Friday, September 28, 2007

5 Years In Retrospective

If I ever looked back on my last 5 years living on this planet, sometimes I cringe with fear.. haha.. i've been throwing myself in compromising situation and got involved in some of the most stupidest stunts... some hurdles are best not attempted because you know it's not for the benefit for all human beings.

*It's been 5 years now since I last saw my arwah father... I miss him*

*My three teenage years local music flame (VE, Too Phat, RE) aren't even in the forms they used to be 5 years ago when they were either at their peak or rising stars... Too Phat is just Phat now (get it?), RE has changed ever since and I can't help but to respect (and wonder about) them for wanting to stay regardless of all the drama, VE??? the saddest of all.. let's just say we'll have to wait till this s**t gets official and I'll realise that all those time spent is "wasted"*

*Been in two terribly confusing relationships and break-ups. Well, considering that those were the only two I had, I think it's not fair to say that we can't trust our partners although some do run behind your back and do stuff you hope they don't. For once, I want (and need) to be the bad one*

* Jay Z has left and came back but only to make me curse him half-breathedly for continue singing about girls and ignoring what he used to do... and to think I've taken his words as truth*

* Climate change is felt tremendously in the last five years. Weathers get unpredictable and reach the ultimate extreme. Forests get burnt down (either man-made or naturally but obviously still man-initiated), the 26th December Tsunami took lives in numbers we never saw coming, the north pole has been melting in the fastest rate, La Nina, El Nino. Although a bit delayed, we are now coming to terms with the situation and facing the challenges*

*I've been in and out 4 different countries in these 5 years. Something I never thought possible once coming from the socio-economic background i belong to*

*The people I've discovered musically and spiritually have given me maturity far beyond my time 5 years back. I've came to appreciate there's art in everything, regardless of how they appear to me*

There's more in these five years than i can ever write but i've certainly found myself and who i want (and need) to be... Hopefully, in 5 years from now, i can smile looking back at today*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rebel With A Cause

It seems that whenever there is an international conference going on somewhere in this world (APEC, G-8 etc), the most dreaded (and anticipated) part of it is inevitably the protests, be it peaceful or forceful. But I often wonder the degree of their effectiveness. If it works and serves its purpose, why do we need so much of them and why does it occur over and over again? Is the way they are doing it that's causing all the wrong impressions on protesting?

Standing up and saying what you want in a dignified way ought to be the road to choose but I often hear that it's not the path that gets the attention. When you do things peacefully, you are taken as meek and not potent enough to fight your cause. Hurrmmm.. I don't think Gandhi was viewed as weak but instead, he was revolutionary when he fronted the British Empire and his fellow countrymen with a plea for everything to be done in peace. But then again, it's fair enough for someone to jump up right now and consume me with the fact that he was later shot by a fellow Brahmin for his "revolutionary" ways. History recalls that some of his counterparts who he must have slipped into believing had him gone for the very reason of him being too tolerant and not aggressive enough but it still didn't stop Pakistan from leaving India.

Although a few others were fairly successful like the Tienanmen Square protests (who can forget the image of one man standing against the army of tanks?) and Vietnam War protests, a lot other fails to open people's eyes about the real situation and causes. In a way, not many people want to be associated with violence and that route certainly creates some degree of detachment from the supposedly "fighting-for-the-people" organisations.

So does the cause permits you to choose any way possible to get your voice heard? I remember the biggest stunt pulled off by an organisation here is Sydney was painting "STOP WAR" on the Sydney Opera House's roof in blood red paint. They didn't get away with it easily as both of the men involved were fined with AUD200k each but in due time, they become known and their objective was achieved when people starting listening. Some might argue that they were only mere attention seekers and that they went overboard but does it matter much when in the end, they've achieved their purpose? Indirectly, it also raises the question of insufficient platforms for people to get their voice heard. I mean, of course a few bucket of paint would cost less than airing advertisements on primetime when people just flip channels to watch something more useful anyway. Plus, not everyone has the taxpayers money like the government ;p

In a slightly more subtle but no less "aggressive" manner, we have people posing nude for what they believe is a campaign for championing certain rights. For example, the ads for PETA campaigns. I mean, some of us don't even remember what the ads are for but we tend to remember who was nude (Christy Turlington, Alicia Silverstone etc). So does it work then or PETA is just another organisation that exploits human for animals? (God, the irony of it!). Wanting people to turn and look at you might be hard enough for some but when it becomes too easy, people do not remember you for reasons you want them to... I'm not saying that all of their campaigns are wrong but having nudity to promote an idea does seem a little vulgar although I understand that this value is very much influenced by my personal values and that the ad might work for some other target audience.

