Sunday, June 24, 2007

Usik- Usik Che' Wan

This week, I devoted an hour and half talking to Che Wan aka Mummy.. You cannot predict my mother, yes... you CANNOT.. so, stop wondering why i am opinionated and not afraid to be so.. hehe

Topic~ 50th merdeka celebration
Mummy: I heard they're having it in Putrajaya lagi walaupun it's the 50th celebration. I don't like the fact yang Putrajaya is now centre of attention macam kita lupa our heritage. Bukannya Dataran Merdeka dah tenggelam or anything.. at least, for the 50th celebration, we must use the Stadium Merdeka or Dataran Merdeka where it all started. Funny how Melayu mudah lupa...
Me: hello, not only Melayu lives in Malaysia
Mummy: hello, let's not forget Melayu mudah lupa...
Me: what's that supposed to mean?
Mummy: we think we are the only ones living in the country, Melayu mudah lupa, see?
Me: I see (??!!)

Topic~Nabil's Sister wedding
Mummy: I terkejut he came... actually I tahu dia nak hantar kad jemputan but I pura-pura suprised.. lagipun belum 9 bulan lagi kan?? hehehe
Me: owwhh... you pergi tak??
Mummy: Nolah, it was raining heavily... Nanti basah pulak karpet merah yang menyambut I.. haha..

Topic~The Price of Things in Malaysia
Me: I heard things are getting very expensive in Malaysia... there are even some things being rationed right??
Mummy: yes, and i'm using different options now... I use honey instead of sugar, I use non-stick pan instead of using oil.. see, there's a hikmah behind things. at least now, we're eating healthier...

Topic~ IKON Malaysia
Mummy: It's very hard to decide and pilih between dayang and jac.. who do i vote for?
Me: Owh, dayang is having another SNL next month
Mummy: No point telling me that... only tambahkan susah i nak pilih
Me: seriously?? hurrrmmm... okay
Mummy: I was just joking... I pilih Reshmonu.. haha
Me: ok (??!!!)
Mummy: No, no.. seriously, it's Dayang.. I yakin..
Me: ok (???!!)

Mummy: Memang hujan sangat lebat sekarang, I pun dah malas nak basuh baju sebab macam tak guna I basuh and semua tak kering... If I was a millionaire, I pakai buang je all my baju.
Me: Yeah, think of all the people who barely have clothes
Mummy: Think of all the people who aren't millionaires and cume cakap je kan?

Mummy: I'm drinking skim milk now... We should take care of our health, not only our looks. You see, most of my friends semua sibuk nak suntik collagen, botox and all kat beauticians but rarely do their yearly check ups or a pap smear or anything else kat hospital. Susu is only RM4 sekotak, botox tu sape nak jawab??
Me: true.. true
Mummy: Speaking of which, I anggap you don't need a pap test yet right??
Me: Of course not!
Mummy: Glad to hear that.. hehehe

Saya geleng-geleng kepala, how about you?


.:alin~yussuff:. said...

apsal ur mother terlebih klaka nih?
high on sugar ek?
ehh tak jugak..
cause she's using honey..

tasha said...

omg i rase kite ade pemenang kat sini. fariza, sile serahkan takhta u pada mak ana. kalau i jadi u, i mmg tatau nak jawab ape. terkesima gile2!