Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baju Raya II

Dj Fuzz sporting a KLG Sqwad's Labour of Love tee (picture taken from here)

I want the t-shirt!!! Anyone have a clue where I can get them from? I've read that I can do some kind of online order but I'm too lazy to do the order through the internet. Money transfer? I think it's a way to avoid people from seeing each other.I knowlaah, I'm so hard to please... I believe in the beauty of dealing human to human (big difference, I tell you...)

Back to the story, I think I can wear this on Hari Raya Ke2 as my grandparents used to live in Klang before settling down in Kuang (suddenly we all have a story, eyh?). So, if you know where to get those, drop me a comment :)

*anyone thinks my mum would love me as much as she did before if I wore this on Hari Raya Ke2?*

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Disgrace of Sorts

I am appalled by the recent conundrum in Malaysia. It is as if we have totally lost control of everything that we feel the need to hold the helm at any cost. Imposing a nonsensical act of law without any solid justification of its existence or relevance in current scenario makes the desperation of threatened-ones inadvertently appear crystal clear.

It shows how things are on the beam ends for the current administration. It is beyond me why the journalist was detained if the man who uttered those filthy words is only taken action under the organisation's law. Although that acknowledges that the man has done something wrong, I think he is the one who should be detained under such laws for causing such a public unrest. On a different view, it also goes to show that the reporting was not wrong. So, why the biased treament?

It's been 20 odd years since a journalist is detained under the act and this happens only a few months after the head adviced all the members of the medias to be brave in reporting the truth. For so many years, I have believed in the power of words and now this has only increased my beliefs.

You say she had a hidden agenda? Check under your sleeve to say that you don't...

*pardon my annoying euphemism but it is always hard to swallow the truth over something you are affiliated to*

Who I Want To Meet?

In my online social network pages, they have always asked me "who i want to meet" which would pretty silly to be answered as 'everybody' (mind you, I did answer that too). You don't want to meet everybody, do you? For example, a sex maniac or a psychopath serial killer. And for that matter, we all have different reasons on why we want to meet someone. For example, I want to meet Soulja Boy to knock his head for ruining my eardrums so that's not something nice, is it? (Although some would readily cheer me on with the same spirit)

Not so incidentally, there's a long list to this that I have kept on updating since I was a kid. Believe me, choosing who to include has not been hard compared to who not to include. In your mind, set the notion that meeting means having a cup of coffee and talking about things that matter as I have technically met some of the people in my list here. So, Ok! Go!

Jit Murad- for that man I smile about since I was ten years old until now. I love that mop of curly hair he has and his relentlessly funny self on stage as well as his ability to hook you with his acting.

John Legend- for being that voice I listen to every night

Jhumpa Lahiri- for telling me that emotions can be related through as little words as possible and still be effective

Michel Gondry- for being a visionary visual graphic artist who provided me with more things to look forward to in life with his stories

Mos Def- for still standing in the league of super-rappers (probably one of the best alive) and not losing his soul or mind.

Noam Chomsky- for being an excellent linguist and a monstrous political figure

Barack Obama- for believing in change and stepping forward with the right foot all the way that it seems almost impossible to comprehend.

Norani Ahmad- for struggling for the rest of the Muslim women in Malaysia although being constantly unappreciated and pressured to stop. Sister won't stop for nothing.

Marc Jacobs- for creating fashion miracles that strikes my heart at all the right notes.

Jay Z- for being a "flow futuristic", astute businessman and remarkable man at heart.

Tun Dr M- the man who has remained in my list since I was 5 years old for many, many reasons.

Kaka- for being extremely talented in football and sincere in devotion.. An example to everyone, regardless of faith and interest.

Toni Morisson- for showing what being Beloved in Love means...

Datuk Zeti Akhtar- for Economics 101 at its best, I think only a woman of her stature can achieve what she has.

The Raslan Brothers- this should come in the complete package as only then can I ask the question, "is it in the genes?"

You- siapa ya? :)

I have not listed all that I could but these 15 people are the ones I have always looked forward to meeting. Hopefully I can meet half of them before fate takes one of us away. At last, a clear purpose to life.. hahaha!

I am tagging nisa, nina, tasha, alin and cek sou to write about the TOP 15 People they want to meet. Bolehlah saya analyse diri anda nanti :p

KL Hip Hop Fest 2008

I'm overjoyed by this fest coming up soon here in my soil, my heartland, Kuala Lumpur. The tentative dates for this two-day festival that will be held for the first time are 15 and 16 November 2008 with the venue yet to be confirmed. The festival is more correctly defined as a symposium of the genre which has long since become a lifestyle. Among the things planned for the two days are several workshops, competitions and a bazaar where you can get every imaginable Hip Hop gear/stuff.

