Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Lah & Zafri have not been keeping quiet since becoming independent artiste. Most recently, they have worked on OST of Sepi (a film directed by Kabir Bhatia-yes, of Cinta's fame- that will be screened in cinemas beginning 26th June 2008). Besides working with big names like Yuni Shara, they have also done a remake of Rossa's Aku Bukan Untukmu with an R&B feel. I like it... In fact, I love it. I did a search in youtube and found the vid... Sila, sila... hehe

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The Paparazzi VC by Infinatez is ready for your watch.. Have a watch and enjoy ;)

After watchng this video clip, you would have a say of their song. If you lke it, do vote for Infinatez on at
Malaysian English Top Ten and click at the new song section... Now, that's not much to ask since you're already logged in to the net anyway...ngeh ngeh

Monday, June 16, 2008


If you have been listening to the major radio stations (i.e, Era FM, Suria FM etc.), you must have heard the new single, Paparazzi by Infinatez (Top 4 Gangstarz Season 1). It's a catchy, up tempo beat written by one of the members of Infinatez and having been noted by their recent superb performance as... well, paparazzis in the highly acclaimed P.Ramlee The Musical show, Infinatez cannot find a better time to launch this single :)

And the single is out for sale on an EP form too! I've listened to some songs from the EP and it's quite good (I think, I know 'good'.. ewaaaah). This is the second EP by Infinatez and you CAN see the improvements. The single will be selling at an unbelievably cheap price of RM12.90 at this age of the capital E word but that doesn't mean the EP is of any low quality or standard. It has 4 songs in it, which are:

2)Ada Masa (a beautiful, beautiful ballad)
3)Sayang Kinabalu
4)Paparazzi feat Cat Farish

To get ur hands on the single, log in to or give the INF team members a ring (Eizani-012 9364600 or Syai- 012 9364500)

I say, support Quality local music. Vote for the single, Paparazzi by Infinatez on your favourite radio station and give one of Malaysia's finest the big break they deserve

*on a slightly different note, can anybody tell me whether Altimet's album is out or not? it should be right?)*


I've been blocked, my mind that is. No, not a writer's block (not much of a writer in the first place). I guess I'm feeling overwhelmed with a lot of things including my newly found fear of entering the workfield. Next year, I must prepare myself in a foreign place without my usual support system. No Mummy, No Nabil, No Acap... Imagine... Yes, imagine.. Now, swallow.

Selfishly, I want to be able to wake up everyday and just head to the kitchen to hug my mum. I want this joyful, laid-back, stress-free life that I always had with Nabil and Acap by my side to never end. Takmau pi Bota Kanan, Bota Kiri, Bota Depan, Bota Belakang.

But now is the time to show some gratitude. Must set my mind that the world doesn't work in my convenience. Next week onwards, it will be berkhidmat untuk negara :)