Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This is the new ad for Bonds Kaleidoscope summer underwear range. It features healthy and youthful girls dancing to the song. I just can't get it out of my system and that's how good it is. What makes me feel really interested with this campaign is that they didn't overtly sexualise the girls. They still looked good and jumpy but they appeared like decent human beings. Why i say that? Well, other underwear campaigns have the girls looking all sultry and let's face it, for girls, that's a turn off. Well, I just love this whole concept of youth and energy...hehe. Which reminds me, i've got to get them for myself too.. :p

Disclaimer: if you're a bit sensitive with body potrayal, please don't watch it


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this ad too!
It makes me just want to get up and dance in my underwear. LOL.
I love the way all the girls aren't such unnatural sizes, and that they are just average sizes!
It makes me feel so good about myself.
nice blog - keep up the great work! xox

Anonymous said...

that's so true - i think it's quite amazing how they managed to advertise underwear and make it look so normal and pleasent without involving sexuality unlike the ad with the desparate housewives woman.