So is it just the perception of it or a certain amount of aggressiveness does really get things going? It's amazing how people want others to believe in their values and way of life so bad that they resort to some unthinkable measures.Well, it striked me because this idea doesn't resonate with the whole concept of humanity in the first place but humanity is a symbol of man wanting to be the same and equal. Do we all want to? One thing I know for sure, all these protesters have an aim to achieve and sometimes, it can mean pushing the envelope to see how far it goes.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Apakah Salah Beta?

Sometimes, people get on your nerves simply for being who they are.. I easily get annoyed when I open my e-mail and discovered that people decided to send me a whole bunch of forwarded stuff. Seriously, I think sometimes we are the nosiest bunch of people on planet earth...

I can't quite understand why people think I would be interested to know if fauziah latiff has a dog or malaysian artists like to hit clubs. Dude, seriously... get a life and do other beneficial stuff than going through these people's private webpages and downloading their pictures before spreading them around. If there is a sick person, it's you who have been compiling all of these information so that you appear noble... Yes, some of them can get pretty obnoxious but you might well know by now, these so called artistes are not the only ones doing all these things that disgust you so much.

If you really want to prove a point, make it by showing other things can prosper in Malaysia rather than the phenomenon of screaming for schlocky singers in the reality TV shows. In a society where we have more than enough traditions and culture to be proud of, don't make the so-called-immoral-behaviour of a selected few as the face of our nation because when you give it so much attention, it proves that it is so important and somewhat, acts as a pinnacle of the society. These people do what they do best on the screens, reels and screech for us so cut them some slack on what they do after that. Instead, try to make education and/or sports the benchmark of our success. Until we can do that, don't come running with those e-mail of your self-righteousness...


I'm an avid fan of the chaser's... I don't necessarily think that they're really funny. Sometimes the joke can get on them when it appears that they're trying too hard. But their bravery to do the unthinkable gets me on the edge of my seat sometimes and those skits they do, my god.. let's just say that they are the ones most of the Australian politicians and celebrities do not look forward to meet someday... But they're the most watched series by white collars and blue collars in Australia. Says a lot doesn't it?

Well, the APEC security scare stunt was probably one of the best they have done but sadly, the clip is not available on youtube... so some of you might miss out on what these guys are really on about. So, I'll just describe it succinctly for you. Chas (who is always been asked to do the dirtiest jobs) got dressed up like an Afghan (or what they would call like a "terrorist")and got into a limousine to impostor the Canadian motorcade. Suprisingly, they got through 2 check points at the red zone that is completely off limts to any civilians.

In a security zone that has been locked down in a 3 metre height and 5km long fence, they managed to get as far as the most secured zone (ie the hotel where Bush was living in). The boys realised that they went too far and decided to pull out before entering more check points and possibly just granted access regardless of the lack of security passes. Ican just imagine the looks on the policemen faces when they saw a man dressed up like that stepping out of the car and greeting them. Well, so much for 150 million taken of the tax payers' money just to let anyone with a motorcade pass by...

The next day, the Sydney police commisioner came out with a statement saying, "Well, the chaser's might think they're funny but they're not"... well, they say jokes get unfunny when you're the butt of it.. hehehehehe. The chaser's made it into CNN and BBC making them the biggest comodity out of the APEC summit... I'm proud of them :)

just for a taste of what the chaser's are all about, i got a few clips of my personal favourites... enjoy

The APEC Security Scare

The News Report on The Chase


i have been losing the inspiration to write nowadays.. i wonder if it's due to the unavailability of Internet in my room for quite sometime.. or is it due to the inadequacy of being faraway from my mother.. or maybe the void i feel inside of me for not being able to see you who i have been thinking about terribly regardless of all those things that happened... or maybe for not talking to nina for 2 weeks... or feeling missed out in nabil's life.. or wishing there was more rain in the morning.. or reminiscing on the way i lived my life all this while...

but then again, shouldn't all those things give me some inspiration if not a whole lot of them? i often catch myself being surprised by my own thoughts... obviously i have been babbling the whole while... thank you for your concern and time, though :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ini Ke?

Saya berasa simpati dengan pakaian yang terpaksa dikenakan oleh setiap ketua negara yang menghadiri Persidangan APEC 2007 di Sydney.

Memandangkan Australia mungkin tidak mempunyai pakaian rasmi atau kebangsaan yang boleh dibanggakan, mereka mengambil keputusan untuk menjadikan pakaian yang dikenali sebagai "driza-bone coat" atau "outback raincoat" sebagai baju rasmi semasa sesi mengambil gambar pada hari kemuncak persidangan. Kalau anda sukar untuk melihat gambar yang kecil itu, bayangkan saja baju hujan berwarna kelabu dengan calitan warna-warna bernama eksotik seperti "eucalyptus green" pada kolar dan saya rasa anda boleh mendapat imej yang saya cuba katakan ini.

