Monday, November 24, 2008

My Fashion Icons

Someone asked me to describe my fashion sense the other day and I had extreme difficulties answering the question. So, I came back home and reflected on it. I decided to name it "whatever the hell I like". hahahaha. Hence, here's a bit about people who inspire Fashion for me as I generally mix and match what I see from these people but most of the time, it has always been down to my comfort and budget (yaaa, harussss)

1. Marc Jacobs- I would die to walk the runway for him :D His Marc by Marc Jacobs line has guided my fashion direction for a long while. His revolutionary designs that ran along the idea that you can be quirky yet beautiful is so alluring for me :p

2. Agyness Deyn- bold, rock chic has not been the most appealing style for me until I saw her. Man, I love her! She encapsulates the masculinity that every woman has hidden in her and I love the fact that she doesn't try to hide that. Good for her that she's the face for Burberry now, kayo ni..

3. Camelia- a lot of people have been complaining that she doesn't do anything so she doesn't deserve to be in the limelight but I beg to differ because she carries GREAT handbags! That's a job to be reckoned with... And I think she has good taste in what she chooses to wear and the type of image that she postulates. She's not pretentious and isn't afraid to try to do or wear what she wants and looking good while she's at it.

4. Marianne Faithfull- the Original Rock Chick (O.R.C)! All those bohemian styles that you see or sport today, you owe it to this woman. She was a musical and fashion prodigy back in the 70s and dated Your Highness Mick Jagger himself. I rarely listen to her music but I've browsed countless webpages that documented her fashion inklings. I wore boots when I did because of her... tak kisahlah Malaysia ni panas sekalipun.

5. Liya Kebede- the black beauty. Love her, love her, love her... she's so down to earth, pretty, successful, has a loving family, a stable career and proved that those with dark skin can be beautiful too! I can never forget seeing her on the runway for Chanel and as the face of Estee Lauder. She was so breathtaking that I felt sooooo..... ngaum! (haaa.. it's rare that I'll turn gay for someone tau!)

6. Mischa Barton- because her psychique is something like me, I tend to think whatever she wears, I can wear them too (perasan ni, okay ke?? hahahahaha). But she carries off "cute" better than me, of course. Plus, she's always decent and whatever she wears is quite achievable. Grew a passion for Ed Hardy t-shirts after seeing her in a few really great ones :)

I might not be a fashionista and have obviously hit some hideous notes along the way too but I have always dressed up to suit myself. I seldom wear things to suit what others think, even if it might result in over/underdressing myself. As long as I feel good, it should be alright. I'll kick someone right in the butt if they tell me that I can't wear my t-shirt, jeans and sneakers on my dates and pay a sweet revenge by looking really good in it compared to them heaped in a haute couture dress! It's not really what you wear but HOW and WHO's wearing it... lalalalala

-caution: self-praise is an indulgence privileged on a certain few who can afford to be criticised, evaluated and laughed at-

Photo credits:
Marc Jacobs, Camelia, Agyness, Mischa Barton, Liya Kebede & Marriane Faithfull


ah^kam_koko' said...

Interesting to see who a lady looks up to in the world of fashion...
I seems like your more of a down to earth & occasionally adventurous dresser.

Anonymous said...

MJ is always in my list! :)

Ana Shirin said...

jarod: well, good rumusan :)

betty: yes, harus! encik fashion prolific harus number 1