Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aduhai Anak-Anak Aku

This is very disappointing but I just discovered that one of my colleagues has been a serious victim of slander among students. What more, they were boys. She was said to be asking personal question as she was supposedly so desperate and interested in finding a boyfriend. To add salt to wound, the boy who started this calumny was actually someone who was considerably close to my colleague.

Bois, bois.. You guys continue to give us reasons to change our perception on all of you. Why do you have to be so bad mouthed? Foul in the language that you use to talk about your teachers? Even though you don't say it directly to her, it still brings the same defamatory effect to her. I know her and I know she is happy with her current life. She doesn't need anyone's brothers as a boyfriend.

Freaking 16 year olds yet still very much immature. Addressing teachers with just their names behind the teachers back. "Eh, Ana Shirin dah sampai ke?" Kau ingat kitaorang ni adik-adik kau?

I can only guess what they will talk behind my back but just know that we crack our heads and hearts in the continuous effort to give you the best. If you guys continue to break it needlessly, it is not impossible that you can deter our spirits to teach. I might peter out because of you guys.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Change is Gonna Come

An attention seeker, I am... Attention giver, you are.

To all my form four students, the blog for ALL of you is now here. I just figured that there is no sense to have two separate blogs for one sole purpose. Don't be lazy, go there now.

Anyhow, mates.. What happened to Much Ado?? Come on, let's spice it up again!

Blogging to Blog

This house believes that all teachers should have a blog.

I'm now in a Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan (LADAP) on how to build a blog. Woaaah, I feel so high-tech all of the sudden. I know what some people need courses for.. Hehehe

Alamak, that was counted as a brag, no? Takpa, takpa, no one likes a know-all. I'll just pretend that I don't know a thing about the topic. Maybe that can make more people to be relaxed, especially moi who is half-smirking at the poorly functioning LCD projector.

This blog has been a great avenue for people to get to know me, do I want more to do so? eerrmm.. n

Motion: Denied

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mind Crunching

Papadom is probably one of the best thing ever invented in the world. Something spicy yet crunchy. It's versatile as it goes with most Malay+Indian cuisines and it's almost everyone's cup of tea.

Same goes to the movie which borrows that Malaysian household name, Papadom by Afdlin Shauki. With the exception of SumoLah, I have never missed out on any Afdlin's movie (either as a cast or a director) and although Papadom is not my absolute favourite, the movie has succeeded in trying to achieve its objective and pass on the message. After I finished watching it, I thought of texting my loved ones to say I love them because I don't know when I would lose them. Alas, my battery was almost out so I decided to do it later (which I never got around to, of course)

Liyana Jasmay was a bit errmmm.. well, childish for my liking but I guess that is because her character requires her to be a bit manja (I know she's a talented actress but I think she had a much, much better performance in Histeria by James Lee). Que Haidar is probably my favourite person in this movie, adding another highly-characterised role under his belt. Wajib Tayang is, indeed, the epitome of all losers who are winners.

When you watch the movie and see how the cinematography was brilliantly coupled with ingenious story telling, a normal, typical tale comes to life in what feels like your own family crisis yet a bit detached so that you can be objective and pick up the moral values signal they are cleverly transmitting to you. Love and appreciate your love ones but allow them the opportunity to be free and make their own mistakes.

I think it's not too late to text all those people in my life now...

Go With The Flow

But how if the flow is slow? Absolutely slow and you feel that you need to give it a push. Really, really give it a push...

I have taught where I have been teaching for about 10 months and I wish that I could literally push the kids from one place to another. Moving from the lab to the class is when they take the opportunity to take a stroll in the park, causing teachers to wait 10-15 minutes for them to come in. And not an inch of regret is shown on their face, as if I should be alright with them coming in late.

For me, I try to be as punctual as I can with the teaching periods and would usually reach at least two minutes beforehand. I think that is one way to show that you look forward to teaching and you appreciate the students. Sadly, it's not mutual. They probably never looked forward to learning anything.

The students like to complain about the administrators and the system but they themselves do not realise that they are one of the reasons why the system is as such. Slow as a snail, sleeping during prep time and they say they have given their best. Their best, my foot. No wonder they are not achieving.

I studied in a normal daily school which some of these students look down upon but I think I have learnt to be more human and in constant hunger for excellence. I have learnt to be independent and not under appreciate all those that my teacher has given me. The papers I photostated, the notes I've produced, the activities I thought of..

Next year, I am going to teach like all those other teachers. Buy a freaking workbook and finish it up.

Demeaning The Meanie

Do you happen to know some people who have some kind of inferiority complex and try to overcome it by looking down on you? They ask questions in a degrading way, for example:

"Ewwww, you pakai ke baju ni keluar jalan-jalan kat KL? Kalau I, I tak pakai."

This is just one of those nasty comments when you bought something just recently and you kinda like it, in fact you know it looks good on you. But they just continuously try to make you question yourself. Sometimes, you ask them a question and they make this puzzled, your-question-is-incomprehensible face. Kenapa ya? Rasa bagus sangat ka?

After knowing my awesome friends who have been in my life for between 6-13 years, all these new people I meet are starting to get on my nerves so much so that I cringe seeing their faces daily. All those backstabbing, bitching and talking...

It just made me realise that I love my friends (Nin, Durs, Sya, Mi, Bil, Cap) too much, there's no match for their patience and love.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Realising The Mistakes We Make...

When we are able to make choices and be all we wanted, we become as obsessed as we would be with any new fixation. We always try to find new endeavours to challenge ourselves and optimistic with all the positive callings in life.

But sometimes, we forget that we do all these choices without taking into consideration all the people around us. If we do, we suspect that we will be held back and we think we will not progress in life.

I realise that I must look at each and everyone in my life. You, I have fallen in love and now, life is different.