Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ten Songs Of Significantly Interesting Beats To Be Remembered

This is just a random list I have decided to come up with to celebrate almost ten years of serious music appreciation (hahaha!). Okay, maybe not that random as I've spent two weeks thinking about this list. It's definitely not easy to decide and I faced difficulties in determining a criteria but I made the ultimate choice a day ago (you must be wondering why I have a lot of time in my hands... the answer is I actually don't.. haha) FYI, songs may be chosen for a variety of reason, from compact and impossible music arrangements to the creative energy channeled in the song. Interesting might not mean good or revolutionary but just defining enough for a know-nothing person like me, so pardon the quite limited repertoire of music. Anyway, tidakkah kau teruja juga untuk tahu? So, here it goeslah in no particular order

1) One Thing- Amerie
2) Agua De Belen- Poncho Sanchez
3) 99 Problems- Jay Z
4) Seven Nation Army- White Stripes
5) Summertime- Miles Davies
6) Joget Pahang- P.Ramlee
7) Used To Love You- John Legend
8) Song 2- Blur
9) I Want You Back- Jackson Five
10) Wannabe- Spice Girls

For all those out there raising an eyebrow over this short list, do care enough to relate your selections. Those who smile over the triviality of this list can now move on with their lives as usual and not break a blood vein trying to compile this obscure part of life (waaa... sarcastically deep tak daku?)

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