are the most risky group to fall into discipline problems and face learning difficulties while the smart ones can probably work things out on their own. My experience with 2 Setia has been exteremely rewarding where students did not play truant during English Language even though they skip the other classes. It's a sign that I might have succeeded in making learning interesting for them and that boosted my love for the profession. Darn, I wish I would remain this enthusiastic and keep this love for the job for the next few years to come. If not, I'll just put on my enthusiastic mask for teaching is only quarter of knowledge sharing with another 3 quarters of theatrics...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We're All F***ing Something

We're all f***ing poets when it comes to words,
We're all f***ing losers when it comes to earth,
We're all f***ing amateurs when it comes to love,
We're all f***ing younger when it comes to lust

We're all f***ing fairies when it comes to work,
We're all f***ing astronauts when it comes to dreams,
We're all f***ing ignorant when it comes to belief,
We're all f***ing rascals when it comes to judgement

We're all fooling something... what were you thinking?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Think It's OK Indeed

Looks like Malaysia can pride herself again on having produced a truly talented man who found the route to re-define his music and at the same time, managed to save his soul. A man seemed lost to the world but came out again to prove that his absence was for the better even if it meant jeopardising some of the momentum (or craze)that he has garnered over the past 10 years or so. For those scratching their heads since I haven't reached my point, I'm talking about Malique Ibrahim and his solo debut produced under the indie label, Qarma Music entitled justly, OK.

OK is a double disc album with 20 tracks although I sincerely think "Diam" does not count as one (or two for that matter :p). I remember grinning with much anticipation as I looked at the credits for some of the tracks and the moment I got into the car, the record was playing on full blast. I went straight to track 7 on disc I, Kau Yang Punya featuring Najwa Mahiaddin and couldn't help but to feel an involuntary sinking-into-the-chair-I-was-sitting-on sensation. This track is a fine remake of The Roots' You Got Me and I dare to say Najwa made the song happen. Even better, there is another 5 Mic Remix of the song in Disc II featuring Najwa, Lah, Zaf and Elvira (musical orgy, for sure!). Another winning collaboration in this album is "Mantera Beradu" with M.Nasir which gave a significant and exciting flair to OK.

The other tracks in this independently distributed CD also speak volume for the album's strength where you have a clear impression on all the experimentation the man would like to take. For example, Bahasa Melayu becomes the primary language compared to EL widely used in Too Phat's previous albums as a reflection on Malique's ability to tap on a relatively unexplored side. Another appealing thing is that despite being quite egoistically generated around his life as is expected with rappers, the issues talked about can easily be identified with. You have tracks such as "Layu" and "Rahsia" which revolves around a genuine concern for Malays from Malique's point of view going against some party-like rastafarian influence in tracks such as "Rasta Say" and "Masih Khayal (Bangun)" featuring Zaf. I particularly like "Dalam Aku Ada Hantu" and "Assalamualaikum" for Malique's fluid-like poetry skills and this album also pushes my buttons for the brilliant, brilliant samplings in tracks such as in the title track "OK" featuring Cat Fabuloso and "Pergi Jauh" featuring Elvira (Did I hear Lah's smooth voice too? I think credits for him is much deserved for this track).

I wasn't too much of a fan of Malique before and despite having all of Too Phat's album, I would only categorise myself as a listener of their music. But after a dose of OK, consider myself converted as I discovered the strengths and developments of Malique, not only musically but also as a human being. OK stands out as it does not fear to be a true justification of all the trials and tribulations of a man trapped in conflicting worlds (nihilism vs existentialism, East vs West, English Language vs Bahasa Melayu). Malique's sincerity in sharing his life and his undisputed "ritma atas puisi" skills make this album a sure winner.

