Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Laugh If You Can

I am in some desperate need to share what is in my head.. I wonder what some of the shows on tv will be called in Malay Language if I were to become a producer. I obviously had too much time to myself (and durra). Help me pick a winner, will you? ;)

Anda Rasa Anda Boleh Menari?
Isteri Dan Anak-Anakku
Semua Orang Sayang Raymond
Surirumah Terdesak
Ayat Siapa Sebenarnya Ni?
Penyiasatan Kawasan Jenayah
Minda Penjenayah
Dapur Jaime
Putera Segar Dari Bel Air
Betty Yang Hodoh (kejam sangat kan?)
Pecah Penjara
Bukit Satu Pokok
Pembisik Hantu

waaaaa... i ought to stop being so random


durra~ said...

putera segar.whaat?????

Lynn said...

Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Haha!


"Semua Orang Benci Chris"
"Anatomi Kelabu"
"Muzikal Sekolah Tinggi 2"
"Bakal Model Terulung Amerika"

And my fave:
"Berhala Amerika" - go figure, hehehehehehe.

(I also got too much time on my hands :P )

Anonymous said...

haha haha...
betty yang hodoh tu mmg sgt kejam...
i suke putera segar dari bel air =P

Anonymous said...

i think kan...
u kan...
really can't help but be random...
ok ape =P

Ana Shirin said...

durra: putera segar sounds awkwardly random.. the whole purpose of this entry is defined solely on that one.. hahaha.. what??(gaya Lil Jon)

lynn: berhala amerika ye?? idol, people, idol :p

nina: awwhh... you should know better kan, na? ;)

BETTY A. said...

Betty Yang Hodoh???

Kalau letak Betty Yang Kurang cantik bole?? hahahaha

Berhala Amerika?..hurmm bole i tukar jd Idola Amerika =P

Btw, sy plg suka Guru Terhebat Onizuka...=)

OMG..i cant get my head off sumer u punyer psl.

Ana Shirin said...

haha... i've still got a bucket load from where those came

Anonymous said...

it's a disease tau...
once 1 person starts it,
then someone else will
try me-melayu-kan another
title... huahua...

Jaime Jaime said...

i vote pembisik hantu..dan jugak dapur jaime!

Anonymous said...

mcm bleh agak je nape jija pilih dapur jaime... hehe... *jokes*

Anonymous said...

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