Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who I Want To Meet?

In my online social network pages, they have always asked me "who i want to meet" which would pretty silly to be answered as 'everybody' (mind you, I did answer that too). You don't want to meet everybody, do you? For example, a sex maniac or a psychopath serial killer. And for that matter, we all have different reasons on why we want to meet someone. For example, I want to meet Soulja Boy to knock his head for ruining my eardrums so that's not something nice, is it? (Although some would readily cheer me on with the same spirit)

Not so incidentally, there's a long list to this that I have kept on updating since I was a kid. Believe me, choosing who to include has not been hard compared to who not to include. In your mind, set the notion that meeting means having a cup of coffee and talking about things that matter as I have technically met some of the people in my list here. So, Ok! Go!

Jit Murad- for that man I smile about since I was ten years old until now. I love that mop of curly hair he has and his relentlessly funny self on stage as well as his ability to hook you with his acting.

John Legend- for being that voice I listen to every night

Jhumpa Lahiri- for telling me that emotions can be related through as little words as possible and still be effective

Michel Gondry- for being a visionary visual graphic artist who provided me with more things to look forward to in life with his stories

Mos Def- for still standing in the league of super-rappers (probably one of the best alive) and not losing his soul or mind.

Noam Chomsky- for being an excellent linguist and a monstrous political figure

Barack Obama- for believing in change and stepping forward with the right foot all the way that it seems almost impossible to comprehend.

Norani Ahmad- for struggling for the rest of the Muslim women in Malaysia although being constantly unappreciated and pressured to stop. Sister won't stop for nothing.

Marc Jacobs- for creating fashion miracles that strikes my heart at all the right notes.

Jay Z- for being a "flow futuristic", astute businessman and remarkable man at heart.

Tun Dr M- the man who has remained in my list since I was 5 years old for many, many reasons.

Kaka- for being extremely talented in football and sincere in devotion.. An example to everyone, regardless of faith and interest.

Toni Morisson- for showing what being Beloved in Love means...

Datuk Zeti Akhtar- for Economics 101 at its best, I think only a woman of her stature can achieve what she has.

The Raslan Brothers- this should come in the complete package as only then can I ask the question, "is it in the genes?"

You- siapa ya? :)

I have not listed all that I could but these 15 people are the ones I have always looked forward to meeting. Hopefully I can meet half of them before fate takes one of us away. At last, a clear purpose to life.. hahaha!

I am tagging nisa, nina, tasha, alin and cek sou to write about the TOP 15 People they want to meet. Bolehlah saya analyse diri anda nanti :p


Anonymous said...

weih kene ke?? i have too many in my list!!

Anonymous said...

helloo anaaa..
actually i dont blog anymore which explains why my blog cant be read. hehe but u dont stop blogging. hilang sumber hiburan i.


Ana Shirin said...

nisa: buatlah sikit2, lama2 jadi bukit..

tasha: been wondering about ur blog, ingatkan u nak close to someone in particular (i ingatkan myself, boleh?)

anyway, u just broke my heart laaa

Alin Yussuff said...

baiklah. time kasih tag saya. at least i have samting yg i nak diapdetkan. haha.