Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Perfect Crime

Have you been watching the box excessively lately??? Okay, I admit it.. I've been. That's why I need to get this out of my system.. What's with the flood of crime shows on the telly?? Let me try to list down those I can remember: CSI NY, CSI LV, CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, The Closer, SVU, Criminal Intent, Law&Order, StandOff, Bones, Prime Suspect, The Bill, Blue Heelers and so on and so forth. I mean, every channel you tune in during the prime time will definitely show some kind of Crime Series that ranges from "Marvellous TV" to "what the crap??".. It's like you can't run away from them, they wanna haunt you, you gotta watch them, you're gonna have to pick one or die..

*what's with the exageration, ana?? internal locus of control, please*

Yeah, i know that people will argue that "you're not suppose to be intellect when you watch TV, hence the fact that your brain is more active while you're sleeping compared to when you're watching the idiot box"... okay, fine enough but don't i deserve to watch quality tv at night when i've been "consistently" studying all day and going to clasess and all?(i like the use of the word "consistently" there.. hehehehehehe).

I think all the criminal minds (hey, that's one of those series with Mandy Patinkin in it) out there will definitely benefit something from these shows.. Why, you ask? well, if they have already crafted a plan, they will have to check in these shows whether the plan will work or not.. If someone has used it, probably you will have to make slight changes to it.. Something that Enche Grissom will not have the brains to solve.. Or what's more helpful, have a checklist.. "Puncture with skewers to drown the lung slowly?" checked, "Kill with penicillin and wrap with plastic before hiding the body in an ATM machine?" checked, "Seduce the victim into taking their own life and legally declare it "euthanasia".. priceless... see, these crime shows are actually giving me ideas and encouraging the psychopath side of me to think and develop ways that the crime could be improved, thus come across as clean..

Which actually brings us to the issue, can you actually get away with a perfect crime?? I just watched the 1960's version of Ocean's Eleven last weekend (aduh, Frank Sinatra sangat comeeeeelllll- syada nak rebut jugelah tu) and the crime was perfect except for the fact that the crime was a waste of time. Perfectly crafted, perfectly and precisely carried out, but the money ended up ,literally, burnt in a coffin box after a miscalculation. Moral of the story: think more carefully and don't depend on circumstances. So, crime can be perfect?? Is it???


zek said...

"internal locus of ctrl"..haha sounds familiar.

Blue Heelers actually dh lama gile kt Aussie TV..hehe

but yeah, other than that, the only originals i think are only CSI (the one with Grissom) and Law & Order..

well, medic shows apa started with ER (and maybe M*A*S*H or Doogie Howser) we hv Scrubs (omigod bloody funny), House (brilliant though), Grey's Anatomy (sexy doctors..hmmm), Strong Medicine (cancelled after a month) Medical Investigation bla bla..

i'm waiting for shows about fire brigades now.

::tAsSy:: said...

yeah, i've always thought that those crime investigation dramas are a total give away...