Monday, November 24, 2008

And the Psycho Besar Award goes to…

My Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend who is Like Her Boyfriend but Not!

I’ve been abstaining myself to write about this issue because I felt that it might disrupt my dearest friend’s relationship plus I didn’t want to be nosy and spread out her dirty laundry. But sometimes, I think that this blog is the BEST medium to share my precious emotions and I WANT you to know how I feel (boleeeh???)…

I think love is supposed to be the air that you breathe on, it eases your soul and gives you the peace of mind. That it’s not supposed to choke you and make you seek other pleasures. When that happens, it makes me wonder why we bother destroying our emotional being and tarnishing our mental health for something so destructive.

If there is no trust, understanding and compatibility, I wonder what makes a relationship last long. Is it the security that it offers? I have confronted my friend about this and lanyak her teruk2 too but both parties seemed to be addicted to the emotional turmoil. They have fought over things that define each other where the guy seems to disagree with almost everything she does. It's the idea of that person that you love, not the person itself.

I mean, you gotta be able to accept your loved ones for who they are! Yes, accept them! Not to turn yourself into a psychotic person who stalks your ex-girlfriend who is almost like your girlfriend but not! (Yes, it's confusing even for me but I have little choice about how to describe their relationship, anyway.) I think tonight's incident has been the ultimate test for our patience. My friend tagged along for dinner with the usual bunch kat Oldtown Kopitiam and thus, she wouldn't be able to meet up with that guy. So, the guy decided to stalk us kat Bangsar South tu, tunggu dalam kereta and send messages that indicate he's there watching her like "tgh makan mee ke?" when she gor her assam laksa or "tadi kluar beli apa?" when she went to the nearby 7E. She decided to look for him and confronted him. He asked her to join us back as he was afraid of what we would think of him.

Then, he continuously send in messages that were clearly disturbing my friend's appetite. Me and Durra were at the end of our wits so we went out to look for him. My concerned friend probably didn't want any drama so she said she would go now and paid for her food. Then, we got a message saying that the guy's car tyre is punctured. We decided to pick up this friend because it's late night and we wouldn't budge as long as she's not in the car. The guy didn't want to see our faces, kononnya malu dengan kami(ada aku kesah?). My friend seeked help from someone else as we don't have the tools to assist her. Even when that person came, this guy remained where he was sitting to avoid seeing us! Ya Allah, aku rasa nak tendang je tadi. Durra actually raised her voice asking where the hell he is... Memikirkan the car was in a masjid, we were cooled down. If only it was somewhere else, we would have smacked him right.

I have seen and heard countless nights where my friend slept late enduring arguments that lead nowhere. I have seen her jeopardising her own assessments and work due to the inability of this guy to cope with any problems that they have. I have seen her crying her way through so many shitty things for him. And I have a strange feeling that he did too. Sometimes, you can't just rely on one or two good criteria to blind your sight over everything else.

Seriously, you can't!


Anonymous said...

arghh he's totally psycho! stalking is a crime, he should know that better! :)

Ana Shirin said...

yes, exactly... kalau ikut hati jiwa lara yang jahat ni, mmg dah dob him in :p

sd. said...

ana memang penyabar. ur fren lagi la penyabar.

i always wonder how can she bears with all that 'crimes'.