Tuesday, April 21, 2009

air asam

Teacher: Kak, saya nak air asam satu!
Canteen vendor: Air asam apa?
Suatu suara sumbang: Air asam pedas kot

I dare you! I dare you to drink it now... You can choose your favourite glass

Monday, April 20, 2009

Maybe He IS Into You.

He’s Just Not That Into You?

Another addition to the book-turned-movie trend is the adaptation of the chic-lit “He’s Just Not That Into You” which I think would result in a box office as it perfectly casts the Queen of Owh-Dear-Imagine-The-Rejection-She-Has-To-Handle, Jennifer Aniston. Yeah, being dumped for Angelina Jolie does make good sense but if you’re bestowed with an abundance of hawtness elements yourself, it would be hard to swallow the fact that you can get dumped at all. I used to say to myself, three good looking people in a relationship is just too crowded (no matter what Vicky Cristina Barcelona is trying to tell me)

I don’t remember ever reading the book (yup, I’m pretty confident because I think I would have gagged myself to death going through even half of it) but I know about the most crucial knowledge that slipped itself into the knowing through this book. The getting rejected through 5 different technologies. That translated would be that he doesn’t reply your text messages, your facebook message, your IMs, your phone calls and your e-mails. Okay, missing one, two or three even might mean that the guy is terribly absent minded but ALL five? You gotta kidding me, huh?

But think about it, girls (pardon the directive pronoun). What if you get messages through 5 different ways to remind you that “hey, I like you… why don’t you keep in touch with me?” Wouldn’t you be in the slightest way, urrmm… afraid? Of course I would. Yeah, so I’m not a commitment phobic (heh!) but even I felt a tingle of discomfort. Don’t you think we’re being a bit unfair towards our opposite sex then?

Well, maybe it’s not his fault that he’s not just that into us. Have you ever reflected on yourself and thought how scary you can be? How crazy you sound with 5 different ways of reminding him of your existence?

I say, lay low ladies (errmm.. yes, only in one sense of the word, please)... Give your man a break. Maybe he is into you but you turned it otherwise with all those over-analysing syndrome that only we, women possess. Like what one of my girls used to say, Men are very simple creature, don't make them complicated for our sake :)