Monday, November 27, 2006

Most Sexiest (2)

After much consideration and thought, I feel obliged to add a few other people into my list.. So, let's make it 20 (syada, i have to acknowledge these people too). In no designed order, we will continue with the quest...

1) Ashton Kutcher- Toy Boy or not, he's hot!

2) Will Smith- now who didn't have a crush on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?? No matter how ridiculous the fashion was... and the haircut too... Jada pinkett is one damn lucky woman

3) Lionel Messi- He's a minor, yes but a legend already... a genius who's now deprived from contributing to Barcelona for injuries yet still a gem to the Argentinians.

4) Prince Frederik- aduh, perfect sungguh lelaki nie. A prince who looks like a normal bloke when he chooses to and truly the nation's pride. the fact that he chose to marry a non-royal woman whom he is truly in love with showed that he is necessarily the "dreamed about man" of the 21st century... kiss a frog, girls

5) Adrien Broody- the crooked nose just adds to the magic. The pianist is renowned for kissing halle berry at the Oscars but he also has a bad boy reputation.. but he looks so niceeeeeee (how can that be??)

6) Raphael Nadal- another minor... the way he sways, damn!

7) Jonathan Rhys Meyer- Irish Cream... defines smoothness (thank God that he has gained some weight since Bend It Like Beckham)

8) Joaquin Phoenix- as hard it is to spell his name, he has to be one of the most talented and sexiest man on the silver screen. Something about that piercing stare...

9) Pete Murray- Hold on now, your exit's here... it's waiting just for you

10) John Legend- how can I forget to include my Eclairs???


zek said...

mak aih, enough la ana. ramai gile..hehe

Rosyada said...

jgn ada the 3rd edition sudah :P