Saturday, September 09, 2006

Things that happened since I last updated this blog..

*We rocked the Malaysian Fest... Kudos to the whole Dikir Barat team*

*Got back my LING253 summary assignment.. could have done better*

*Had my first cendol in 6 months*

*Discovered a nasty side to a person whom I didn't care to give a damn about before this, but she is starting to get on my nerves now*

*Got into better terms with my current housemates... It's surprising to learn things you never thought you'll ever know before*

*I really miss home... but that's a constant feeling*

*It has been raining cats and dogs since last week*

*Decided to give a breather to a friend whom i think should always remain a good friend to myself*

*Went to the MGM and managed to return in one piece (although merentas bandar meniaki dua bas memakai baju kurung dan high heels baru)*

*Talked to Nina for TWO full hours... syiok*

*Have been deleting all the crappy e-mails in my mailbox (including things about Mawi and Siti.. shisssssh.. why do they even bother sending me those stuff??)*

*Kept up to my azam to not check my friendster and forums for a full (or more) week*

*Been studying for my sociolinguistics test next week even though i'd be able to guarantee you that I wouldn't be able to answer a single thing*

*Haven't been consuming rice and proper food since last sunday (2nd september)*

*Really miss him...*

*Realised that my bond with the majority of IPBArians in MacQ have grown tighter*

*Ricky Muscat got into the Australian Idol.. yey*

*Steve Irwin died*

*Decided to do something drastic that might change the polarity of friendship in IPBA*


Rosyada said...

ooooo ... full of intrigue! :P

~CaSPeR BaBy~ said...

forgot to say that we cried while SIANG taugeh?..huhuhu...the HARI RAYA songs really brought back all the memories back home...