Ways To Get The Album
The album is available in all Rock Corner stores:
• The Gardens, Mid Valley City
• 1 Utama
• Mid Valley Megamall
• Bangsar Village
• Subang Parade
• The Curve
• Trend-SOGO
• Rhythm Music-Pertama Complex

For those too busy to function like all us who can, you can also try this method:


please send an sms to +60122957148 with your details and our street team will deliver the albums to your doorstep within the same day.
* delivery applies only for orders of 3 copies and above
* cash on delivery

For those living outside Klang Valley, visit Malique Ibrahim@Myspace

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Lah & Zafri have not been keeping quiet since becoming independent artiste. Most recently, they have worked on OST of Sepi (a film directed by Kabir Bhatia-yes, of Cinta's fame- that will be screened in cinemas beginning 26th June 2008). Besides working with big names like Yuni Shara, they have also done a remake of Rossa's Aku Bukan Untukmu with an R&B feel. I like it... In fact, I love it. I did a search in youtube and found the vid... Sila, sila... hehe

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The Paparazzi VC by Infinatez is ready for your watch.. Have a watch and enjoy ;)

After watchng this video clip, you would have a say of their song. If you lke it, do vote for Infinatez on at
Malaysian English Top Ten and click at the new song section... Now, that's not much to ask since you're already logged in to the net anyway...ngeh ngeh

Monday, June 16, 2008


If you have been listening to the major radio stations (i.e, Era FM, Suria FM etc.), you must have heard the new single, Paparazzi by Infinatez (Top 4 Gangstarz Season 1). It's a catchy, up tempo beat written by one of the members of Infinatez and having been noted by their recent superb performance as... well, paparazzis in the highly acclaimed P.Ramlee The Musical show, Infinatez cannot find a better time to launch this single :)

And the single is out for sale on an EP form too! I've listened to some songs from the EP and it's quite good (I think, I know 'good'.. ewaaaah). This is the second EP by Infinatez and you CAN see the improvements. The single will be selling at an unbelievably cheap price of RM12.90 at this age of the capital E word but that doesn't mean the EP is of any low quality or standard. It has 4 songs in it, which are:

2)Ada Masa (a beautiful, beautiful ballad)
3)Sayang Kinabalu
4)Paparazzi feat Cat Farish

To get ur hands on the single, log in to or give the INF team members a ring (Eizani-012 9364600 or Syai- 012 9364500)

I say, support Quality local music. Vote for the single, Paparazzi by Infinatez on your favourite radio station and give one of Malaysia's finest the big break they deserve

*on a slightly different note, can anybody tell me whether Altimet's album is out or not? it should be right?)*


I've been blocked, my mind that is. No, not a writer's block (not much of a writer in the first place). I guess I'm feeling overwhelmed with a lot of things including my newly found fear of entering the workfield. Next year, I must prepare myself in a foreign place without my usual support system. No Mummy, No Nabil, No Acap... Imagine... Yes, imagine.. Now, swallow.

Selfishly, I want to be able to wake up everyday and just head to the kitchen to hug my mum. I want this joyful, laid-back, stress-free life that I always had with Nabil and Acap by my side to never end. Takmau pi Bota Kanan, Bota Kiri, Bota Depan, Bota Belakang.

But now is the time to show some gratitude. Must set my mind that the world doesn't work in my convenience. Next week onwards, it will be berkhidmat untuk negara :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

List Of Shame

Being a list-crazy person, I loved Rob O'Connor List of The Day blogposts. I almost agreed with all his 25 worst rappers of all time but I was gasping for breath as I read through his list of Ten Most Annoying Singers. Note: Annoying doesn't mean bad singing, just plain annoying to the ears. So, you have a look at the list and see whether you agree or not, k? hehe

The Ten Most Annoying Singers by Rob O'Connor
10) Celine Dion: I know there are millions of people who would beg to disagree, but let's get real, people. She sings 15 notes where one would suffice and turns every song into an anthem for self-empowerment. It's like getting an hour of Oprah condensed into four minutes. She sings. It's time to start the lawnmower.

9) John Mayer: Young people are impressionable. I'm not sure where John Mayer learned his vocal craft. I hesitate to call it singing. It's more like whimpering. And for some reason, this has become a trend not stopping anytime soon. As you'll sadly learn as we go further down this list.

