Saturday, September 01, 2007

food galore

Some people scream when they realise that assignments are due only two weeks from now. Some might even cry... But not us. We had a panic attack so we decided to make a dish that appears to be a cross between sushi and kimchi (asian sungguh!). This can serve up to 10 normal human beings or 6 of people like me.

What you need:
1) a bowl of cooked rice mixed with two teaspoons of sesame oil (teaspoon, durra. it's only teaspoons ;p)
2) an ommelete (2 eggs)
3) a medium sized carrot (sliced into thin semi-circles)
4) 10 seaweed strips
5) pickled radish (the yellow thing in the picture)
6) a medium sized canned tuna (any flavour that suits you)

The steps are like the picture sequence.. I can't be bothered to type while watching White Chicks, can I? haha...

*put a generous amount of rice on the rough side of seaweed*

*place the tuna on the neatly placed carrots.. we used curry tuna, sweet chili tuna, lemon and cracked pepper tuna but don'tlah put them altogether in one roll*

*after rolling them, you'll have to put some water on the edges of the seaweed so that they can stick to each other*

*patiently slice them into considerably cute sizes.. i love them cute.. hehe*


Rosyada said...

credits to Miss Fatiyah Abdul Hadi yg mengajarkan resepi ni kpd kami

soyasofya said...

nyum2.. sedapnye..

Anonymous said...

hehe... salute kepada anda sume kerana pandai manage stress =) hehe... kalo sume org macam ni, takdela kes pelajar bunuh diri atau makan pil atau rebus kertas nota...