Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ana Kata "Jahat Tau!!!"

I have a set of friends that might not appear to be that close to me but honestly, I do care for them even though I don't see them all the time. I admit that sometimes I feel a bit out of place in the group that whenever there's a gathering, I resort to being the quiet one. I prefer observing their actions, listening to their conversation and laughing at their jokes but never did I contribute much to the interactions. Hence, the general misconception that I'm shy, reserved, private or worst, snobbish.

Well, the fact is that I've been acquainted to most of them for almost 5 years now. From one affiliation, we have shifted to another that's not any less in comparison. I can say that the same interest that we share have bonded the relationship between us and sealed it tight.

But allow me to be bitchy now that I've given you a bit context about the terms of relationship I have with the two human beings concerned in my-will-be-related-to-you-now-story. Over the duration of one year that I've returned home, I have constantly been scratching my head over the status of this particular couple. At times, they're together and a month later, it would be a mistake asking one of them where is the other. I had to ask someone else who is closer to me what's okay to be asked and what's not. Dahlah aku jumpa pun mereka sekali sekala.. Sekejap berduaan, sekejap lagi di kutub utara dan selatan.

That's the scary thing about the internet. It keeps me updated on things I don't personally prefer to be updated on but I happen to glance through their life due to my caring nature (which you can also call the busybody nature, if you want to see me as the mean person that I'm not). Just this year, the female party fell into two different relationships with other guys. Yet, she pushes him away and pulls him back into her arms whenever she needs him. After one break up with Guy A, she went back to him. Just like that... And now, she is already in a relationship with Guy B! Ayoyo...

I know that I'm no one to the both of them but judging from face value and what has been regulated to my ever listening ears, I have to say to her "EEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY.... You Jahat Tau!!!!" I feel sorry for the poor guy because it goes to show how much he cares for her regardless of anything that has happened between them. I hope that he finds happiness and joy in another person because sometimes, the greatest love that we had only leads us to a greater one.

Actually, I hope that the both of them find their happiness even if it means going downhill now. May God give guidance to the both of them and all of us.

*I noticed that I've been incoherently indirect in my blogs nowadays. Why? I wonder...*


cek^sou! said...


i think i know this particular couple!


cek^sou! said...
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Lynn said...

I am SURE I know this couple hahahaha! JAHAT TAU! ;)

doakanlah both of them will be happy eventually

ah^kam_koko' said...

Maybe the male isnt in it for love...
Maybe there is some mutual interest they both serve each other?

There are many 'funny' relationships in this world...
This could be one of them.

Ana Shirin said...

haaaa... thanks for your feedback, people.. have been helpful to check my understanding... uhuhuhuhu

Musica said...


Sory, but somehow it is funny.