Teman-teman serumah memang sudah lama tertunggu-tunggu untuk melihat baju kebangsaan Australia kerana kami jelik mendengar komen pembaca-pembaca berita dan komentator yang menyatakan "Owh, pastinya pakaian rasmi kami tidak akan kelakar seperti baju China atau Vietnam"... Hurrrrrmmmm... nampaknya, Australia kalah besar kali ni. saya rasa bukan hanya kami yang bukan warga Australia sahaja yang rasa "baju rasmi" tu merupakan lawak terbaik yang Australia pernah lakukan pada tahap antarabangsa. Kiranya, inilah lawak antarabangsa dalam erti kata sebenar...

Tapi Perdana Menteri Canada (gambar di atas) berjaya pula tampil kacak dalam baju yang berjaya dalam misi untuk menenggelamkan hampir kesemua delegasi lain (ye, sultan hassan al-bolkiah juga tidak segak dalam kot ni). Saya rasa mungkin sebab dia mengenakan topi "koboi" yang berkesan dalam mengurangkan kejanggalan "outback jacket" itu.

Jadi, lain kali jangan gelakkan negara orang lain. Walaupun negara mereka mungkin tampil kurang "maju" berbanding negara anda, sekurang-kurangnya mereka tidak perlu pening kepala untuk memikirkan perkara yang tampak kecil tapi membawa impak besar ini.

batik... owh.. batik... nasib baik, kami ada batik :p

Name Dropping

There are people we know, people we know through people we already know, people we wish we knew, people who knows us from afar, people who needs to be known...

But it makes me wonder a lot when people drop famous names like they twirl around the "scene" being really important. Owh, he had a crush on me.. Owh, we used to date... Owh, he's my fling... Owh, this.. Owh, that.. Owh, my foot!

It doesn't matter what or who you date and know. it's who you are and how you appear to the world. To me, you sound ridiculously intwined in fantasies.

It's best I remind myself not to turn into this...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Self Reminder

Sometimes, it startles me when people say that I'm a nice, goody two shoes girl. It creates a grain of fear in me that someday, I might disappoint these people who think so although I may say that I did not force them to believe it in the first place.

I mean, how would you define nice? If it's loosely captured by not drinking, no heavy partying, no smoking, no drug abuse and the likes of apparent "bad" behaviour, then I'm probably a nice person. But if nice is realised by always being kind no matter the situation, never having a bad thought about someone, never talk bad behind someone's back or always prioritising everybody else before me, then I'll have to pass on the "Good Award."

I wish that I can always be the good daughter to my mother, the good sister to my siblings, the good friend who my friends need, the good student my teachers adore, the good teacher my students adore. Amin.

Around The Pineapple Under The Sea

It's something like this...

*john and stevie sings me to sleep every night*
*time is only a concept heard before but never proven*
*toasts are never burnt*
*dogs are myths*
*lollypops are given out when you got to school*
*all the wayan brothers make me laugh until i cry*
*books are actually made to be read*
*we all fall in love with each other*
*everybody can swim any style they want to as long as they want to*
*as jay z is with beyonce, joe flizzow is with dayang (get it?)*
*everybody loves coffee*
*giraffes, koalas, pandas, iguanas and the fishes (tobi & vega) all play together in my backyard*
*no day is the bad hair day*
*cartoons are on 24 hours a day*
*soccer and rugby are played all day long*
*cars float at 60kmph*
*music makes the world spin around*

food galore

Some people scream when they realise that assignments are due only two weeks from now. Some might even cry... But not us. We had a panic attack so we decided to make a dish that appears to be a cross between sushi and kimchi (asian sungguh!). This can serve up to 10 normal human beings or 6 of people like me.

What you need:
1) a bowl of cooked rice mixed with two teaspoons of sesame oil (teaspoon, durra. it's only teaspoons ;p)
2) an ommelete (2 eggs)
3) a medium sized carrot (sliced into thin semi-circles)
4) 10 seaweed strips
5) pickled radish (the yellow thing in the picture)
6) a medium sized canned tuna (any flavour that suits you)

The steps are like the picture sequence.. I can't be bothered to type while watching White Chicks, can I? haha...

