Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm an avid fan of the chaser's... I don't necessarily think that they're really funny. Sometimes the joke can get on them when it appears that they're trying too hard. But their bravery to do the unthinkable gets me on the edge of my seat sometimes and those skits they do, my god.. let's just say that they are the ones most of the Australian politicians and celebrities do not look forward to meet someday... But they're the most watched series by white collars and blue collars in Australia. Says a lot doesn't it?

Well, the APEC security scare stunt was probably one of the best they have done but sadly, the clip is not available on youtube... so some of you might miss out on what these guys are really on about. So, I'll just describe it succinctly for you. Chas (who is always been asked to do the dirtiest jobs) got dressed up like an Afghan (or what they would call like a "terrorist")and got into a limousine to impostor the Canadian motorcade. Suprisingly, they got through 2 check points at the red zone that is completely off limts to any civilians.

In a security zone that has been locked down in a 3 metre height and 5km long fence, they managed to get as far as the most secured zone (ie the hotel where Bush was living in). The boys realised that they went too far and decided to pull out before entering more check points and possibly just granted access regardless of the lack of security passes. Ican just imagine the looks on the policemen faces when they saw a man dressed up like that stepping out of the car and greeting them. Well, so much for 150 million taken of the tax payers' money just to let anyone with a motorcade pass by...

The next day, the Sydney police commisioner came out with a statement saying, "Well, the chaser's might think they're funny but they're not"... well, they say jokes get unfunny when you're the butt of it.. hehehehehe. The chaser's made it into CNN and BBC making them the biggest comodity out of the APEC summit... I'm proud of them :)

just for a taste of what the chaser's are all about, i got a few clips of my personal favourites... enjoy

The APEC Security Scare

The News Report on The Chase

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