Friday, August 08, 2008

Mbeki Loves Mugabe

It's good that the peace talks initiated by Thabo Mbeki as the head of the African Union has started since June thus allowing more time for deliberation over issues that matter but a speedy conclusion and resolute reconciliation must take place soon to provide Zimbabwean with more time to kick start the shattered economy state. Circa 1970s, Zimbabwe was one of the most promising economy house of the Afrikaan continent ironically under the governance of Mugabe who was then viewed as a revolutionary man with strong visions for his country. Fast forward 30 years later, the inflation rate has surpassed 2 000 000% and Zimbabwean are suffering all these as the consequences of one man's desire to remain powerful and rich. Besides suffering from the economic recession (or collapse), hundreds are killed or injured since the March bloody election that saw the rise of poors and bourgeois against the corrupt, dictatorship government.

That's why I think Mbeki loves Mugabe so much that he is willing to stall negotiations on who should take the lead role of governing Zimbabwe even after a definite, undisputed win by MDC Party lead by Tsvangirai (which is still referred to as the opposition party). I am appalled by the arrangements made and the way negotiations are dealt with. I'm a tiny person with one brain but I think the plan worked out puts Mugabe too much into favour. Yes, Mugabe did win the Presidential elections uncontested but that's only because Tsvangirai boycotted the election. Mbeki should not and must not take that lousy reason into consideration for retaining Mugabe's so-called-deserved place in the government where Mugabe will be President while Tsvangirai will become the Prime Minister (yes, if it rings a bell, Mbeki used the same formulae in South Africa for him and Jacob Zuma). How can it be a man loathed by the majority of his people still remains in the position of the most respected one? Absurd but true.

Note: As this post is written, Mbeki in Harare currently to wrap up the negotiation and all political rivals in Zimbabwe has agreed to the power-sharing agreements amidst rumors of Mugabe's reduced power as President.

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