Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Dream Guy~tag dari Nisa~

Since Nisa dah tag, maka terpaksalah saya mengaku and show to the world about my perfect guy ye.. hehehe..

1. Menjaga waktu solatnya dan mengekalkan prestasi cukup 5 waktu sehari semalam
(saya perlukan orang yang lebih berilmu dari saya untuk membimbing keluarga saya)

2. Mempunyai perancangan masa hadapan yang teliti dan berpandangan jauh
(saya perlukan seseorang yang does all the planning for us)

3. Mempunyai suara yang sedap dan meminati genre muzik yang sama dgn saya..
(saya memang tamak)

4. Mempunyai selera makan yang tinggi dan pandai/boleh masak
(supaya saya tak low self esteem sbb makan banyak)

5. Pemandu yang berhati-hati tapi bawak keta laju
(ye, saya tahu bahawa kriteria ini pelik)

6. Seorang yang independent but dependent on me
(kirenya menyayangi diri ini tapi tak clingylah)

7. Seorang yang tak penyepah sangat
(but it's only natural kalau he is a bit untidy)

8. Shares the same interest and hobbies
(supaya tak kehilangan topik untuk borak)

9. Menerima saya seadanya saya

10. Tinggi dari saya dan sedap mata memandang
(ahaks.. aku rasa kelakar dgn diri aku sendiri)

bulan ramadhan bakal menjelang

satu lagi rahmat menjelang, Allah has granted me with yet another chance to feel the keberkatan of the ramadhan month, fasting and getting nearer to Him. But I have to admit, usually it stops there.. it doesn't continue to the following months. I wonder why the determination doesn't stay??? nak salahkan syaitan sepenuhnya for it ke??? sounds unreasonable plak kan??

My azam- kekalkan prestasi dan tingkatkan usaha (cam report card masa sekolah rendah)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Too much negativity around me...

I just got a message from my mum, saying that my grandad just had a fatal heart attack and is currently under coma.. there is less hope, so the doctor said and everybody is there at his bedside, except for me... except for me...

I have friends who are going through a rough time right now.. Some just got out of a relationship, relationship that was meant to be doomed, relationships that were glittering but just lost its sparkle as time passes by... I feel for them as I've been hurt before but what more can I do to cheer them up??

I just realised that some people just couldn't stop talking about everybody else, even when there is less concern about the gossipers. I just learnt that I have nicknames, I just learnt that people bitch about me when I don't give a damn about them at all in the first place...

Too much negativity.. I'm trying to be positive.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

AGM MSA 2006

I was frustrated with the attendance and the lack of support shown by the memebrs of MSA for the AGM. Somehow, the lack of attendance mirrors our attitude towards an association that has done quite a lot to make us feel welcomed. I think it's our responsibility and privilege to choose the new leaders and also in a way, show our gratitude for the previous committee. Kalau kita tak datang mengundi and determine what kind of leadership or future that the MSA holds, maka kita tak layaklah nak komen tentang itu dan ini, merajuk pasal situ dan sini di masa hadapan...

I just hope that people are more positive and responsible... That's all.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Rain Bathing after Dikir Mayang...

It has been raining since last week here in sydney.. syukur for the rahmat although it just makes you get lazier to go to class, or worst still to move from the bed.. Luckily, on the Dikir Mayang Party day, I managed to peel myself off the bed and rushed to nisa's place at 9am as I gracefully forgot that the party is for lunch instead of dinner.. hehehehe

Then, I (supposedly) helped Zila out with the Soto preparation while Nisa prepares the Mee Kari and I assume that Tasha and Durra were in charge for the bergedel (yummy! yummy!).. well the sad case is I didn't knew what this Soto thing was, you can blame my mum for that.. seriously, I always thought it was odd to consume chicken soup with anything else other than rice.. why should we eat it with mee or nasi himpit??? that's not normal, man (according to my standardslah kan...)

Apparently, not much help is needed with the soto and if i were to make myself useful, i need to indulge myself in a very trivial but crucial task for soto.. So, there I was peeling the unfreshly tossed into water taugeh for almost two hour and was actually delighted to ask Fariza and Hannah to join me in it when they finally came.. Seriously, i felt like crying doing that alone man.. apatah lagi Norzie was playing raya songs while I was doing it.. Rasa macam hari raya kat Kuang.. Ok, enough about the sentiments.. hehehe. So, my knowledge obtained from that series of two hour soto preparation was always avoid taugeh in your life

Then people started coming in and filling up the space... Food were consumed heartily and everybody was having a great time, teasing and laughing at each other. Just like the dikir barat practices and i think the same at the Ulik Mayang practices we had. I mean, who can forget Sunny's decision to use a "mak-datuk-besarnya-mangkuk-ko-ni" bowl to bedal the Mee kari and also "Shima's" keayuan memakai tudung bersama baju melayu.. The rain was still as heavy as it has been since morning and there's no sign of it stopping any time soon.. Nisa was busy asking everybody to play in the rain.. not as yet, nisa, not as yet...

