Saturday, September 01, 2007

Around The Pineapple Under The Sea

It's something like this...

*john and stevie sings me to sleep every night*
*time is only a concept heard before but never proven*
*toasts are never burnt*
*dogs are myths*
*lollypops are given out when you got to school*
*all the wayan brothers make me laugh until i cry*
*books are actually made to be read*
*we all fall in love with each other*
*everybody can swim any style they want to as long as they want to*
*as jay z is with beyonce, joe flizzow is with dayang (get it?)*
*everybody loves coffee*
*giraffes, koalas, pandas, iguanas and the fishes (tobi & vega) all play together in my backyard*
*no day is the bad hair day*
*cartoons are on 24 hours a day*
*soccer and rugby are played all day long*
*cars float at 60kmph*
*music makes the world spin around*

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