Friday, September 28, 2007

5 Years In Retrospective

If I ever looked back on my last 5 years living on this planet, sometimes I cringe with fear.. haha.. i've been throwing myself in compromising situation and got involved in some of the most stupidest stunts... some hurdles are best not attempted because you know it's not for the benefit for all human beings.

*It's been 5 years now since I last saw my arwah father... I miss him*

*My three teenage years local music flame (VE, Too Phat, RE) aren't even in the forms they used to be 5 years ago when they were either at their peak or rising stars... Too Phat is just Phat now (get it?), RE has changed ever since and I can't help but to respect (and wonder about) them for wanting to stay regardless of all the drama, VE??? the saddest of all.. let's just say we'll have to wait till this s**t gets official and I'll realise that all those time spent is "wasted"*

*Been in two terribly confusing relationships and break-ups. Well, considering that those were the only two I had, I think it's not fair to say that we can't trust our partners although some do run behind your back and do stuff you hope they don't. For once, I want (and need) to be the bad one*

* Jay Z has left and came back but only to make me curse him half-breathedly for continue singing about girls and ignoring what he used to do... and to think I've taken his words as truth*

* Climate change is felt tremendously in the last five years. Weathers get unpredictable and reach the ultimate extreme. Forests get burnt down (either man-made or naturally but obviously still man-initiated), the 26th December Tsunami took lives in numbers we never saw coming, the north pole has been melting in the fastest rate, La Nina, El Nino. Although a bit delayed, we are now coming to terms with the situation and facing the challenges*

*I've been in and out 4 different countries in these 5 years. Something I never thought possible once coming from the socio-economic background i belong to*

*The people I've discovered musically and spiritually have given me maturity far beyond my time 5 years back. I've came to appreciate there's art in everything, regardless of how they appear to me*

There's more in these five years than i can ever write but i've certainly found myself and who i want (and need) to be... Hopefully, in 5 years from now, i can smile looking back at today*


tasha said...

5 years in retrospective.. just look at how far we've come. :P

5 years ago was when all of us met in ipba. it's been such a long time dah kan? 1 more year to go and we're officially done!

BETTY A. said...

5 years ago...i knew u from that 2 local music scenes. At last..they split. What a saddest thing at all..but hey. Im happy to met u!