Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tanggal 14 Ogos

Who/What made my birthday this year?

*Wan Aini The Mother*Nina Samad The Gem*Nabil Nor Kamal The Rock*Durrah Khairuddi The Gay Partner*Rosyada Sulaiman The Partner In Crime*Yassir Shah Aziz The Crooner*Nisa Kamaruddin The Cookie Pusher*Iffah Sabrina The Sister*Aidid Shah The Singing Nephew*Fariza Lokman The Joy Light*Tasha Harun The Secret Postman*Azan The Tupac Lover*INFs KuSayang(Sou, Phizy, LynnZ, Alvin, Eizani, Betty, Ziera, Yutaka)*2.4s 2004 (Najibu, Alin, Yao, Zue, Soya)* Fellow Macquarians (Fatin, Jaime, Jules,Shawn,Majidah)*IPBArians, Friendster & Myspace buddies*The Giant Cookie* The Caramel Mud Log Cake* The Jazz Card* The Balloon Card* bags, bags and more bags :)

I was waiting for him but it never came.. probably because the current one celebrated close to me too. Owh Ana! Cheer Up..Don't let one thing ruin the whole occasion ;) I was genuinely happy and slept in smiles sunk in tears that night

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Anonymous said...

u nanges juge ke?
isk isk.