Saturday, June 09, 2007

Do What You Are Best In

caution: this is the complaining side of ana, you might want to skip if you hate listening to complains.

I'm not a grammar-orientated person, I'm not a traditionalist when it comes to language approach, I'm not a self-proclaimed English Language expert, I'm just a reader who loves to read things and understand them... So, if you are not really familiar with or proficient in the English Language, I suggest you write in your own vernacular because it's too mind numbing sometimes when I have to spend three minutes trying to figure out what "jose has giving all the cats a shot" means... If you have a point, make it completely yours by saying it right.

note to self: always remember to check for mistakes in your up-coming posts now that you have complained about others :p


tasha said...

lol! sgt kelakar! tolong laaaaa.

Lynn said...


anyways Ana. I share your sentiments. Like, totally. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

hurm... ni ade kene ngene dgn asimen needs analysis ke?

Ana Shirin said...

takdelaaa.. i was just ranting about people blogging in very poor language... you should know your ability best..

i don't mean that you can't improve your language and i'm not saying that you MUST follow what i said... just have some compassion for a blog reader like me :P