Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cuti-Cuti Winter

I'll be leaving for NZ tomorrow.. might not update my blog as often. Hurrrmmm... not that i think people would notice but you know, just in case you're wondering.. ngeh ngeh

Hopefully NZ can offer more insights for the benefit of this blog.. Insya Allah

The Documentation of Life

The famous revolutionary Chinese architect, Ai Wei Wei (who I admire for his take on China and art) said we're not supposed to leave anything in our life undocumented... Well, who knows what might arise from it?

my bathroom

my so-called shrine (notice all those sugar)

the centre of distraction in the room

bed+entertainment lounge+workspace

I'll dearly miss this little space I've haunted while my stay here... Where else would I find a better place other than this little shack of love to laugh and cry alone in?

Of Coffee, Blur and Taugeh

1) Known as Ana, (Kak) Yen, Auntie, Kakak, Cikngah, Sharon
2) drinks 9 glasses of water and a cup of coffee a day
3) loves to collect postcards and earrings
4) among her over used words are ‘meletops’, ‘amende ntah?’, ‘boleh?’ and ‘okeh hape?’
5) a self-proclaimed enthusiast of music
6) loves to criticise people in her head
7) actually fears wearing anything other than black
8) thinks Suzie’s Corner is too dirty to dine in
9) takes a 45 minutes shower in the morning and evening (BAD!)
10) thinks Blur is cooler than Oasis
11) has a knack for history, facts, trivias and lists
12) doesn’t believe in the credit card concept
13) goes to the library for peace of mind
14) watches at least 20 videos a day on youtube
15) stays up late at night to chat with two of her best friends
16) finds it very hard to work in groups
17) would love to see places but live in KL
18) usually trapped in awkward situations
19) prefers taller partner who eats tosai and would not want to have a cat as a pet
20) ever had only two boyfriends
21) thinks Grey’s Anatomy is overrated
22) still hasn’t started a saving plan for the future
23) is genetically inclined to like Jamal Abdillah
24) easily annoyed with disorganised people
25) can initiate and hold conversation with older people
26) personally finds it hard to be friendly to unknown people
27) has a morbid fear for dogs
28) never got over the fact that she didn’t properly apologise to her late father
29) thinks Muthu’s in Bangsar serves the best Maggi Goreng (true until early 2007)
30) prefers the cold weather than hot
31) finds Rihanna’s voice annoying to the ears
32) does her laundry regularly
33) has a 20-20 vision
34) dreams of learning to play the violin at Vienna
35) cries herself to sleep every night since two months ago
36) thinks platforms are frumpy
37) has crazy fantasies
38) prefers rivers and waterfalls over beaches
39) a not so independent person
40) usually hard to accept compliments about herself
41) is a sucker for cartoons, watches them 6 hours a day on a regular basis
42) is bad at knitting and sewing
43) always wished could put on a few kilos
44) talks in English Language when in serious mode
45) finds it hard to eat taugeh
46) finds writing therapeutic for the state of lost-minds
47) not too much of a scenic-loving person
48) is good with secrets (except with nina.. hehe)
49) can’t understand why certain people are so up in the air sometimes
50) can’t believe she actually typed this list

Friday, June 29, 2007

Spicy Reunion

Should I be afraid or thrilled that the Spice Girls is planning for a reunion?? In a world where the news of paris' release from the jail where she lived without seeing the sun and blue sky for 23 days seems to overshadow that of Tony Blair leaving his office after 10 years of administration, it is all possible that the Spice Girls is here to stay despite the lack of quality in their material.. Believe the hype?? I suggest you wait and see before they decide that they're far too old for girl power already (unless girl power is re-defined as having children "independently" as Mel B, Emma and Geri already have.. muahaha)

owh well, time to bring out your Spice polaroid camera and pose in outrageous animal prints with crazee hair accompanied with a burst of the Spice Up cologne spray (don't lie, we all had one :P)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What on Earth is Wrong with Me Today?

I don't usually write about my daily grinds but let me assure you that it has been a bizzare day for me today (28 June 2007). I woke up at 5.45am feeling totally cranky, went to take the wudhu' but I only turned the hot water on. Dear skin of mine was slightly burnt but it is still not too bad.. As I was reading the quran, my legs suddenly went really numb and I couldn't move from where I sat. So, I slept on the sejadah je.

