Monday, August 20, 2007


Every Saturday, the Good Weekend (a pull out section from sydney morning herald) will feature someone answering these questions and it often amused me to actually come across interesting facts and the different shades of people when they answer it. So, I decided to have a go too.. you know, just in case you wanted to get to know me better :p

My Earliest Memory is... waiting for daddy to come back with Vitagens for me and Kak Anu

At School, I... was the much-hated nerdy control freak assistant head prefect (haha!)

My First Relationship was... beautiful but on the wrong note

I Don't Like Talking About... my hair

My Most Treasured Possesion is (are)... my cds

My Parents Always Told Me.. to be who I want to be

My Most Humiliating Moment was... tripping over a cable at a Samsung product launch and stopped the whole show by actually disconnecting the cable from the power supply

My Happiest Moment was... when I was with him

Friends Say I Am... irreplaceable :p

At Home I Cook... anything I feel like eating

My Last Meal Would Be... Mummy's ayam masak kicap

My Favourite Gadget is.. my handphone

I'm Very Bad at... controlling my finances :p

When I was A Child, I Wanted To... be one of the Thundercats

The Book(s) that Changed My Life is (are)... Beloved by Toni Morrison and Following The wrong God Home by Catherine Lim

It's Not Fashionable but I Love... watching documentaries

If Only I Could... fly

My Greatest Fear is... not being remembered after I'm gone

I'm Always Asked About.. my race

If I Wasn't Me, I'd Like To Be... Lauryn Hill

At The Moment, I'm Watching... The Simpsons

My Worst Job was... (I never actually had a bad job)

I Often Wonder.. what happens if you get a hiccup while you're acting on stage

I'm tagging Nina, Tasha, Syada, Alin and Soya to answer these questions too.. saja for the sake of getting to know you guys better :p


tasha said...

hey u know what? even before I finished reading kan i knew this would somehow end up as a tagging game and it's true! hahah ok i'll do it nanti hehe

yg pasal cable incident tu kan i still cannot terima la. haha

soyasofya said...

haahaaa.. ive been tagged!.. okes, good2.. will do this soon...

p/s: u r irreplaceable!

Anonymous said...

alamak... kene tag ke...

Anonymous said...

bile mase yg u tripped over the cable ni? nape i tak penah tau pon?