8) Conor Oberst: As the wunderkind who leads Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst was given a certain amount of leeway since he was a young teen when he started out and his precious singing--so sensitive and intimate you could hear the post-nasal drip--was mistaken as precocious. Well, he's in his 20s now and he still sounds like he's swimming back to the womb for protection from this hard, harsh world. Come on buddy, stand up straight and stop trying to imitate the Cure's Robert Smith. He got there first. And even he must know he sounds a little silly.

7) Lily Allen: Contrary to this column, I want to like fresh, young talent. I want to hear singers bring true commitment to their material. The first time I heard Lily Allen I thought it was quaint. Then it seemed every young female singer was determined to sing just like her, as if they're running out of air in their lungs and have to get back to the respirator before the next verse begins. Sure, she's bouncy and spunky. But if I might quote what Lou Grant once told Mary Tyler Moore: I HATE SPUNK.

6) Devendra Banhart / Tiny Tim: I'm not convinced they're not the same person. Tiny Tim was a novelty item singing with that stupid ukulele something about tiptoeing through the tulips. Anyone with any half sense would know it was novelty item that shouldn't be used as the basis for an entire recording career. And for thirty years, it wasn't, until freaky-folk dude Devendra Banhart showed up and started warbling in that unlistenable, untrained vibrato the kind of nonsensical lyrics that didn't sound all that great back when people were taking the kinds of drugs you're supposed to be on in order to enjoy it.

5) James Blunt: All this talk in the media about whether or not waterboarding is torture is moot. Forcing anyone to listen to "Beautiful" on repeat constitutes torture. You want my darkest, deepest secrets? This guy's quivering voice gets you my social security number, my mother's maiden name, my personal PIN and any random government secrets I'm currently harboring.

4) Frankie Valli: Frankie Valli was a hero to some back in his day. I grant you this. He was consistent! He consistently sang in a voice designed to send dogs running for cover and perfect for breaking glass. "Rag Doll, " "Sherry," "Dawn," "Big Girls Don't Cry," the list is enormous. He very well could be tried as a war criminal. Who would object? Seriously? Who?

3) Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins): Yes, despite all his rage he's still just a rat in a cage. Unfortunately, that cage came with a microphone for him to transmit his Smashing Pumpkins hits to a helpless, hapless world at large. While Billy could orchestrate grand walls of guitar and write albums of endless tuneage, he insisted on singing it himself. Except this is not singing in any conventional sense, but rather the sound of a petulant, whiny child. This is what happens when parents don't tell their kids to shut up often enough. Children need to know you don't like them.

2) Scott Stapp (Creed): We could probably start laying the blame on Bono, Eddie Vedder, Jim Morrison and that guy from Blood, Sweat and Tears, but in the end it's Scott Stapp who epitomizes that macho bellow that sounds like a man who's gone overboard at the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and has just received spiritual orders to let everyone know they're going to hell if they don't save themselves somehow. His spiritual torment becomes your problem. Thanks, pal.

1) Michael Bolton: OK, this was easy. C'mon, you knew Mr. Bolton would top the list. Who else can take a love song and turn it into a hernia? When a man loves a woman he doesn't do so by screaming in her ear--so why should it be acceptable for a man to sing a sensitive love song as if he's directing traffic for the hearing impaired? R&B classics deserve their place in musical history and should be protected from this man's desecration of all that is holy. It's only right. Let's make it a law.