After waking up at around 8.30am, I went to take my bath and realised that I've ran out of scrub. Wanted to brush my teeth and realised that I've ran out of Listerine. Went to take my breakfast and realised that my bread is fungal-infested. Wanted to take my iron supplement and noticed that I've only got some to last three days. Owh well, that's not that bad. Ate some cereal and drank my last cup of juice.

Went through all the usual sites and bashed some people at the forum. Kasihan, she didn't do anything to me but I can't help but to be mean. Checked my e-mail and remembered that I haven't checked my library account. Went to check it and realised that I have an outstanding item that needs to be returned. The only catch is that I have NO CLUE what so ever about the book. Baik, I'll just go to the library and clarify things.

While walking to the library, the clouds decided to drench itself down and I didn't bring an umbrella. My newly bought hat had to cater to the downpour. Reached the library and explained the situation to the librarian. They say there's nothing they can do as the book is under my account and it's my responsibility. I'll have to replace the book plus the overdue fine until the day I actually pay for the lost book's price. Okay, so I went to Macquarie Centre to buy some groceries and aided the things that have finished. Suprisingly, no shops have Listerine and my iron tablets are currently out of stock.

While walking back home, it was raining heavily. On the way in the midst of the heavy rain, an assumedly-Indian guy stopped me and asked my where X5B is in Hindi. I made a blurry face and told him I don't speak his language. He repeated the question in English and I annoyedly replied in a heavily Indian accented English. As it was raining cats and dogs,I hung out at the library and read some things. I walked back home after I've finished all I wanted to read. It was still raining. After reaching home, realised that I didn't bring my keys. Waited for Nisa to come back for another hour. Ate a regular Bondi burger, Nina called and ensured me of my accomodation in NZ. Realised that I haven't done any preparation for the travel

Been cranky, cranky, cranky today.. tried to be happy, happy, happy today. Then it hit me. Exactly one year ago on this day, I declared myself as the happiest person on planet earth. He was with me and this year, no longer by my side. One year, you're a stranger.. another, you're my sun.. the other, you're a stranger again. What on earth is wrong with me again? I've lost, I've found, I've recovered, I've discovered

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Para Pelompat

I feel obliged to promote and share good things.. muahaha... feel free to click at the links for "The Hoppers & Ahli Muzik" and learn more about these people. Sile.. Sile :)

(and no, Nina.. this has got nothing to do with Gambit being cute)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Dark Side of Love

The Dark Side of Love
The silent depression,
The numb sensation,
The silly provocation,
The relative innovation,
The soul salvation,
The notion of relations,
Some vague revelations...

I'm Feeling Ayo Today

I've been addicted to Ayo's music these few days.. Who is Ayo?? Ayo is a German-born whose father is a Nigerian and mother is a Gypsy. She lives in between France and New York, as her career is based at these places. Ayo means Joy in the Nigerian dialect of Yuroba. Ayo's music is a rich mixture of folk, soul & reggae with a very deep influence of the french chic suave waves. Her lyrics are possessed with elements of raw emotions, not sappy and corny yet suprisingly true and free of boundaries. I simply love her voice and songs.. Troubadour is not dead yet after all, people.. have a listen and judge for yourself :)

Usik- Usik Che' Wan

This week, I devoted an hour and half talking to Che Wan aka Mummy.. You cannot predict my mother, yes... you CANNOT.. so, stop wondering why i am opinionated and not afraid to be so.. hehe

Topic~ 50th merdeka celebration
Mummy: I heard they're having it in Putrajaya lagi walaupun it's the 50th celebration. I don't like the fact yang Putrajaya is now centre of attention macam kita lupa our heritage. Bukannya Dataran Merdeka dah tenggelam or anything.. at least, for the 50th celebration, we must use the Stadium Merdeka or Dataran Merdeka where it all started. Funny how Melayu mudah lupa...
Me: hello, not only Melayu lives in Malaysia
Mummy: hello, let's not forget Melayu mudah lupa...
Me: what's that supposed to mean?
Mummy: we think we are the only ones living in the country, Melayu mudah lupa, see?
Me: I see (??!!)

Topic~Nabil's Sister wedding
Mummy: I terkejut he came... actually I tahu dia nak hantar kad jemputan but I pura-pura suprised.. lagipun belum 9 bulan lagi kan?? hehehe
Me: owwhh... you pergi tak??
Mummy: Nolah, it was raining heavily... Nanti basah pulak karpet merah yang menyambut I.. haha..

