Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baju Raya II

Dj Fuzz sporting a KLG Sqwad's Labour of Love tee (picture taken from here)

I want the t-shirt!!! Anyone have a clue where I can get them from? I've read that I can do some kind of online order but I'm too lazy to do the order through the internet. Money transfer? I think it's a way to avoid people from seeing each other.I knowlaah, I'm so hard to please... I believe in the beauty of dealing human to human (big difference, I tell you...)

Back to the story, I think I can wear this on Hari Raya Ke2 as my grandparents used to live in Klang before settling down in Kuang (suddenly we all have a story, eyh?). So, if you know where to get those, drop me a comment :)

*anyone thinks my mum would love me as much as she did before if I wore this on Hari Raya Ke2?*


cek^sou! said...

owh itu baju ada di advertise kan sama saya oleh enche balan di facebook.. ataupun cuba tanye enche rauff.. mungkin dia bisa membantu

Rauff said...

Hoooo...if you are in KL then I would personally deliver it to you :D

email me your full name and contact number at either contact@klgsqwad.com

Ana Shirin said...

sou: yesh, yesh! mekasih... for the information

rauff: will get in touch with you

*aaaaahhhhh... i love the blog world*

harus_mysteryyyy said...

Astaga.baju ni pon bole jadi baju raya ke??? *sambel menggeleng kpala tanda sukar untuk menerima kenyataan* wahhahaha statement i xbley blah kan???

erm...delivery to oversea takde ke?? ngeh ngeh

Ana Shirin said...

harus_mysteryyyy: bolehla buat baju rayaaa sbb it's nice kan?? so, jangan malu nak kawan dgn orang macam saya tau.. ahahaha

delivery to overseas?? waah... berminat ke? :p

ijad said...

salam... selamat aidilfitri 2008

Anonymous said...

wear it on the second day of raya? sure ke ana? hahah

tapi sbb die mcm tulis klang squad i rela je la hahahah


Pame 26 said...

Try cari kt Super Sunday BB.the sell indie & fresh brand cm ni.

日月神教-任我行 said...