I only beg to differ number nine and two which I would personally replace with Rihanna & Lou Bega... others, pretty true :p

Nisa Loves Me Too Much

that she tags me into answering all these questionnaires all the time :p

1. Yourself: Confusing
2. Your partner: Non-existent
3. Your hair: Layered
4. Your mother: A Gem
5. Your father: Missed :(
6. Your favorite item: book
7. Your dream last night: all smiles
8. Your favorite drink: kickapoo
9. Your dream car: Audi T4
10. The room you are in: Kelam Kabut
11. Your ex: Confused
12. Your fear: Losing Loved Ones
13. What you want to be in 10 years: A wife and mother
14. Who you hung out with last night: the hockey crowd
15. What you’re not: ignorant (hopefully)
16. Muffins: gardenia
17: One of your wish list items: a Marc Jacobs Mika bag :)
18: Time: is too short to be spent wrecklessly
19. The last thing you did: washed my face
20. What you are wearing: my not-so-huge-tshirt
21. Your favorite weather: spring
22. Your favorite book: interpreter of maladies by jhumpa lahiri
23. The last thing you ate: Kuay teow
24. Your life: is almost beautiful
25. Your mood: grateful
26. Your best friend: nabil
27. What you’re thinking about right now: what time i should leave for home?
28. Your car: is in the wait list
29. What you are doing at the moment: listening to Sergio Mendes' new album

30. Your summer: was great
31. Your relationship status: Single.
32. What is on your TV: nothing
33. What is the weather like: gloomy
34. When was the last time you laughed: last night
35. Cats: sneeze
36. Music: escapism
37. Life: beautiful
38. Love : Lollipop :)
39. Friends : Completes Me

I have to add one, so here goes

40. Food: abundance

Since nisa tagged mass and nisha', i would tag soya, nina and tash... sekian


Loyalty is very, very important in a relationship. If you can't be loyal, you probably don't deserve all the people you're involved in. Mungkin I'm not open minded enough, mungkin I'm too idealistic. Kesian, semua orang pun tumpang pening sekali


It has finally come to an end, my undergraduate years that is. 5 1/2 years seemed like just a momentary dream, you wake up and it's over. To mark the occasion, I went out with Nina and Aimi (Durra, wished you were there too) to The Curve to have lunch at Marche and followed by watching Ironman together(super cool movie). After that, we had coffee again at The Apartments (nice macchiato.. hehe). It was great to finally just sit down and talk with these friends, although good coffee does not seem count as reward nowadays. Maybe I should think of reducing the amount of coffee I consume daily..

Anyway, the most prominent issue that we talk about is (surprise.. surprise) Marriage! You see, after graduating, we're all finally going to be independent beings wit our own incomes and taxes to pay. Thus, we can't avoid to think about planning the future. I have set some plans and getting married doesn't seem to be in the cards anytime soon. Yet, I do find myself being a tad envious of my friends who have found their partners and achieved that maturity to advance into marital stage. I reflected on myself and realised that I do not have that sense of responsibility to build a family yet. I still think about myself and my mother too much to commit now, rasanya boyfriend pun mungkin bosan mendengar my cerita about my mother.

Thinking about the future makes me shiver sometimes... I fear the possibility of making the wrong choice and regretting it for the rest of my life. I guess I still need to know people and understand the world a lot more better. Though, to my friends who have been recently married or made such plans in the near future, I congratulate you upon your courage and responsibility. I know that you have thought about it and that surely means you are ready to face the challenges :)

But I accept The Mother's challenge to buka permohonan kat blog ni. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat, bolehlah masuk boranglah sekarang... hahaha

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Dr M has established his own blog, have a read at for his brilliant and forefront thoughts :0

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Want! I Want! I Want!

I've been searching for nice casual flats like this Steve Madden's pair and it's a miracle if I could find one like, now! Times like this makes me yearn so much for a quick visit to Myers to grab one of Steve Madden's cosy, comfy, costly flats... Things you've taken for granted *sigh*

never been a big fan of bottega veneta or butterfly motif, for that matter. But i find this clutch utterly irresistible!! Jom... Sapa nak teman me to Hong Kong for a shop trip? hahaha...

I just love the scent and mine is finishing already... It just feels good to smell like flowers even if you're not that sweet :p

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Read Because I Can :p

I've overdosed on Paulo Coelho last week where I finished three of his books (By The River Piedra I Sat Down & Wept, Veronika Decides To Die and The Devil & Miss Prym). As most of you might already know, Coelho is one of the most widely read author of the last and current century. He writes in Portuguese mostly and known for his deeply profound look into life. His notable works include The-owh-so-famous-Alchemist and Brieda but I'm not really a fan of the writing style per se. It's probably a bit too languid (pardon the inapt choice of word but I couldn't find another to describe my feelings) despite the spiritual and philosophical issues or views.

