Thursday, February 04, 2010

Dignity in An Egg

Have you ever been to one of those motivational camps, where you are given an egg and asked to hold on to it for the rest of the camp? Then, the facilitators or so rightfully shortened into, "Fasis" (hah!) would punish those who did not manage to guard their eggs and then, explain that it is their dignity that the participants have let go of.

A f***ing egg as the symbol of my dignity? So fragile, such foul-smelling creature and a rotten imagery of colours. It is all gelled up together, dripping everywhere when broken, with dried chicken poop covering the egg shell. And that is my dignity?

If there is something that metaphorically should stand as a symbol of my dignity, itc would aptly be a diamond- solid, shiny and almost translucent. Yes, it needs years to be formed but once it's there, it's unbreakable and cuts through steel like nobody's business.. Now, that's a woman's worth!

So if you hear of any camps that has diamonds, give me a buzz.

On a slightly different note, I am an advocate of self-motivation and I don't believe that some nerdy guy with a nasal voice who wears his pants high up to waist can tell me what I need to do to succeed. It comes from within and you seek God's help for that light. You don't need a middleman for that, seriously...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Linen of Time

I faded UNDER the linen of time,
When all that would MEAN is losing me,
Hold on, I have NEVER found me,
I have NEVER even searched for me,
I figured that time do CAST a spell,
And bewitches souls that CHANGE for none,
Of all the belittling GLARE under revered eyes,
Though I was ONCE a king, warrior, defender,
But as time blankets the CYCLE of life,
I am neither there NOR here now,
And I Hold My Breath Under The Linen of Time...

For Tut(1341BC-1324BC)