Thursday, October 23, 2008

What A Day!

Durra has been meaning to get to TTDI since two weeks ago to buy some hijabs at a famous (or I would say, over rated) Muslimah boutique. After much delay including a three time postponed plan just this week, we decided to brave through the always jammed KL traffic at around 3.15pm so that Durra can again achieve the dream of being the good daughter and sister that she always wanted to be :p

When we got there, it was drizzling but we managed to get a parking spot right in front of the boutique which will most likely happen only once in your lifetime. Paid the parking ticket after much difficulty trying to understand what the heck the machine wanted (while we're on this, what happened to good ol' customer service between human beings?). Ran through the rain dgn semangat to buy beautiful hijabs :) Jiwa Suka dan Berbunga Dengan Harapan...

Though, when we got into the boutique, the both of us realised that our trip here would be disappointing. The shop was scarce with stock, filled with hopefuls like us and most of the things were in a disarray. Everything was overpriced and although I don't practice the hijab on a regular basis, I do know that there are places that sell the same designs or materials for at least half of the price. I would also rate the customer service as one of the worst I've received where they just answer your questions half-heartedly and won't even glance back at you. Kiranya, boutique mahal with a self-service attitude... Fashion forward tak kau? (so, now i understand why most corporation decided on machines)

After leaving our destination empty-handed as what Durra was essentially looking for is currently out of stock (kau bayangkan kedai jual tudung takde tudung hitam.. pernah kau dengar?), we were distraught. Imagine going all the way and being utmostly frustrated because the whole stint in the shop only lasted for 10 minutes. Thank God, Auntie Rubiah (Durra's mum) also agreed that it's too expensive. So, we left and thought of going to Rasta for a munch. As we reached Rasta, Durra thought it was a bit empty and we decided to go somewhere else.

We were looking to head to Bangsar but went into the wrong exit on the highway where we were only left with the options to go to Kepong or Mutiara Damansara :p So we had to make a turn around Mutiara Damansara and went through TTDI again with a sense of not knowing what to do or where to head next. As we were en route to Bangsar, we suddenly thought of SS2 Murni and decided to give it a try. Still fickle about it but we had to make something out of the already tiring trip... Tick Tock, Tick Tock... Okay, let's go to SS2!

Following the very detailed direction given by Cik Nina Yayang, around 4.35pm we were on Federal Highway, driving through and deciding to ignore the anticipated bumper to bumper traffic in another couple hours to come. After reaching SS2, we can't seem to find Murni and after reaching some housing area, we decided to call Nina and make a turn. While Nina was explaining the route again, Durra was reversing the car and suddenly, BANG! Durra bumped her car into some huge rock in front of a house. "AAAAHHHH....AAAHHH" kedengaranlah jeritan yang tak berapa halus and seriously, what else did u expect from two girls in a car?

We finally were at the right place but the scratches on the bumper are quite bad, especially for someone who loves her car like Durra. We checked it up and muka seposen je lar dua2 pun because there's nothing much we can do about it now. We paid another parking fee at a similar machine (but kali ni, pakar sikit ye) and walked around the block to go to Murni for something scrumptious to whet our appetite. But no, it doesn't get better. As soon as we were there, the shop assistant told us that the shop will take an hour break and will be opened at 6pm. Ye, aku datang dari jauh untuk dengar kau nak tutup kedai kau je.

Durra was beyond frustrated and just requested that we leave. I understand her frustrations so I just went along with it. We drove the car being silent and that wasn't good because again, we went into another wrong road! So, we have to make another turn around SS2 and lead ourselves out of PJ safely. As expected, it was already jammed massively and all we can do is to poke fun at the drivers around us to entertain ourselves.

When we reached college at 6pm, Durra and I were too hungry that we just went to the asrama cafe, ignoring the fact that we might be slightly overdressed. Wolfed down 3 pieces of curry puff and some banana fritters accompanied with a glass of teh tarek before enjoying my mee goreng while watching a silly movie on HBO. Durra ate heartily too (by her standards) and a while later, Guna joined us for a "meaningful" small talk. Left at 6.35pm as we realised we haven't completed our Asar prayers. Said goodbye to Guna and left Durra with a footnote : It has been fun although a bit weird. After 3 and a half hours, I had enough experience to remember this trip.

At the end, I kinda reflected that all the fun that you were trying to find far from home in the view that it would bring such a big difference and make you more excited can only make you more frustrated. In the end, it's things you have taken for granted that actually made your day. You should not try hard to have fun because half of the time, the most pleasing things happen unplanned. When you least expect it and when you don't anticipate it... That's why incredible things are often called a wonder (copyright controlled, plis!) To Durra, thank you for the bumpy ride (literally) and hope to seek more unexpected things with you!

*on a slightly different note, the quest for the futsal plate championship continues tomorrow... saksikan Kaka, Cesc, Steve, Luwanco and Theo dari g-Unit beraksi.. hahahahaha. see you girls involved at 8.30 am (24th October 2008)*