Thursday, October 22, 2009

Go With The Flow

But how if the flow is slow? Absolutely slow and you feel that you need to give it a push. Really, really give it a push...

I have taught where I have been teaching for about 10 months and I wish that I could literally push the kids from one place to another. Moving from the lab to the class is when they take the opportunity to take a stroll in the park, causing teachers to wait 10-15 minutes for them to come in. And not an inch of regret is shown on their face, as if I should be alright with them coming in late.

For me, I try to be as punctual as I can with the teaching periods and would usually reach at least two minutes beforehand. I think that is one way to show that you look forward to teaching and you appreciate the students. Sadly, it's not mutual. They probably never looked forward to learning anything.

The students like to complain about the administrators and the system but they themselves do not realise that they are one of the reasons why the system is as such. Slow as a snail, sleeping during prep time and they say they have given their best. Their best, my foot. No wonder they are not achieving.

I studied in a normal daily school which some of these students look down upon but I think I have learnt to be more human and in constant hunger for excellence. I have learnt to be independent and not under appreciate all those that my teacher has given me. The papers I photostated, the notes I've produced, the activities I thought of..

Next year, I am going to teach like all those other teachers. Buy a freaking workbook and finish it up.


suefin said...

i definitely understand what you mean. same-same lah... snails can crawl faster.
i'm getting that grammar workbook next year, too =D

Rosyada said...

biasa la tu ana

budak2 ni mmg suka menguji kesabaran kita

but you have to admit yg kadang2tu they do make your day

just don't lose that enthusiasm and commitment!

Anonymous said...

i feel u. mine just don't move slower than snails, they write slower than dayana (niece) who's 4 years old =P tahun depan, i'm gonna photocopy everything n get them to do loads of exercises. salin 10 soalan malas kan, aku bagi 50 soalan untuk kau siapkan =P

sometimes i wonder, why are they so ungrateful?

tasha said...

kalau students ana ambik kesempatan jalan2 masa tukar classes, mine pergi tak kembali terus. haha

sometime i wonder kenapa kita beriya sgt nak do all the activities and what not, bile kite je yg syok sendiri.

Ana Shirin said...

Owh, GOD! Then I'm not in this alone... Somehow knowing you guys are suffering too has made me feel better.. hahaha...

Anonymous said...

memang camtu..