Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just thought I would share this video with the readers here. At many junctions in your life, you'll come to realise that all the money in the world will mean nothing without the beautiful people in your life. It's not the material beings or end products that count but it's the effort and thought that shine through... Thank You, Nina Yayang for the lovely clip. I'm sure that I can never top this (tambahan pula beta agak buta IT)


Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter whether u can
top this or not.
it's u that matters =)
tiada ape yang bisa mengganti
tempat u sampai bila-bila.

Ana Shirin said...

alaaaaa... tengok... u sweet lagik :p

Anonymous said...

huhu... i suke mkn cokelat snickers, tu yang buat sweet je tu...
*i think i'm merepek-ing*