Topic~The Price of Things in Malaysia
Me: I heard things are getting very expensive in Malaysia... there are even some things being rationed right??
Mummy: yes, and i'm using different options now... I use honey instead of sugar, I use non-stick pan instead of using oil.. see, there's a hikmah behind things. at least now, we're eating healthier...

Topic~ IKON Malaysia
Mummy: It's very hard to decide and pilih between dayang and jac.. who do i vote for?
Me: Owh, dayang is having another SNL next month
Mummy: No point telling me that... only tambahkan susah i nak pilih
Me: seriously?? hurrrmmm... okay
Mummy: I was just joking... I pilih Reshmonu.. haha
Me: ok (??!!!)
Mummy: No, no.. seriously, it's Dayang.. I yakin..
Me: ok (???!!)

Mummy: Memang hujan sangat lebat sekarang, I pun dah malas nak basuh baju sebab macam tak guna I basuh and semua tak kering... If I was a millionaire, I pakai buang je all my baju.
Me: Yeah, think of all the people who barely have clothes
Mummy: Think of all the people who aren't millionaires and cume cakap je kan?

Mummy: I'm drinking skim milk now... We should take care of our health, not only our looks. You see, most of my friends semua sibuk nak suntik collagen, botox and all kat beauticians but rarely do their yearly check ups or a pap smear or anything else kat hospital. Susu is only RM4 sekotak, botox tu sape nak jawab??
Me: true.. true
Mummy: Speaking of which, I anggap you don't need a pap test yet right??
Me: Of course not!
Mummy: Glad to hear that.. hehehe

Saya geleng-geleng kepala, how about you?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good Deeds Indeed

When you see someone is being harassed or worst, shot in front of your eyes, what would you do? Would you run to their rescue or would you rather turn a blind eye and run the other way?

These questions ran through my mind after the news of the death of a Good Samaritan in Melbourne CBD last weekend. The fellow was trying to save two people who were the target of a shooter and in the end, he was the one who got shot and died at the crime scene while the targeted victims are now being treated in the hospital for serious injuries. If you ask me, yes, I think that is very noble of him but if you further probe me with the dilemma of whether or not I'd do the same thing, the first answer that popped into my mind was "Giler.. I don't even know these people"

Huh, a proof of how selfish and ignorant I am and as I watched the news, I came to realise that it was also the opinion of half the people interviewed with the same question. Of course, we all do not want to be known as nasty and tragic people but reality bites you at the tip of your soul when you realise that you are not who you preached to be. We all want to be noble but to tell you the truth, we don't have the courage to.

Which reminds me of the story of 6 soldiers killed in Iraq on the same morning of the Virginia Massacre. The story was told in TIMES and caught my attention because it showed how romanticised some views of the world can be and to be specified, that of nobility is largely the case. Half of the poor souls drafted off to fight a war that is not theirs weren't even aware of what awaits them. The harsh reality of death being at your doorstep finally bang them right at the back of their mind when they came to discover that everyday, at least one of their fellow comrades is dying or has died at some part of Iraq. One of the most chilling comment made by a 25-year old soldier in an e-mail to his father a few days before he died was that "Hell had an address after all"

How noble do you have to be to be called a noble person? To stand in front of a person being shot? To be drafted to Iraq for an aimless war? Or just to do what you can to change the world in your way? After all, who would turn twice and look at your nobility when it is not on the tv and paper.. Question: Does it matter who sees what you do?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Of 0 (and smaller)

Whenever I hear people complaining about their weight and going on about how they should start dieting, I look at them with envy and a tinge of disbelief.. Whatever for do you need to shed those kilos? I think you look fine as it is *sigh*

To let you in on a secret, I have been reduced to buying some things from the kids department which of course do not accomodate to what I'm looking for... Being a size 0 (or for my case, a 00 at times) is not a privilege when haute couture is not your policy. Of course, Tom Ford and John Galliano think of us but most other designers start their collections at an 4 and absent-mindedly discriminate people who are smaller (yes, i consciously used the word "discriminate")

Seriously, it is hard to describe the disappointment when the shop assistant tells you, "Sorry, that's the smallest size we have right now and will ever have for that matter.' Snap, Snap..even that is humongous for my standard. Ok, to your defence, I do admit that I need some things to be as tight as it can but still that is most of the time not achievable.

