Thursday, October 22, 2009

Demeaning The Meanie

Do you happen to know some people who have some kind of inferiority complex and try to overcome it by looking down on you? They ask questions in a degrading way, for example:

"Ewwww, you pakai ke baju ni keluar jalan-jalan kat KL? Kalau I, I tak pakai."

This is just one of those nasty comments when you bought something just recently and you kinda like it, in fact you know it looks good on you. But they just continuously try to make you question yourself. Sometimes, you ask them a question and they make this puzzled, your-question-is-incomprehensible face. Kenapa ya? Rasa bagus sangat ka?

After knowing my awesome friends who have been in my life for between 6-13 years, all these new people I meet are starting to get on my nerves so much so that I cringe seeing their faces daily. All those backstabbing, bitching and talking...

It just made me realise that I love my friends (Nin, Durs, Sya, Mi, Bil, Cap) too much, there's no match for their patience and love.

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Anonymous said...

there's no match for yours, too, dear =) love and miss you =) can't wait to see u this sunday =)

oh, orang2 ni namanye orang busuk hati. and yes, they're usually insecure.