Monday, November 27, 2006

Most Sexiest (2)

After much consideration and thought, I feel obliged to add a few other people into my list.. So, let's make it 20 (syada, i have to acknowledge these people too). In no designed order, we will continue with the quest...

1) Ashton Kutcher- Toy Boy or not, he's hot!

2) Will Smith- now who didn't have a crush on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?? No matter how ridiculous the fashion was... and the haircut too... Jada pinkett is one damn lucky woman

3) Lionel Messi- He's a minor, yes but a legend already... a genius who's now deprived from contributing to Barcelona for injuries yet still a gem to the Argentinians.

4) Prince Frederik- aduh, perfect sungguh lelaki nie. A prince who looks like a normal bloke when he chooses to and truly the nation's pride. the fact that he chose to marry a non-royal woman whom he is truly in love with showed that he is necessarily the "dreamed about man" of the 21st century... kiss a frog, girls

5) Adrien Broody- the crooked nose just adds to the magic. The pianist is renowned for kissing halle berry at the Oscars but he also has a bad boy reputation.. but he looks so niceeeeeee (how can that be??)

6) Raphael Nadal- another minor... the way he sways, damn!

7) Jonathan Rhys Meyer- Irish Cream... defines smoothness (thank God that he has gained some weight since Bend It Like Beckham)

8) Joaquin Phoenix- as hard it is to spell his name, he has to be one of the most talented and sexiest man on the silver screen. Something about that piercing stare...

9) Pete Murray- Hold on now, your exit's here... it's waiting just for you

10) John Legend- how can I forget to include my Eclairs???

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Most Sexiest...

Since the People's mag has just come up with their list of 100 sexiest men, I feel that i could list down ten people (in no particular order) who I think are sexy.. Sexy itu relative kan?? huhu

1)Johnny Depp- that thin, lanky posture.. that grinnish smile, that wacky attitude, that loving father character, that good looks... the owner of Viper Room.. cukup dah

2)Mos Def- comeeeeeeeelllll sangat that smile.. i love that scruffy look that he has.. that masculine lines on his face... hot! his music is defining, his words are sincere and i love the movies he's featured in. Kalau abang Dante masuk meminang, saya terima sekarang juge.. hehehehehehehe

3)Sean Connery- he oozes sexy through his veins, man! definitely the best Bond in my book. Funny how i can like an old man who likes to walk around in his kilt..

4)Wentworth Miller- the reason why i find prison now attractive.. kalau ex-convict pun comel macam nie, takde pusing kiri-kanan dah...

5)Josh Hartnett- aduh, badannya itu... takdelah muscular sangat but boyishly tough... very admirable. not to mention that excellent acting skills

6)Lah Ahmad- Okay, probably not sexy but definitely one of the cutest people in my list. jangan tanya apa-apa lagi...

7)Shah Rukh Khan- huuuuuuuuuuu.... one of the earliest crush of my life. Umur 11 tahun dah gilekan SRK ni. Teringat poster2 yang bersepah itu... mana ye???

8)Eminem- psychotic choice but damn, i love those blue eyes and the tattoos. I rarely like tatts but those of his daughter and his cousin is really heartfelt... That boyish look helps too and the music used to be awesome (thus reduces the degree of his demented mind)

9)Beyonce Knowles- the only female on my list.. but i'm still pretty much normal (and straight). I love the way she approaches her sexuality, she doesn't appear slutty although she wears things that bare almost everything.. Plus she's actually the sweetest thing you'll ever come across. Class, Looks and Talent in a complete package

10)Pharell Williams- mamat N.E.R.D ni., from my point of view, is gorgeously plain.. I mean, there's something about him that's unusual, in a way, almost exotic.. he has the Chinese or Melanasian look but he's trapped in a owh-so-bodalicios-African American body... Cuteness defined in a array of genius music making too...

saya nak tag Nisa, Syada, Alin, Tasha, Fariza, Wanee dan reramai lagi untuk meneruskan pencarian orang2 seksi anda.. hehehehehehehe

The Perfect Crime

Have you been watching the box excessively lately??? Okay, I admit it.. I've been. That's why I need to get this out of my system.. What's with the flood of crime shows on the telly?? Let me try to list down those I can remember: CSI NY, CSI LV, CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, The Closer, SVU, Criminal Intent, Law&Order, StandOff, Bones, Prime Suspect, The Bill, Blue Heelers and so on and so forth. I mean, every channel you tune in during the prime time will definitely show some kind of Crime Series that ranges from "Marvellous TV" to "what the crap??".. It's like you can't run away from them, they wanna haunt you, you gotta watch them, you're gonna have to pick one or die..

*what's with the exageration, ana?? internal locus of control, please*

Yeah, i know that people will argue that "you're not suppose to be intellect when you watch TV, hence the fact that your brain is more active while you're sleeping compared to when you're watching the idiot box"... okay, fine enough but don't i deserve to watch quality tv at night when i've been "consistently" studying all day and going to clasess and all?(i like the use of the word "consistently" there.. hehehehehehe).