About the lineup of guest performers, rumors has it that Lupe Fiasco (yeah! yeah!), Nas (yeah! yeah! yeah!) and KRS One (gotta crank up that old CD again) will be flown over to rev things up for us who once can only hope such festivals could ever be held here in Malaysia. Under the banner of KL Hip Hop Festival, also expect a lot of Asia's best hip hop outfits (which of course would include our talented homegrown performers) to represent.

This would be another thing I would venture and brave my heart through alone, knowing that none of my friends share the same passion or are willing to fork out a substantial amount of money (am expecting a two-day pass to cost in the least around RM 150). But after much disappointment of not being able to attend the 1st Asian Hip Hop Festival in Thailand due to my busy schedule, the KL Hip Hop Festival should be embraced by all the likes of me with the love for the music.

*you know what would be better? Having Mos Def down here!!!! That would be awesome but you can't have everything... Next year perhaps*

Monday, September 08, 2008

Ceritera Baju Raya!

I had a so-called resolution for Syawal 1429h... Not to buy a baju raya this year because I want to save on expenses and control my wants. Plus, I think I have an abundance of baju kurung. But the trips to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman robbed my soul... I should be more determined with my resolutions next time. Next year, no baju raya... Janji, saya janji!

Anyway, baju raya saya cantik & saya terpaksa beli. Baju kurung warna maroon garang, with subtle studs and such an elegant touch. The Mother bertekad membeli baju colour sama for herself, my sister and my nephew. And we also painted the house with that range of colour. I started an unexpected wave, it's overwhelming...

Macam tulah kalau orang best.. and saya perlu belajar jadi lebih modest.

Toilet Talk

I am sick and tired of coming back every weekend to the college and discovering that the toliet I regularly use has turned into a sewage itself. Every Sunday, whenever I peek into the toilet, there's bound to be things that other people besides tuan-punya-badan should not see. The smell is like fermented cencaluk that is further fermented under the sun until it bubbles. I mean, we boast that we're civilised human beings but if you can't take care of the place you defecate in, how do you call yourself one?

There's no point being super-smart or super-gorgeous if you expect someone else to mind your s**t. I don't consider myself a clean freak or something like that but it's just logical that you'd check the toilet before you leave it. I just have the habit to clean the toilet each time I use it because I know I'm sharing and I wouldn't want other people to suffer any kind of inconveniences because of me. Sadly, it is probably only me who thinks so. I know that I am the only one who cleans the toilet because I've tried refraining from doing any cleaning and the place turned into a wreck. And the stuff that I deal with is filthy and annoying. I mean, how the hell did you do it that it gets spread all over the place and then, you'd expect someone else to clean it? Simply mind boggling, nose bothering and throat choking...

We've talked about it like grown ups, things have been bought for the purpose yet people still refuse to participate and assume responsibility. If it doesn't start at your own home, how do we expect to create a socially conscious and civic minded society? No wonder the public toilets are in its worst condition because so-called educated people act as such. I'm sorry that I have to resort to writing a blog here and bitch about it but all those days spent cleaning the toilet has its toll on me.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ia Baru Bermula...

Aku kagum dengan seorang lelaki. Kekaguman itu lahir kerana dia seorang yang sangat lain daripada apa yang disedari. Ya, aku mungkin tidak kenal lelaki yang boleh kugelar "datuk" itu secara peribadi tetapi kekagumanku lahir dari kaca mata lain dan bacaan sendiri. Seorang lelaki yang tidak takut jeriji besi dan tidak endah dengan umpat caci.

Aku kurang bertuah kerana tidak dapat hidup dalam era penulisannya yang gigih, aku kurang bertuah kerana tidak dapat merasa sendiri perjuangan pena dan prinsip... Tapi aku sudah cukup, cukup bertuah kerana mataku masih mampu melihat di sini kerana adanya lelaki berani ini.

Untuk seorang lelaki yang telah melalui seribu satu cerita semasa hidupnya, perginya tidak menandakan berakhirnya kisah tersebut tetapi tanda bermulanya satu babak baru, dituruti sebuah eulogi untuk mengingati dan menghargai.

Untuk A. Samad Ismail yang telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada 4 September 2008.

A Mess of Love

In this mess, where should I look for it?
All those flimsy strings of love threads,
That I need to mend our damaged torn hearts,
To bind it tightly as I bid to place a seal,
But it's impossible to peer in to seek,
When I have this mess of love...

In this mess, where should I look for it?
All those long tassels of loose hopes,
That I deem to plait our tangled worn dreams,
To knot it neatly as I kid to lace a kilt,
But it's inexplicable to sneak in to peek,
When I have this mess of love...

Plights after similar plights endured,
But this mess stays on after years,
Even after I have shed our tears,
With all those talks against fears,
Yet, plight after plight we've endured,
As is commendable in this mess of love...

Ive Got A Crush On You - Stacey Kent

credit is due for the 'inspiration' to you