Sunday, August 05, 2007

Longing for..

Last night, I couldn't bring myself to sleep. I missed home so much. Suddenly, my cosy bed just isn't cosy enough. I looked at the half moon from the window and wished my friends and family are looking at it too, remembering each other.

I missed waking up in the morning and need not think about what to eat. Breakie is almost always ready; tosai or french toast, nasi lemak or mihun goreng. The kids are almost always entertaining; the ditzy (yes, ditzy) Fifi, the polite Aidid, the brash Icha, the cutie Mikhail, the blurry Asha.. Mummy was always there, full on. One who says "I hardly think that you're sexy in anything because you're my daughter and I obviously don't see you in that light".. blaaaah!! One who says "Balik hari ni ke esok ye?" when I step out of the house.

I missed all those all day/early morning/late night sessions with Nina. I think I haven't said enough about her and how much I love her. Have I ever felt bored with her? No. Have I ever resorted to staying away? No. Because I think she's probably the closest thing I have for a soulmate. And to think that she used to hate me... hehe.

I missed going to La Zeez and eating tauhu goreng while watching football. It's sometimes puzzling to discover that we actually go to La Zeez almost every night regardless of where we have been the whole day. These trips wouldn't be perfect without Nabil and/or Acap. Sometimes I think I'll be partially depressed if it weren't for these two people. We follow each other around as if we're obliged to. Together, we go to breakfasts, dinners, lunches, suppers, watch movies, shopping, sports, annoy each other as hell, pretending to be cool..

And on this Sunday morning with me locked in my room eating sandwiches and drinking a mug of coffee, everything seemed so far away. Geez, how come all those small things that always seem to matter don't appear so while it's happenning?


tasha said...

relax. we'll be home in no time. pn arniza kate kite balik 14 dec. tak lame je lagi tu :)

Anonymous said...

i didn't hate you la...
it was something else,
but definitely not hate ok...
dats why ppl say, don't judge
a book by it's cover... =P
i'm guilty =)

eh, i was looking at the moon, too,
yesterday =) i wished you were here,
n crying about something else =) i
wish i could cry on Mak's lap...
so soothing...