*put a generous amount of rice on the rough side of seaweed*

*place the tuna on the neatly placed carrots.. we used curry tuna, sweet chili tuna, lemon and cracked pepper tuna but don'tlah put them altogether in one roll*

*after rolling them, you'll have to put some water on the edges of the seaweed so that they can stick to each other*

*patiently slice them into considerably cute sizes.. i love them cute.. hehe*

Canned Fashion

Fashion might be an ever-changing affair for some. Trends come and leave like the clothes we change on our back everyday but just like those clothes, we repeat them with a different twist just for a slightly different look the next time. When we know (or think) people are not watching, we decide that on Friday, we can wear the exact same top and jeans we wore on Monday.. You know, because you think people are not watching...

That’s how the current fashion trends are too. While fashion gurus are saying boho is so 2004, the not-so-new line of foho clothings (who came up with such names?) seem to dominate the runways and sideways. And foho is actually sneakily simply boho with a little more glamour, you’ll just wear that boho mini frock with the embroidery details at the hems with a 3 inch heeled, knee length suede/leather boots instead of flat pumps or flippers and add some large gaga gold/silver accessories instead of beads. Wallah! boho to foho in uno momento.. They say it’s the clash of the decades, 70s meets 80s… I say it’s a case of ideas running dry and quick ways of finishing old stocks.

But of course, there’s an upside to it when you can quickly recycle anything you have the wardrobe without having to fear being called outdated or backwards in your fashion sense. I reckon you can pretty much get away with anything if you’re a fohemian. (my penaakulan mantik sorts out that boho comes from bohemian.. so foho must be a fohemian, right?). You’ll be just fine when you can actually explain how the clashes of the decades theory work…

Another thing is how the word “vintage” has been passed of as something that happens almost immediately. Vintage this, vintage that… Even a bag that has just been made yesterday is said to have a vintage value and that kind of defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it? Vintage stuff are supposed to be collectable rares, not something you simply buy in a flea market and decide, “hey, that’s surely a vintage.” Well, not in my dictionary of cracked wisdom, at least. And please, please don’t let me get started on those unkindly revisiting puffy puffed sleeves. I mean, ever since Louis Vuitton had them for the Spring 2007 collection, everybody is going crazy over it when it’s actually translated into hideous for most of us.

Well, us being us would mean nothing if we just blindly follow these fashion critics and advocates, especially when most of them will say long maxi dresses are going to be IN next season when Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba all happen to wear them on the same week but hey, hey, turn around another fortnight from when that article was written and you’ll have the same writers swearing by their mothers that next season is going to be the leg worshipping lovers land of super micro-minis. And consider yourself very lucky if we are not rendered with other opinions and options the coming weeks because most of the time, they'll be repaying all those freebies dropping by their glossy office doors while you split your head into half trying to figure out which is which.

So my humble opinion is that you need to check out those fashion tips but really, you need to dress like how you feel and how you want to be comfortable. Don’t just succumb to what other people suggest blindly because suggestions can be a mile long and for all you know, nothing suits you. You know you can just make up a name like all those designers do and pepper them into your statements… I mean, hello! They’re humans too. Hurrrmmm… I think I’ll just call mine no-hoe! Self-explanatory, eyh?

The New Wonders!

I've been fascinated by the new 7 wonders of the world announced on 07.07.07, if I'm not mistaken. I'm thrilled because 4 of the ones I voted for made it to the list. Not bad eyh?

1) Great Wall of China- simply magnificient, tunggu saya tahun depan ;p (voted for)

2) Chichen Itza, Mexico- the gorgeous mayan temple but this is among my least favourite winner.

*image from*

3) Christ Redeemer, Brazil- situated in Rio De Janeiro, it's more of a greeting and warm acceptance symbol than it is of a religious one.

4) Taj Mahal, India- if only everybody do fall in great love (voted for)

5) Machu Picchu, Peru- It's amazing how people of ancient civilisation could build a masterpiece in the middle of nowhere (somewhere near the Andes in the Amazon jungles) (voted for)

*image taken from*

6)Petra, Jordan- my favourite winner, the red stone material and carved structure is of an entirely different level (voted for)

*image taken from*

7) Colloseum, Italy-- it's an artful place made for a ruthless sport

The other three I voted for are:

1)Hagia Sophia, Turkey- for the very, very complicated history of the monument. It was first built as a church by the Byzantines before converted into a mosque by the Ottoman Empire in the 1500. It remains so until it was recently turned into a museum. Much disputes have been casted to claim the ownership of the building by several concerned parties and just by looking at it, I can see why.

*image taken from*

2)Stonehenge, UK- biaselah, things like this are worth being in the list.. haha

3)Pyramids of Giza, Egypt- self loving leaders, utmost worshipping of human being, sheer waste of revenues on symbolism... history tends to repeat itself in a vicious cycle and it's fun to see how long it would lead us on.