After finishing with the first round and songlaping all the bergedels (sorrylah sape yang tak dapat tu..), we went into the meracau mode while waiting for everybody to change into the dikir mayang costume. There were two opponents, one led by Seng Chee in the hall while the other was under Nisa's wing... Yeah, knowing us, we had a "karaoke" competition, but we weren't looking for the smoothest voice instead we were coveting for the "who's crazier?" award.. Blurting out raya songs, lagu negeri, lagu IPBA (priceless) and most surprising of all, dangdut songs (yeah, come out from the cave , my people.. no need to be shy of your music repertoire).. hehehehehe.. who won??? trust me, there's no dichotomy on "who's crazier??"

As usual, Macquarians got caught up in the photo taking session before some of us decided to resolve to a game of volley ball instead.. I only watched them play in the rain first and laughed at the private jokes that i taught i knew the meaning but well, it doesn't matter whether, i knew or not kan???? as volleyball is not actually my forte and i hate to see my hands lebam after that, i crossed my fingers that they'll play something else.. luckily, syada ajak main tuju selipar.. NYYYYYYYYCCCEEEEE... there couldn't be a better game to play in the rain...

So, we divided into two equally strong teams. I was in the team with Sunny, Shim, Norzie, Sakinah and sometimes Nisa.. As usual, this game is all about deceit and taking out your inner child. Sumpah kelakar tengok Syada holding the selipar while counting (padahal everybody saw her doing that), tengok Seng Chee's team cuak masa selipar kena my head while Sakinah gracefully built the selipar tower again (huhu), tengok Shim jatuh at least three times, tengok Sasha yang lemah gemalai actually being active, tengok Norzie check mata Tasha yang disyaki terkena rembatan selipar tuju langit kelapan and again tengok Syada baling selipar dengan penuh kegeraman kat Sakinah (what did she do to you, syada?? why you so kejam??)... one hell of a great time and being the smarter (and greater team), we won lerr...

Then the rain got worst but never did we subsided... the brave ones (ie Shim, Seng Chee, Zaini, Sunny, Syada and me) continued playing futsal and basked(????!!!) in the rain. That was one of the greatest fun I ever had... even though it was damn slippery (caution: slippery when wet.. DUH!) and dark as ever, we still played and boy, was that crazy.. as soon as i got back to house, i realised that i'm gonna have a fever.. not only from playing in the rain... but also from having too much fun : )

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Things that happened since I last updated this blog..

*We rocked the Malaysian Fest... Kudos to the whole Dikir Barat team*

*Got back my LING253 summary assignment.. could have done better*

*Had my first cendol in 6 months*

*Discovered a nasty side to a person whom I didn't care to give a damn about before this, but she is starting to get on my nerves now*

*Got into better terms with my current housemates... It's surprising to learn things you never thought you'll ever know before*

*I really miss home... but that's a constant feeling*

*It has been raining cats and dogs since last week*

*Decided to give a breather to a friend whom i think should always remain a good friend to myself*

*Went to the MGM and managed to return in one piece (although merentas bandar meniaki dua bas memakai baju kurung dan high heels baru)*

*Talked to Nina for TWO full hours... syiok*

*Have been deleting all the crappy e-mails in my mailbox (including things about Mawi and Siti.. shisssssh.. why do they even bother sending me those stuff??)*

*Kept up to my azam to not check my friendster and forums for a full (or more) week*

*Been studying for my sociolinguistics test next week even though i'd be able to guarantee you that I wouldn't be able to answer a single thing*

*Haven't been consuming rice and proper food since last sunday (2nd september)*

*Really miss him...*

*Realised that my bond with the majority of IPBArians in MacQ have grown tighter*

*Ricky Muscat got into the Australian Idol.. yey*

*Steve Irwin died*

*Decided to do something drastic that might change the polarity of friendship in IPBA*

Ada kalanya kita terlupa...

Sometimes, we forget that the best things in life are free...

Sometimes, we forget that the only person waiting for us might be in front of our eyes...

Sometimes, we forget to say thank you to our closest friends who were always there for us...

Sometimes, we forget to say our prayers as we always should be...

Sometimes, we neglect our parents for ourselves...

Sometimes, we do things we swear we'd never do again...

Sometimes, we reach out for the things that people say we shouldn't...

Sometimes, we turn a blind eye to the impending work waiting to be done...

Sometimes, we take a 45 minutes shower when kids in Namibia don't have clean drinking water...

Sometimes, we feel so ungrateful for what we have until we are thrown into a deserted island...

Sometimes.... we forget... Because human are only supposed to be complete, God is PERFECT...

jaazakallahu khairan kathiran...