Though, I find the matters discussed deeply moving, even when some of it deals with Christianity concepts and theological dilemmas. These books make up a trilogy about life and its uncertainty with death watching on and love, hatred, evil and good all mixed together to evoke your deepest fears and regrets in life. It makes you think about how much of yourself in ready to change and be changed within a week, how the decisions made will affect your life until its end and bring back parts of yourself from the past that you have decided to discard. All three books taught me that love and God work in miraculous ways.... Ways you cannot imagine. Out of the three, I would have to choose The Devil & Miss Prym for the fact that the theme is entirely universal and we could all get into either The Stranger's or Miss Prym's shoes (if you're wondering why not The Devil, maybe it's time you grab it for a read). Good and Evil will always be in constant fights for our souls and we can or will be the ones to decide who we want to be.

After Coelho's books, I started on reading Karim "Handsome" Raslan's Heroes and Short Stories. Yeah, yeah.. I know. Why so late, Ana?? The book was first published in 1996 and has since been re-printed three times but I can assure you it hasn't lost touch. It is still very much relevant and rather a clear, vivid depiction of Malaysians in angles you've sometimes chose to ignore because it can be ugly. Wake up and smell the rotten roses, people because life isn't always green and comedy isn't always bright (hence the existence of dark comedy, get it?? hahaha.. i know, i'm lame). Anyway, Karim (as usual) never loses his voice in his writings although you can see that all of his characters have souls of their own. You know some writers just can't do that, they either make the stories too much on their characters or on their own selves. So, Karim has succeeded again in making me continue reading despite angry glares from The Mother as I skipped tea to read on :p For Malaysians, this is a must-have!

I've just finished reading Boyhood by J.M Coetzee and still couldn't believe that someone can write such a true representation of childhood. True enough, it was a story about a boy who grew up in South Africa in the 1940s and on the surface, that hardly creates any connection to myself. But as I dwelt further into the story, I realised that childood could easily be the most arrogant, selfish yet naive state of our lives, no matter when or where you've lived. I could connect myself to the many little secrets "he" kept from his family about his school life and feelings and the reasons behind such secret. It's rather poignant in a sense that my childhood held secrets too, secrets of home you don't tell people in schools, secrets of school you don't share with people at home... It's leading two or more different lives, lives dictated by someone else that we follow to conform to a suggested normality. Normality that doesn't make sense, by the way. It was a very critical reflection on one's life and you can trust the author of Life & Time of Michael K to do that. Boyhood strikes the heart for its straight-forward, child-framed view on the world and from a extremely smart child, that is.

My next victims will be New Malaysian Essays 1 with the talented Amir Muhammad as editor/contibutor and Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri (like... finally!)... But first, I'll have to finish reading Fernando Llyod's Scorpion Orchid. Owh, and the 2000-words reflection task for LTP course too (haha!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Visit Down Memorylane

Last weekend, The Mother asked me to clean up a few boxes of my stuff which I left when I flew to Sydney in 2006. I reluctantly did so knowing how much precious time watching toons with my nephew and sister has to be wasted on the tedious task but being the super-nice daughter that I am, I just followed The Mother's instruction and paksa fifi+aidid to teman me cleaning the stuff up (although they end up making more mess than there already is :p)

I must say the cleaning up process revealed a lot of things I didn't realised about myself 5 years ago. I came across scribbles of my poems in some random notebooks (which I used to collect), notes I wrote to friends, cards people made/bought as a dedication for me, pictures of childhood and schooling memories, letters I wrote but never did send... It all brought back an array of feelings which caused me to reach a state of disbelief regarding how much different I used to be.

