Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Old Affair

Is it just me or have most of us arrived at the age where all you can talk about most of the time is when and how you want to get married? Somehow, that topic is the hottest one in my house and we slip into it easily from a topic as random as buying the groceries for the week. Example (might happen) as follows:

D: Eh, do we want to buy groceries tomorrow?
A: I don't know.. I don't mind.. Takde benda nak masak dah ni..
N: Kalau you dah kahwin, you rasa you masak tak selalu?
A: Mestilah kot... Kesian plak my husband bila dah balik penat2 tu...
S: Tapi kita pun must be tired balik kerja
A: Isshh, suami itu didahulukan

See? Very effortlessly we do so and I can assure you that the topic will then be manoeuvered further into more detail accounts of the colour of the wedding frock, what the theme would be on that one single tick... It's all in our head, just waiting for the burst!

Sometimes when I see an old couple holding hands and walking down the park, just feeling content in each others presence, the jealousy wells up in me. I wish that I will meet someone who will stay even when I'm bend with fraility and age. Someone who needs me so much that I can't help but to need him back. Just the thought of it makes me smile with an absurd shyness that it is almost possible someone might capture what I'm thinking and turn it into a song so that it reaches the other shore.

Well, so much for being a romantic idiot. I honestly think that I would probably get married with someone my mum thinks suits me since I suck at finding a partner but the daydreaming part is just too tempting... hurrrmmm... nak kad kahwin colour ape ye?


Anonymous said...

kad kawen kaler ape ye?
kalau u tanye aunty aidah,
dia akan jawab:
"i think daaark blue (by this she
means blue black) and silver-coloured fonts will give a very classy n elegant look for your wedding card =)"

huhu... n wanna know sumting???
i, naimah n edot baru je ckp pasal
kawen2 ni smlm!!! gosh, somehow
this doesn't look so good...
haha =P
takpela, baik ape niat nak membina
masjid niii ;)

BETTY A. said...

naper jer lately nih dgr org nak kawin sana least mesti ade ckp planning to get married..ish3...semakin berusia semakin org tny...uhuhuh

i love to see oldies holding hands each other. seems their shyness been swept away by the wisdom of LOVE...

.:alin~yussuff:. said...

yer ana...
keinginan untuk kawen sgt dasat..
uhuk uhuk..
but how la..
nak kawen but no calon..
susah laa..

nisa said...

jom kawen!
but then, i selalu rase nak kawen time malas buat esainmen je~

Anonymous said...

somehow kan, i think, kite hanye
akan ckp psl kawen kan, lepas the
time of the month tu je... i rase
naimah will agree with me on this
point =P so maybe, hormones kot...
kotla... i'm not some rocket
scientist kan??? hehehe...