Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Indianisation of Life

there is a theory that by the end of this 21st century, everybody will speak a patois of the hindi language. fyi, i am an enthusiast of hindi movies and indian writers. i find the indian culture utterly fascinating because it is sooooo confusing and is at the crossroad of modernity. I was inspired to post this entry simply because I have been seeing a lot of cute North Indian bois hanging around in uni, so I begun to wonder how some movies would be called if they're to be indianised...

1) The Silence of The Lamb Curry
2) Dude, Where's My Pappadum?
3) Forrest Khan
4) The Hitch Hiker's Guide to New Delhi
5) I Know What You Did Last Deepavali
6) When Rahul Meets Rani
7) Harish Potter and the Order of Peacock
8) Silambam Kid
9) Chapatti Run
10) The Fist of Curry

i know, totally random right?? i can't help it, though.. haha


tasha said...

bole ke komen for ur previous entry tu i senarnye nk komen for this entry? haha ye ana, sememangnye school culture is culture shock! hahah takde link pon actually haha ape2 je la

Ana Shirin said...

bolehla,tasha.. i mengerti kalau semua orang kelam kabut aja masa ni.. so, i terima jelaaa the fact yang u post komen untuk post yang salah pun :p

Anonymous said...

haha haha haha... aku gelak je.
ini ke yg ko maksudkan siang td
mase ko tules status kene wat
asimen tp scr tak sengaje
ter-update blog. ko ni klako.
eh, kalo kite indianisation-kan
ocean's 13, jadik ape ek?

helmy_z said...

membuat diriku gelak ketawa di pagi isnin yg sungguh buhsan ni...
nice 1 la..

Anonymous said...

ana, my turn to ask...
apekah apekah?
siapekah, siapekah?