I could almost see myself bright-eyed answering all those questions in my coursebook with all my enthusiasm and optimism of changing the world someday. There is an unmissable faint scent of determination and dedication in every piece of work, major or minor. Each of my journal and reflection contained too much of myself in it. I was so genuinely eager to please everyone that I didn't manage to refrain myself from constantly showing it to the whole wide world. I chuckled at my own naive interpretation of the world and how much it was going around the same circle to reach the same point again. I could say that I was still in the 2nd stage of Kohlberg's Moral Development where I am conflicting and building my interpersonal accord and conformity although at that time, I perceived myself as belonging to a higher level.

I believe now if I were to be given the same tasks I went through in my Foundation years, I would respond differently... Very differently, indeed. Although there is still a tad of egocentrism, I have come to view the world a whole lot more widely and understand that things often do work in an almost antithetic way than I assumed them to be. I'm not saying that life is much more gloomier now, in fact it's much more easier to lead because I try to deal with it in a neutral and non-utopian way. Reaching this level of maturity that enables me to look back and analysing myself for reflection is something I never thought I'd do as I always told myself not to live in the past. But who are you kidding because it's also the past that makes you able to compare whether you are a better or worst person today.

Indeed, change is the thing that shows the path you've lead and will be leading in your life. Hopefully, my path will be guided by Allah s.w.t and so will all my loved ones so that we don't transgress too far away.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

20 Most Sexiest Revisited

Somewhere around November 2006, I blogged about the top 20 sexiest person according to my view. Almost a year and half has passed, I felt the need to revisit that list and see whether sexiness is still the same for me :p So here goes in no particular orderlaaaa...

1) Johnny Depp
2) Mos Def
3) John Legend
4) Matt Damon
5) Raphael Nadal
6) Joaquin Phoenix
7) Jake Gyllenhall
8) Gael Garcia Bernal
9) Jessica Alba
10)Prince Frederick of Denmark
11)Will Smith
12)Taye Diggs
13)Adam Broody
14)Barack Obama
15)Shia LeBouf
16)William Quah
17)Chris Gorham
18)Paul McCartney
19)Denzel Washington
20)Halle Berry

A Year of Solitude

Sometimes you wonder why people take the beautiful things in their life for granted. You know that phase when we are courting a person's heart and attention, we'd do everything we could to have them. He stayed up all night making that "Good Luck for Your Exams" card for you when we both know he hasn't finished revising for tomorrow's test. He spent his savings trying to get that patent leather shoes we have been hinting on for our birthday. He calls us every now and then... But when he has our attention and the both of us finally becomes an item, everything goes out of the window.

I made a vow to myself that I won't be that person because I know how much it hurts to be absolutely discarded after being heavily pursued. You feel like a trophy, but only a silver one because he goes on to hunt other skirts. All of these is just a game for him. You end up making all the effort to keep things going even though you weren't the one who initiated the relationship. That was the story with my last relationship. My emotions were drained and my life was haywire after discovering that I mean nothing to a person I've sort of devoted myself to for almost a year.

Yesterday, it has been a year since I am finished with that relationship. Ahamdulillah, I've learnt my lessons quite well and see that life does offer me more wonderful things (although sometimes I do get pretty lonely when everyone else goes out with their loved ones and I'm left in the room reading a book *loser!*). I've only been in two relationships before and I don't really know much but I know that in my next relationship, it's important that we are equals and respect each other's needs. We musn't dictate each other's life even if we know absolutely everything about one another. Our relationship must offer some room for mental and emotional dependence above all other dimensions. My life may not be perfect but it should be fulfilled when I'm with him :)

Well, my main motivation in life now is to succeed in my studies in order to provide a better life for my mum and sister. Yet, I do have a second motivation who makes me smile all the time too and he has grown to be very dear to my heart. We keep in touch regularly and he seems to care for me, which makes me feel just fine and appreciated. I'm just lucky to know someone as nice, smart and positive like him. For these blessings, I should be thankful kan? So, "No, thanks!" for all those invitation for dinner dates and get-togethers. I'm happy with life now even if it has endured a year of so-called solitude.