I think all the criminal minds (hey, that's one of those series with Mandy Patinkin in it) out there will definitely benefit something from these shows.. Why, you ask? well, if they have already crafted a plan, they will have to check in these shows whether the plan will work or not.. If someone has used it, probably you will have to make slight changes to it.. Something that Enche Grissom will not have the brains to solve.. Or what's more helpful, have a checklist.. "Puncture with skewers to drown the lung slowly?" checked, "Kill with penicillin and wrap with plastic before hiding the body in an ATM machine?" checked, "Seduce the victim into taking their own life and legally declare it "euthanasia".. priceless... see, these crime shows are actually giving me ideas and encouraging the psychopath side of me to think and develop ways that the crime could be improved, thus come across as clean..

Which actually brings us to the issue, can you actually get away with a perfect crime?? I just watched the 1960's version of Ocean's Eleven last weekend (aduh, Frank Sinatra sangat comeeeeelllll- syada nak rebut jugelah tu) and the crime was perfect except for the fact that the crime was a waste of time. Perfectly crafted, perfectly and precisely carried out, but the money ended up ,literally, burnt in a coffin box after a miscalculation. Moral of the story: think more carefully and don't depend on circumstances. So, crime can be perfect?? Is it???

Monday, November 06, 2006

Segmented Mind


*The fact that Australia is such a sporty country.. there's always some sport to watch on TV. Rugby, tennis, soccer etc. (sincerely...)

*The weather now... very coldies punye.. hehehehehe. good for hybernating purposes

*The dhall curry i cooked with durra the other day.. I feel vain saying it but damn, that was good. Teringat my mum's version. Boleh dah bukak kedai mamak kat sydney (with nisa in charge of curry, durra with roti paratha, tasha buat air, syada basuh pinggan, fariza amik order and lap meja, harvin jadi performer lagu hindi)

*The old school and motown mood in the air- aretha franklin (angel.. angel.. angel), marvin gaye, temptations, smokey robinson, supremes, human nature, stevie wonder, isley brothers, beatles, bob marley, barry white, luther vandross, james brown, chaka khan (to name a few).. seriously goes well with the weather too.

*There's less than a month to go back!!!! Yeah!!!! The countdown continues, my friends...

*The sociolinguistics assignment has been handed in... huhu! I miss the library already

*Rod Lane walked with me after class.. Saje nak initiate perbualanlah tu. Although he just had the guts to "tell" me about his wife on that day.. cis!

*The solitude i'm learning to cope with... no longer permanent

*Chatting with Nina and talking on the phone with her excessively for the past few days. A friend, a gem...


*The delay with the allowances.. udah broke abih aku neh!

*The fact that there's no more tutorials after this week.. Actually, i really enjoyed the tutorials these last few weeks. Verna or no Verna...

*The whole storm about the Melbourne Cup and Flemington Race... anyway, what's up with the head dresses?? believe me, it's like watching the scene in My Fair Lady where Eliza gets introduced by Mr Higgins to the upper class... You know, that silly black and white fashion debacle. That's how it looks like minus the decency and up-tightness (except the people under the Emirates, Motorola and Myers tent, of course)

*People bitching about you right in front of you across the room.. huuuuu.. hangin satu badan. Kekadang, i feel there's no use being nice to evil kenevil people...

*The machines in the laundry room not functioning accordingly.. cepatlah install new machines with the coin slot tu... then bolehlah complain selalu if it's broken.

Couldn't Comprehend...

*The choices of movies that the free tv channels select for the weekend... Scorpion King, Con Air, School of Rock, Planet of the Apes (old school punye).. is there a theme of barbaric sentiments going on??

*Why is the LING253 test called a test when you can discuss about the test in a group of 15 people, gets tutored about what to write and basically everybody chooses to write about the same thing??? probably because we scored terribly in the other tasks..

*The whole fiasco about the comment made by the Imam of Lakemba Mosque... things taken out of context usually "does sound stupid"

*John Howard's policy over the Kyoto Article, a Global Warming memorandum... his reluctance to sign the memorandum because "australia is asked to do more things than most other countries and that's not fair" is a silly remark, of course considering the fact that Australians leaves more ecological prints than most other developed and developing countries' citizens (they're number 6 in the recent WWF report)

*What if Madonna wants to adopt?? At least she's doing something.. If she skips the list because she has more money and power, let's think from this point of view: can we grant the life that Madonna probably can for the kid?? And why fuss over that issue??? Blame the beaurecratic procedure that takes you, and not Madonna or Ange, longer to adopt...

*Why did Axle Whitehead do that at ARIAs??? Giler sengal.. Dude, nobody wants to see your pathetic b**ls