Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where Do I Stand In The Line?

I was at Auburn the other day, politely lining up in the kebab shop trying to buy nasi briyani for Syada. Waited for almost 5 minutes, the waiters brushed me aside as though I was transparent. They entertained other customers who came way after me, one even said "yes?" to me and quickly averted his look to the guy who came just two seconds ago next to me.. I was dumbfounded and looked at Tasha, Fariza and Hana.. Tasha said in a matter-of-factly manner, "Owh yeah, it took us forever to get our orders taken too but there weren't many people when we came so I guess they HAD to take our orders".. the suspected reason for such rudeness was that I was a female and I had to come next and least after all. I left after 7 minutes because I have some pride to save too.

Hey Kebab-Walla, I have a better suggestion for you. Why don't you put a sign in front of your shop saying "We Don't Do Chicks"?? That would've saved me a whole lot of time and gave you more opportunity to serve your people. Plus, Tasha wouldn't have to "seek revenge" for me too.. haha

Women For Women

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tasha said...

weheheyyyy!! it was an accident tau x? but bagus jugak kalau i amek je trus bottle tu. tapi takleh la ana. dosaaaa!!

bak kata fatin "kite pakai tudung" hahah tah ape2!