Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why owh Why?

1) Why owh Why is Lindsay Lohan the hottest femme in the FHM's 100 Sexiest Females? It couldn't be more degrading than that...

2) Why owh Why is a papaya called a pawpaw in aussie? PawPaw?? PawPaw?? you gotta be kidding me..

3) Why owh Why did Perez say that Lil Mama is hotter than Jay Z? that's totally absurd and must be the crappiest statement ever typed by those malicious fingers. One, he could be outta his mind for labelling a girl who raps about lip gloss better than the H.O.V.A himself.. Second, Lil Mama-what-ever might be doing some free stinky shows for Perez and the gang...

4) Why owh Why is there still racial tension in Malaysia? I fear for my kids and the future... Let's hold hands and unite. Malaysians Against Racism

5) Why owh Why am I so fascinated by other people's life? I don't know them but I read their blogs on a daily basis and mock them. Does it prove that I'm any better than them?

6) Why owh Why did I need a reason to be happy? I should be thankful for all the things I have in life kan? :p


tasha said...

1 - lindsay lohan? hot kah? hahah

2 - you've got to be kidding!
pawpaw? lol!

6 - exactly. we should. :)

nisa said...

4- i agree seyh.and one new thing that i found is, not only malay kinda racist too the none-malays. but the none-malays too. i once have this relationship with this indian muslim guy, and we were in a car while he's driving and i was beside him. suddenly a car nearly hit us, he look at the driver and say to me, melayu mmg la mcm tu. i hate malay actually u know. but i accidentally like u, coz i thought u're not a pure malay (while i actually i am). our relationship didnt work out, but deep inside me, i thankful sia. ye la with that kinda of attitude, i dont think he would be a good dad to my kids!.

and the guy that i like now, is a mix of indian and chinese, but more into indian look la (plus he's surname is indian name) he kinda racist too i guess. if he's not, he would already give a chance to me, date me, and try to get to know me, and my background. but he didnt. coz he thinks we're in two diff world. why wopulf he think that way? coz he RACIST. damn.

Ana Shirin said...

err.. err.. yeah, you can look at racism from the dating point of view too but what worries me the most is the fact that we don't look at each other as the same in terms of rights and national affiliation to the country... Malays will always consider the other race as secondary to them while in actual reality of current economic and social situation, that is very questionable.

if we are to live under the Constitution of Malaysia, we must acknowledge all of the people who are doing so too because this soil is Allah's and not especially "ours" to claim sovereignty over.

Malaysians Against Racism