Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kuala Lumpur In August

They say August is the month of heartfelt love.. here's a few events coming up this month if you live in KL. Hapsening.. hehe

KL DiGi Sunrise Jazz Festival
What: A festival for the gifted jazz (or other) musicians of Malaysia. Performers include Shanon Shah & The Cintas on 18th August and Sheila Majid on 24th August
Where: Plaza Mount Kiara
When: 3 Consecutive Weekends (17-18 August, 24-25 August, 31 August-1 September)
How much: NA
Who: Those who swear by good music

TUNKU The Musical
What: A musical that takes us back on the 50 years of Malaysia's independence.
Where: Pentas 1, KLPac
When: 11 August-2 September 2007
How Much: RM20 for students
Who: Directed by Joe Hasham; Written by Lim Chuang Yik & Teng Ky-Gyan; Starring Tony Eusoff, Syuk Ibrahim, Zamil Idris, Maria Yasmin

To win two tickets to watch it and for further information, click on "Kakiseni" at the Links section

Malaysia International Firework Competition
What: In conjunction of the Kemerdekaan, the government is holding a firework competition. Why on earth, you ask? It's beyond my comprehension too. Since it's illegal to play, let's watch it jelah.
Where: Putrajaya Convention Centre
When: 18 August-2 September 2007
How much: NA
Who: Fire Crackers, Pyromaniacs or simply pure Malaysians

What: A painting exhibition focusing on the urbanscape and the people around/in it.
Where: Wei-Ling Gallery, 8, Jalan Scott, Brickfields, KL
When: now until 10 August 2007
How much: NA
Who: Hamir Soib

MERDEKA 50: A Celebration of Malaysian Art
What: Malaysian arts in retrospective and beyond
Where: Islamic Arts Museum, Jalan Lembah Perdana, KL
When: 2 August- 16 September 2007
How much: NA
Who: People with an eye on Malaysia

What: A place to check out updated and backdated gizmos untuk memuaskan hati sendiri. It's supposedly a spot where you'll find everything you need at considerable price
Where: KL Convention Centre
When: 3-5 August 2007
How much: how much you've got?
Who: Anyone with a computer
For details on venues to come in other states, go to

Tilawah Al-Quran 2007
What: An event held annually to find Malaysia's best Qari and Qariah. Simply serene, no politics, no rife competition... obviously not your Reality TV material. And that's the best of all.
Where: PWTC, Jln Sultan Ismail
When: 17-24 August 2007
How much: NA
Who: Anyone

Colours and Flavours of Malaysia
What: A festive food orgy also in conjunction with (suprise, suprise) Kemerdekaan. A reason to get people to eat more than they usually do. Give it a theme and get away with it too. Ngeh ngeh..
Where: Cafe Serina Brasserie, Hotel Nikko, KL
When: 2-31 August 2007 (12pm-10.30pm)
How much: RM90++ (dinner) RM69++ (lunch)
Who: people who don't mind paying for eating

Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race
What: Strictly drag racing.. Mari pekakkan telinga
Where: Sepang International Circuit
When: 23-25 August 2007
How much: Not Sure
Who: Car Enthusiasts and their (clingy) girlfriends

Merdeka Celebration
What: The 50th Celebration done in old school style
Where: Merdeka Stadium, Kuala Lumpur
When: 31 August 2007
How much: NA
Who: Those who can beat everybody else by showing up early or by being important to the government.

Chicks Rock Out 2.0
What: An event featuring Malaysia's female performers. Cambest...
Where: KL Jam Asia, Hartamas
When: 10 August 2007
How much: RM20 (inclusive of a drink)
Who: music lovers and chicks (lovers!)

What: a hip-hop event in celebration of the Kemerdekaan
Where: Zouk Mainroom
When: 30 August 2007
How much: RM35 Ladies and Gents// Ladies complimentary entry before 12am
Who: Basically anybody who wants to be seen :P

Paul Van Dyk's In Between Album Tour
What: He came once, he saw and he decided to conquer again
Where: Zouk Mainroom
When: 31 August 2007
How much: RM70 Ladies/ RM80 Men (inclusive of a drink)
Who: All those dance floor freaks.. ngeh ngeh

owwhhh.. yes, yes.. so much to do, so little time... What?? I was talking about the assignments due in early September and all that research that needs to be done in August. What were you thinking about?


Lynn said...

Well, the grass is always greener on the other side, hahahaha.

Oh, and I think all these events are for the pre-Ramadhan period. ;)

BETTY A. said...

someone in oz already knew rather than me in Malaysia? Cesss....=P