Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pukul 1 Pagi

It's 1.42am and it's really cold. My dumb ass neighbours on two different parts of the area (one in front the house and the other at the back)just had to play some drinking games now and wake up the entire Macquarie University Village. Let me assure you that this is definitely not the first time things like this has happenned. I feel like I'm living in some fraternity college I only saw on tv before I came here.

And this may be caused by the same neighbours who stopped me while I was on the way to class last thursday and insisted on getting to know Unit 82 better because "you need to love your neighbour because without love, nothing would exist. if you're good to me, i'll be good to you"

I guess you have just lost the right for me to be good to you. Tak guna muka je comel kalau perangai cam hantu...


Anonymous said...

yer, mereka mmg sgt macam hantu n seakan tak bertamadun bile mereka
mabuk... i hate being a waitress
when i have to serve 27 drunk
customers. sume perangai macam
bodo. budak kecik 5 tahun pon
lagi elok perangainye.

.:alin~yussuff:. said...

muke chomel tp perangai cam hantu..
i suke statement u tuh..