Monday, November 03, 2008

Officially Yours

Once I was a drifter,
Decided never to trust again,
Didn't want a reason,
To give my heart away,
Never wanted anymore pain,
Making the nights lonesome,
And the days become ignorant...

But then a miracle came,
In disguise of the lovely you,
Changing my heart with due,
To give me a new dew,
And for the sun to shine brighter,
For the autumn to fade hither,
My heart skipped a beat faster,
Because now we're together...

I listened to the melody of the river,
I indulged in the sparkle of the stars,
Yet nothing is as perfect as this feeling,
That gives me the shivers to the spine,
The way you complete me,
The way you fulfill me,
The way we believe in each other,
Gives me the faith and power to relive,
Since now and forever,
I am Officially Yours

Now never would the nights spent alone,
My days are just a different zone,
Darling, you're my happiness,
Since the day is still in my mind,
When you looked at the same sky with me,
And squeezed my hands lightly,
And whispered into my ears,
When you made me officially yours...


ah^kam_koko' said...

Ana has found a lover?

Ana Shirin said...

nothing official though :0