Wednesday, December 03, 2008

kalau berlaku...

The unofficial word out is about 2000 teachers will be sent to Sabah, Land Below The Wind. This figure will include B.Ed TESL students. About 15 000 graduates are produced this year, so Nisya calculated that about 33 students from Cohort 2 would be sent over the shores to share their expertise. Though, I'm not sure how she calculated it lah.

If I'm sent over, I have a feeling that it would be a mental torture in the beginning as I'm sure I'll be extremely homesick. While we're on this topic, I nearly had a fever and was completely off mood last week as I haven't seen The Family (especially The Mother) in ten days. So if my emotional capacity is as such, I wouldn't be surprised to discover my worst sides over there.

On the other hand, I ought to be positive because I know God has planned everything for all his subjects. I must learn to be humble and able to adapt to the new surroundings. I must be able to overcome and forget unwanted memory to create a new life elsewhere. I heard people say that it is real fun over there though I have to scratch my head to look after replacements for my Actor's Studio, Alexis, Marmalade, MPH and Devi's Corner in the middle of Telumpik.

If that happens, I won't be surprised if I become Air Asia's number One passenger! Tony Fernandez would owe me one.

Lain Cerita
I finally got my KLG Sqwad's Labour of Love tee, thanks to LynnZ and Shah Hans who attended a musical event in SoHo KL last weekend. Looks like I can wear it for Hari Raya Qurban instead, although The Mother has not-so-jokingly said that those people in t-shirts are assigned to slaughter the cows and goats in the morning.. yikes!

When I wore it to the Cohort II BBQ, I got casual remarks from friends who have noticed my want for the tee through my blog. Some others were wondering what the heck is "KLG SQD". So, I voluntarily explained and gave out weblinks to their site. I think they're great so it wasn't hard getting people to listen to them. Anyhuuuuu, I love the quality and the size of the t-shirt. At least the XS is a real XS compared to some other clumsy tees I've got with serious problems of "what makes an XS".

from left: Sayda, Nina and Ana during Cohort II BBQ


ah^kam_koko' said...

Dont worry, dear...
You'll have to leave the nest one day...

And if that day comes, I'm sure you'll do better than you think you would!

Lynn said...

yay! the tee fits u nicely! and Shah and I both agreed must.get.smallest.size! haha!

faa said...

saye slh seorg yg dpt explanation mlm tu teacher!

who -has -the -biggessst...nose ?-night.

mis ya!

Ana Shirin said...

just so you guys know, i got to teach in SBPI Kuantan.. it's aite..

faa: i feel for you, babe :(