Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Of Certain In Denials Phase

We were having this random conversation in the car the other day as we were heading to Bangsar. Apparently, we were all sort of in a slight denial that we're all going to be teachers in a year time (yakah??) so we started giving each other some other career that is suitable to their faces, character and how they look in baju kurungs

Ana and Nina thought she would be in a PR post somewhere in an entertainment company
Nisya thought she would also be a PR manager but in some other domains

Ana, Aimi and Nina all thought she would be a secretary of some big shot CEO who is fussy but appreciates her ;P

Ana, Nisya and Aimi all thought she looks like a teacher in tudung but like a garang, tomboyish engineer who has to visit sites without it.. ahahaha

Aimi thought she would have a serious job like an "encountant"
Nina thought she would be a DJ (nisya tanya "in baju kurung?")
Nisya thought she would be in advertising

Looks like I'm the most unpredictable onelah... Why?

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Anonymous said...

i juge ade kate lepas tu, bile i betulkan smule pemikiran i, ana in baju kurung (memandangkan pada awalnya i lupe bab pakai baju kurung tu) sesuai jadi kakak2 yang kerja kat maxis centre KLCC kan? =P