Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Disgrace of Sorts

I am appalled by the recent conundrum in Malaysia. It is as if we have totally lost control of everything that we feel the need to hold the helm at any cost. Imposing a nonsensical act of law without any solid justification of its existence or relevance in current scenario makes the desperation of threatened-ones inadvertently appear crystal clear.

It shows how things are on the beam ends for the current administration. It is beyond me why the journalist was detained if the man who uttered those filthy words is only taken action under the organisation's law. Although that acknowledges that the man has done something wrong, I think he is the one who should be detained under such laws for causing such a public unrest. On a different view, it also goes to show that the reporting was not wrong. So, why the biased treament?

It's been 20 odd years since a journalist is detained under the act and this happens only a few months after the head adviced all the members of the medias to be brave in reporting the truth. For so many years, I have believed in the power of words and now this has only increased my beliefs.

You say she had a hidden agenda? Check under your sleeve to say that you don't...

*pardon my annoying euphemism but it is always hard to swallow the truth over something you are affiliated to*


helmy said...

Yeah.. I totally agree with you.. from the current situation, things might escalate to riots amongst Malaysians caused by some people who doesn't want to let go of the power they held for so long, and manipulates everything that might, and i repeat, might, have some interracial misunderstanding.. It's as if the person who had commit murder got jailed for a few years, but the reporter who tells about it in the newspaper, gets a life sentence for telling the truth..

They have lost their chance to step down with dignity and pride, but rather their way out is being ushered with hate and disgust. Goodbye and good riddance.

Btw, they already released the journalist, saying the reason for the detention is for her protection.. Yeah right.. Throw in jail someone that needs extra protection..

yang emo, helmy~ >:)

Ana Shirin said...

yes, helmy... as the post was written, i read the papers but i felt the release did not tamper with my intentions to highlight the issue.

i feel cheated and defeated when something i believe in is mulled over like something worthless... older people should have more sense but they apparently don't.

ah^kam_koko' said...

Well... Nobody knows the absolute truth...
Only God does...
Let's hope that He will be merciful to all of us... even those who use their God-given powers for personal gain.