Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looming Presence

During the ten years that I have known my best friends (needless to say it's Asraf and Nabil), somehow my opinions always mattered (waaah, ayat bangga diri tu.. boley?).The things I have a say in range from choosing the correct jeans cut until the owh-so-important choice of girlfriends and I admit that it sometimes can be daunting.

Not to say that they would make a decision based solely on what I say but I must add that it influences what they will ultimately decide. And let me tell you the best part, I can never see someone being good enough for them. I'm like the disapproving sister who judges the potential sister-in law with discreet looks and side-way glances to see how she reacts to something. It's not how she looks that usually matters to me but how she carries herself and how well the compatibility between her and my concerned friend is. Then, how she speaks to others there and whether she questions my looming presence...

It's like a unsaid rule that the three of us would implicitly or explicitly talk to our (potential) partners about how it is important that we can all get along well. That my partner will be 'ngam' with Nabil and Acap as their partners can indulge in similar things with me. This is like our second set of siblings, the brothers and sisters we have at heart. It is also to tell our partners that "hey, babe... there's nothing to worry about. What Acap, Nabil and Ana has is a friendship that will never be tainted even if you doubt it"

So when I disapprove of someone and it turns out that the person is as I expected them to be, I would feel guilty if I hadn't said anything in the first place. It's not that I wish to say "I Said So!" but more that I have placed the boys in the caution mode beforehand for them to realise that this might not work. It breaks me to see people not doing them right because these two people are not the playing around type. They are sincere and willing to try although they can be the most confused and fickle minded being at times.

My looming presence is a cloak to shelter my friends from the impending hurt that they might experience. Even when you leave, we will always have each other. Even when you hurt them, we will always comfort each other. Because that is what our presence are for...

Chained Letter

This is a letter from a friend...

To all my beloved friends,
Be it from Sabah, Sarawak, KL and semua di Semenanjung Malaysia. I would really need your help, I'm representing Infinatez and our INF team.
Alhamdulillah Infinatez now is moving in a correct direction, we are getting invitation to appear in various events, shows, interviews etc. To those yang sudah dengar our songs "Paparazzi", "Ada Masa" & "Sayang Kinabalu", we hope you enjoyed it. Kalau belum you can listen to it here -
Ok, the help yang I need from you guys is to request our songs to be played in radio stations. To be exact we would like you guys to request "Ada Masa" as it is our latest single, tapi you guys boleh juga request our other songs.
One way is to request it at Xfm (previously known as Xfresh)

One thing at a time, we can focus on Xfm first. But if you prefer other stations like Suria fm, you can do so. You probably get a listen to it at DJ Hairil's Suria Intro every Sunday. To listeners in Sabah, you can ask DJ Othoe to play it @ Suria Pagi Kinabalu 105.9fm.
Guys, we really need your help on this one. Again, do have time to listen to it at our myspace and if you like it, kindly do request for it. We hope that our songs could be heard all over the country, and the rest of the world.
ps: Infinatez will be back with more sounds. We promise.

Thank you.
Yours truly,
Alvin MY aka Defoo (who can be read at The D)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Mbeki Loves Mugabe

It's good that the peace talks initiated by Thabo Mbeki as the head of the African Union has started since June thus allowing more time for deliberation over issues that matter but a speedy conclusion and resolute reconciliation must take place soon to provide Zimbabwean with more time to kick start the shattered economy state. Circa 1970s, Zimbabwe was one of the most promising economy house of the Afrikaan continent ironically under the governance of Mugabe who was then viewed as a revolutionary man with strong visions for his country. Fast forward 30 years later, the inflation rate has surpassed 2 000 000% and Zimbabwean are suffering all these as the consequences of one man's desire to remain powerful and rich. Besides suffering from the economic recession (or collapse), hundreds are killed or injured since the March bloody election that saw the rise of poors and bourgeois against the corrupt, dictatorship government.