And not to forget the sly looks from people when you try on clothes with the statement scribbled all over their face going "uuhhh.. I bet she throws up each time she eats".. Well, far from truth, I eat like a Godzilla and would never think of throwing up for whatever reason except if the food sucks, of course. Other than that, nope.. I do eat like a Godzilla. So, why the stereotype?

So, all I can say is love the body that you're in... It's a canvas of your soul, a cage for your life. You are lucky if you have a complete one,if otherwise consider yourself gifted in ways you couldn't imagine... Stop listening to people saying that size 0 is the way to go because they are not you and will never be you.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why owh Why?

1) Why owh Why is Lindsay Lohan the hottest femme in the FHM's 100 Sexiest Females? It couldn't be more degrading than that...

2) Why owh Why is a papaya called a pawpaw in aussie? PawPaw?? PawPaw?? you gotta be kidding me..

3) Why owh Why did Perez say that Lil Mama is hotter than Jay Z? that's totally absurd and must be the crappiest statement ever typed by those malicious fingers. One, he could be outta his mind for labelling a girl who raps about lip gloss better than the H.O.V.A himself.. Second, Lil Mama-what-ever might be doing some free stinky shows for Perez and the gang...

4) Why owh Why is there still racial tension in Malaysia? I fear for my kids and the future... Let's hold hands and unite. Malaysians Against Racism

5) Why owh Why am I so fascinated by other people's life? I don't know them but I read their blogs on a daily basis and mock them. Does it prove that I'm any better than them?

6) Why owh Why did I need a reason to be happy? I should be thankful for all the things I have in life kan? :p

Where Do I Stand In The Line?

I was at Auburn the other day, politely lining up in the kebab shop trying to buy nasi briyani for Syada. Waited for almost 5 minutes, the waiters brushed me aside as though I was transparent. They entertained other customers who came way after me, one even said "yes?" to me and quickly averted his look to the guy who came just two seconds ago next to me.. I was dumbfounded and looked at Tasha, Fariza and Hana.. Tasha said in a matter-of-factly manner, "Owh yeah, it took us forever to get our orders taken too but there weren't many people when we came so I guess they HAD to take our orders".. the suspected reason for such rudeness was that I was a female and I had to come next and least after all. I left after 7 minutes because I have some pride to save too.

Hey Kebab-Walla, I have a better suggestion for you. Why don't you put a sign in front of your shop saying "We Don't Do Chicks"?? That would've saved me a whole lot of time and gave you more opportunity to serve your people. Plus, Tasha wouldn't have to "seek revenge" for me too.. haha

Women For Women

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Do What You Are Best In

caution: this is the complaining side of ana, you might want to skip if you hate listening to complains.

I'm not a grammar-orientated person, I'm not a traditionalist when it comes to language approach, I'm not a self-proclaimed English Language expert, I'm just a reader who loves to read things and understand them... So, if you are not really familiar with or proficient in the English Language, I suggest you write in your own vernacular because it's too mind numbing sometimes when I have to spend three minutes trying to figure out what "jose has giving all the cats a shot" means... If you have a point, make it completely yours by saying it right.

note to self: always remember to check for mistakes in your up-coming posts now that you have complained about others :p

The Indianisation of Life

there is a theory that by the end of this 21st century, everybody will speak a patois of the hindi language. fyi, i am an enthusiast of hindi movies and indian writers. i find the indian culture utterly fascinating because it is sooooo confusing and is at the crossroad of modernity. I was inspired to post this entry simply because I have been seeing a lot of cute North Indian bois hanging around in uni, so I begun to wonder how some movies would be called if they're to be indianised...

1) The Silence of The Lamb Curry
2) Dude, Where's My Pappadum?
3) Forrest Khan
4) The Hitch Hiker's Guide to New Delhi
5) I Know What You Did Last Deepavali
6) When Rahul Meets Rani
7) Harish Potter and the Order of Peacock
8) Silambam Kid
9) Chapatti Run
10) The Fist of Curry

i know, totally random right?? i can't help it, though.. haha

Apa Sudah Terjadi Kepada Kami?

When we were kids, we were the best of friends.. Now, whatever happened to us? Yes, I guess I did take him for granted at times. When I thought I found the love of my life, I decided that I would do anything to make sure that it will stay including making this best friend of mine secondary... Kini, tak bermakna apa lagi. It's proven that it wasn't worth it. I lost my best friend to something I never had. When I return, it will all be too awkward... Camno den nak survive ni?? cube ekau citer sikit.. :p

Saturday, June 02, 2007