Thursday, June 28, 2007

What on Earth is Wrong with Me Today?

I don't usually write about my daily grinds but let me assure you that it has been a bizzare day for me today (28 June 2007). I woke up at 5.45am feeling totally cranky, went to take the wudhu' but I only turned the hot water on. Dear skin of mine was slightly burnt but it is still not too bad.. As I was reading the quran, my legs suddenly went really numb and I couldn't move from where I sat. So, I slept on the sejadah je.

After waking up at around 8.30am, I went to take my bath and realised that I've ran out of scrub. Wanted to brush my teeth and realised that I've ran out of Listerine. Went to take my breakfast and realised that my bread is fungal-infested. Wanted to take my iron supplement and noticed that I've only got some to last three days. Owh well, that's not that bad. Ate some cereal and drank my last cup of juice.

Went through all the usual sites and bashed some people at the forum. Kasihan, she didn't do anything to me but I can't help but to be mean. Checked my e-mail and remembered that I haven't checked my library account. Went to check it and realised that I have an outstanding item that needs to be returned. The only catch is that I have NO CLUE what so ever about the book. Baik, I'll just go to the library and clarify things.

While walking to the library, the clouds decided to drench itself down and I didn't bring an umbrella. My newly bought hat had to cater to the downpour. Reached the library and explained the situation to the librarian. They say there's nothing they can do as the book is under my account and it's my responsibility. I'll have to replace the book plus the overdue fine until the day I actually pay for the lost book's price. Okay, so I went to Macquarie Centre to buy some groceries and aided the things that have finished. Suprisingly, no shops have Listerine and my iron tablets are currently out of stock.

While walking back home, it was raining heavily. On the way in the midst of the heavy rain, an assumedly-Indian guy stopped me and asked my where X5B is in Hindi. I made a blurry face and told him I don't speak his language. He repeated the question in English and I annoyedly replied in a heavily Indian accented English. As it was raining cats and dogs,I hung out at the library and read some things. I walked back home after I've finished all I wanted to read. It was still raining. After reaching home, realised that I didn't bring my keys. Waited for Nisa to come back for another hour. Ate a regular Bondi burger, Nina called and ensured me of my accomodation in NZ. Realised that I haven't done any preparation for the travel

Been cranky, cranky, cranky today.. tried to be happy, happy, happy today. Then it hit me. Exactly one year ago on this day, I declared myself as the happiest person on planet earth. He was with me and this year, no longer by my side. One year, you're a stranger.. another, you're my sun.. the other, you're a stranger again. What on earth is wrong with me again? I've lost, I've found, I've recovered, I've discovered

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Anonymous said...

Allah hanya menduga apa yang
hambaNya buleh tanggung.
this is one of those days that
He's probably testing your
and at the end, bile it struck
why you were really cranky,
i guess i know how u feel,
but may not totally understand
the feeling.
sabarlah sayang.
it will go away one day.
hari ini akan jadi semalam,
minggu lepas, bulan lepas dan
tahun lepas...
moga Allah akan beri u kekuatan
untuk harungi semua dugaan.

sabar yer...
ape2 pon terjadi, i'm here,
my dear =)