Tuesday, July 31, 2007

When It's Stretched Over The Limit...

As a blogger, you will accidently know other bloggers too. Although we rarely tell each other that but that’s the truth. Everyday, you read what others have to say to feed your own mind and decide if the world is on your side. So, it devastated the hell out of me when I found out that a fellow blogger, who I don’t personally know but have always admired for his boldness and the straight-forward manner in his writing, was expelled from his institution just because he has something to say in his blog.

I feel for this blogger. What on earth does the institution have to defend themselves anyway? I’ve read all 6 articles that is said to have cost him the place there and could hardly see what the institution is getting all heated about. What I saw was earnest suggestions and room for improvement. Yes, some of the lecturers are not good in their command of the English Language and yes, you should always think of a good set of objectives and outcomes if you want to take up the students’ time and money to organise an event. The “membuta tuli” culture should be out of our system and whenever possible, institutions especially educational ones should uphold the notion of accepting new idea and progress into new frontiers.

Which of course brings us back to these questions. Are we always supposed to follow what the others have done and are not entitled to our thoughts just because we “owe” a certain institution something? (although I hardly count giving a seat or position when you utmostly deserved it as a debt in the first place). If we pride so much on being a free nation, why are we so afraid of opinions and new thoughts? Freedom of speech as long as it does not interfere with the nation security should be practiced and pondered upon. If we are to move forward, why are we still stuck in the old mindset? We should be able to accept criticism and reality when someone puts it in our face. What bites me is the fact that the institution actually read the 6 articles and expelled this student instead of giving a serious thought on the issues he outlined in them. Talking about being childish…

For me, I feel that it doesn’t mean that if you are working for the government, you need to be on their ruling party side. I don’t recall the Malaysian Constitution ever saying that and I bet my guts that it doesn’t. Having heard some really good academics being targeted for their boldness in giving opinions makes my heart leap a beat. It’s our 50th Independence Celebration so I would say this whole fiasco is not what we would mark our development with. Make up your mind and stand by it. To YOU, all my heartfelt support goes out sincerely..

Friday, July 20, 2007

What More There Is To Do?

What more there is to do?
When life is a single note of blue,
And the tunes never seemed true,
I didn't have a tick of clue,
And it was never a crystal you...

What more there is to do?
I wake up and think of you,
To dwell in the memory of few,
Stuck in my views as youth glued,
The thought of a heart being slew...

*Chitra Banerjee once wrote in one of her books that sometimes in order to overcome sorrow, we need to attain it through the corridor of pain... For all the pain, I hope I find happiness again. You ultimately deserve what you have now and if you're happy with what you have, I silently know that Allah has made a person fit for their partner.*

Soundtrack of the Week

I'm addicted to

Plain White Ts- Hey There Delilah

Razorlight- America

Impacto- Daddy Yankee feat Fergie

Lollipop- Mika

You Know It When...

You know you're friends when she ask you to hold her stuff while she plays netball and you don't mind doing so as long as you are not in rush for something

You know you're good friends when she says she hopes to be sent to the same jail with you when the two of you get caught shoplifting the next time

You know you're close friends when she holds the towel for you while you change your clothes and you don't feel uncomfortable

You know you're best friends when she tells you that your nose hair is hanging out and you feel relieved (instead of ashamed) that she told you

You know you're the bestest of friends when she gives up her quilt for you when it's 2 degrees at night and she has nothing else to rug up to

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I feel completely rejuvenated after returning from wellington and seeing nina, nisya and aimi. Suddenly, all the burden and hardships becomes a little more lighter. Alhamdulillah, we all still have each other. For all the love and sacrifices, we look at one another and realise our strengths. Thank you for being the beautiful people that you are... Mari terus menjadi jadi Ahli Pelompat bila kembali ke Malaysia :P

And I'm also lucky to have survived a crush... a delightful sense of crush I haven't felt in quite a while. Insya Allah, life is turning in ways that I never thought possible. Ana is a slightly changed person and hopefully, for the betterment...

Saya akan menyusul ke wellington lagi.. bila?? lalalala