Thursday, August 23, 2007

School of Jokes

During my school visits here in Sydney, I've been totally amused by both the students' and teachers' reactions/answers to questions. Sometimes, I can't help but to just laugh and burst out loud. Up until now, I've been to two schools that seem to be on the definite opposites as one is the best selective school in the state with reputable graduates while the other is a school that caters to students with relatively less ability in the English Language due to their circumstances as being new immigrants or refugees.
But trust me, kids are no different regardless of their learning experience and so are their teachers. I'll leave out the description of the schools to see whether you would notice which is which.. hehe

During the first day of my school visit, I asked this to the Head Teacher

Q: I can see that the school is very multicultural..
A: Yes, we have a lot of students from Asia, some are from India
Q: I see (dalam hati: wey, India IS in Asia.. How much did you score in your Geography?)

This scenario took place in an intermediate level classroom, where the teacher was teaching about metaphors and indirectly jumped into coping with the right social skills and a chinese boy commented on gaily

Teacher: So girls, what would you do when a man asks you out? he's handsome, he's rich
Boy: But teacher, if the man is handsome and rich, he won't find them (pointing to the girls)

A teacher taking the roll actually said this

Teacher: Okay, we'll start by taking the roll now. If you're here, raise your hand or say yes. if you're not here, don't say anything

A Chemistry teacher in a Year 12 (Form 6) class asked the only two Indian boys in a class filled with Chinese students to take a specimen from the top shelf

Teacher: Could you two boys at the back there actually make some use of your heights and get that things from up there? We obviously don't have anyone else for that purpose

I believe I won't easily be bored in my future teaching years


BETTY A. said...

I didn't see myself as a teacher esp. when u're facing Malaysian students recently. Mesti kamu serog yg bersabar utk menjd seorang cikgu! ;-)

Anonymous said...

haha haha =)