That's why I think Mbeki loves Mugabe so much that he is willing to stall negotiations on who should take the lead role of governing Zimbabwe even after a definite, undisputed win by MDC Party lead by Tsvangirai (which is still referred to as the opposition party). I am appalled by the arrangements made and the way negotiations are dealt with. I'm a tiny person with one brain but I think the plan worked out puts Mugabe too much into favour. Yes, Mugabe did win the Presidential elections uncontested but that's only because Tsvangirai boycotted the election. Mbeki should not and must not take that lousy reason into consideration for retaining Mugabe's so-called-deserved place in the government where Mugabe will be President while Tsvangirai will become the Prime Minister (yes, if it rings a bell, Mbeki used the same formulae in South Africa for him and Jacob Zuma). How can it be a man loathed by the majority of his people still remains in the position of the most respected one? Absurd but true.

Note: As this post is written, Mbeki in Harare currently to wrap up the negotiation and all political rivals in Zimbabwe has agreed to the power-sharing agreements amidst rumors of Mugabe's reduced power as President.

6 Weeks Notice

I haven't been blogging about much recently, simply because I did not have the time to do so. For the past 7 weeks, I have been teaching in a school located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and have since been devoting most of my attention to it. Besides that, I also had to make time to spend with friends and family. Hence, my unexplained absence from the cyber world.

Though, it is not the only reason why I have not blogged. It did not escape me that recently, every time I hit the "new post" tab, all I can think about is to comment/bitch/grumble about things that unsettled me as a new teacher. And often half way through, I would think about how unethical that would be. That reflection, in retrospect, helped me avoid a lot of uneasiness. Why I say so? Because not too long ago, a small issue escalated in one of my friend's school when he blogged about something as such. I did not want the same unnecessary fuss and not to surprise you, students do take the effort to google you up in the internet if they find you interesting enough.

So my days in the school passed by quite quickly that I'm only left with another 6 weeks to complete my practicum stint. I cannot think of a more roller-coaster like ride in my life than these past 6 weeks. I will never forget the very, very warm welcome students gave to me when I was introduced in the assembly on the first day. It was weird but still charming. My numbered days with my form 1 Nilai and 2 Nilai are very much frowned upon as I sincerely cannot imagine a better combination of students to make my day. I love my 1 Nilai to pieces since I have been with them since day one and we have grown very close with each other. When I came back from the mid practicum briefing, they seemed happy to have me back that I cannot help but to beam with joy too. 2 Nilai has just been with me for the past 2 weeks but they're sweet angels in those devilish manners that they portray. My previous 2 Setia is also much missed that I look forward to any relief classes with them.

That said, I must highlight that some teachers disappoint me. They go in late to classes or do not teach or sit while they teach or do not take effort to prepare materials and what more to provide conducive learning environment. All they do is give notes for students to copy and ask them to complete photocopied exercises. I ponder whether I would turn out like that too one day and it breaks me to see that some new, young teachers are already acting the same. I wonder why they became teachers. For me, it's important to show that you mean business but you care. Pardon me, I'm not saying that I'm good but I really don't mind sleeping in late just to prepare materials because I feel that it is my responsibility to maximise my students' learning experience. It's not only for evaluation because what's good in a series of merits given by your lecturers in 4 lessons while the other lessons with your students come across as (well) shitty...

These teachers dread entering the last classes but for me it's for these students whom you can really bring a difference. The weak ones are the most risky group to fall into discipline problems and face learning difficulties while the smart ones can probably work things out on their own. My experience with 2 Setia has been exteremely rewarding where students did not play truant during English Language even though they skip the other classes. It's a sign that I might have succeeded in making learning interesting for them and that boosted my love for the profession. Darn, I wish I would remain this enthusiastic and keep this love for the job for the next few years to come. If not, I'll just put on my enthusiastic mask for teaching is only quarter of knowledge sharing with another 3 quarters of theatrics...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We're All F***ing Something

We're all f***ing poets when it comes to words,
We're all f***ing losers when it comes to earth,
We're all f***ing amateurs when it comes to love,
We're all f***ing younger when it comes to lust

We're all f***ing fairies when it comes to work,
We're all f***ing astronauts when it comes to dreams,
We're all f***ing ignorant when it comes to belief,
We're all f***ing rascals when it comes to judgement

We're all fooling something... what were you thinking?