Thursday, October 01, 2009

Realising The Mistakes We Make...

When we are able to make choices and be all we wanted, we become as obsessed as we would be with any new fixation. We always try to find new endeavours to challenge ourselves and optimistic with all the positive callings in life.

But sometimes, we forget that we do all these choices without taking into consideration all the people around us. If we do, we suspect that we will be held back and we think we will not progress in life.

I realise that I must look at each and everyone in my life. You, I have fallen in love and now, life is different.


ah^kam_koko' said...
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ah^kam_koko' said...

Nothing is free.
We are almost certain to give up something for something equally significant.

p/s: Sorry about the previous comment. It was for another blog. hehehe~~